Trying to survive this harsh world

"If they like you they bug you if they hate you they envy you"



Third person's POV

"Would you stop worrying so much?,she is FINE!,I mean didn't you threaten the principal last time?" Ariana asks Aisha nods in agreement making their friend who was staring at them through her iPad screen let out a sigh.

"I know, that's why i'm very worried actually" Azad states making her two friends frown

"Why are yo-"

"I think she isn't telling me anything, because of what happened last time wait no!, Actually she stopped recently not since then, which could only mean one thing that she is getting bullied again!, she is just so quiet now it scares and worries me at the same time" Azad rants worriedly making her friends to send her sad looks.

"If you need help ring me up and I will be right there with my butter socks ready to hurt anyone, And I mean everyone!, like why would any one hurt that sweet kid because of something as little as her faith?, heck i'm an atheist I can't see anyone judging me what about the freedom of rights?, the freedom of religion?, what about the freedom?, none of that is being respected by the citizens!" Ariana rants angrily

"I know right!, it's not fair, no one seems to understand that terrorism has no religion" Azad states with a sad look breaking her friends hearts

"Ignore everyone else I know just how harmless you are and you are a Muslim too, heck I can even start giving her online classes on how to sock someone!, first girl with a headscarf who knows how to sock someone, that would be on the news and everywhere then I would be proud to tell everyone that stereotypes are stupid!" Ariana rants thoughtfully making everyone to send her weird looks which she shrugged off making Aisha face palm, Ariana was not good at giving any advice, she would rather make you angry or worry more and then hurt more but of course not intentionally.

"I think you need to calm down and have sabr (patience), she would come to you when she wants to " Aisha states

"For once my dumb sister is actually making sense" Abtal states from a distance making Ariana to burst out into laughter while Aisha sent her brother a glare that he ignored with a smirk, Azad tried to hold in the giggles but they all came tumbling out of her throat.

"Haha you are so funny like wow you make comedians look like try hards" Aisha states her tone hard obviously taking offense to what her brother had just said about her but her brother waved her off with a grin.

"Have you ever thought that maybe she just wants to be ready like really ready first?, not everyone is as strong as you are Azad, and besides she is just a kid trying to survive in this harsh world she would definitely run back to you" Abtal states from a distance making his wife wave him off

"Is that Abtal?" Ariana asks with a smirk that Azad knew so well she chooses to ignore it and watched her husband instead as he took a seat next to her on her bed leaning towards the phone camera.

"Hey and Salam girls how are you doing?" AbTal states with a grin (salam means peace be unto you)

"I'm good and I can see that you two are more than fine" Ariana states making Azad cheeks to burn while Her husband just shakes his head at his wife's best friend choice of words and the suggestion behind it.

"Walaikumusalam" the girl replied Great and you brother" Aisha states (walaikumusalam means "and unto you to) also yes Azad was married to her best friends brother that's a story for another day.

"Well she keeps on stressing about her baby sister who I spoke to today she was telling me that she was enjoying school" Abtal blurts out without thinking

"Wait!,you actually talked to her about this? and you didn't tell me?" Azad states in disbelief as she States at her husband who sends her a guilty smile, maybe that shouldn't have slipped!

"Uh-oh we have this thing we have to do" Ariana announced sensing the tension

"Wait, we do?" Aisha asks obviously confused

"Yesss, remember that thing we have to do?" Ariana asks glaring at her friend who was lost

"Oh right!,right! we got that thing to do so i guess we have to go" Aisha announces making Ariana face palm before hanging up the call.

"Azad i-" Abtal starts to speak but he get cuts of by the sound of the door that had been slammed open

"Hey" Azad tries to say but she got ignored as her sister fell into the couch face flat letting out fake cries making the two to look at each other in confusion.

"Amal?" Azad says out loud

"Hm" Amal replies

"Are you okay?" Azad asks curiously

"Yes" Amal mumbles

"Okay" Azad says not wanting to push the girl away from herself

"You know what!, no I'm not okay so please stay!, I mean that's what he always does! he is everywhere, he keeps on bugging me, not even giving me any space even to breath as if Ayana and her stupid clique wasn't enough, he had to come and eat my sharwarma can you believe that?, the next time he bugs me i will shove my legs down his throat" Amal rants making her sister and brother in law to send each other looks.

Azad cringed at the mental image her baby sister has just created, i mean how can Amal's legs enter this boys mouth?, that would simply Rip him into two and it would be absolutely disgusting. Azad opens her mouth to talk but her husband shushes her.

"She is not done yet" Abtal whispers to his wife who nods dumbly

"Also that stupid face of his, I just feel like scratching that smug stupid smile of his face" Amal rants before letting her face fall unto the couch once more Azad mouth has fallen open, yes she wanted her sister to open up to her but right now she does not know what to say to be honest, so she stares at her husband for help but he raises his hands up in surrender before he walked away giving then the privacy they needed.

"aren'tyougoingtosayanything?" Amal mumbles against the couch

"Sorry, I didn't get what you just said" Azad states sending her sister a sad smile

"Which one?"Amal asks grumpily

"The last one" Azad says with a smile

"I said won't you say some thing?" Amal states making her sister freeze trying to find the right words to say

"Well First of all have Sabr(Patience) and second of all calm down and remember that anger is never the answer, then third of all, there is a guy?" Azad asks making her sister to groan

"Yes but trust me he is the worst, he follows me everywhere, he is always smiling at me causing me pain well not physically or psychologically but still he doesss cause me pain and anger anyway!, then last of all he ate my babies" Amal rants making Azad frown in confusion the last sentence sounds wrong so wrong like what the heck?

"Are Your babies how?" Azad asks carefully trying hard not to laugh but she knew that if she did, her sister would be running up the stairs and this heart to heart conversation is going to die so she holds it in.

"You know how mom hardly makes Shawarma's anymore?" Amal says making her Sister nod in underlying

"Yeah, sorry about that" Azad says with a smile knowing just how much her sister loved that snack

"Because she was trying to make up for her leaving me alone with you guys" Amal starts to say

"Hey" Azad drawls sending her sister a offended look

"Well she has never left me alone" Amal defends herself

"But we are always here for you even when we are not close by" Azad States as if trying to tattoo those words to her sister's ear that she isn't alone but Amal waves her comment off.

"She made three for me so I ate the two as soon as It came out of the microwave but then I had saved one for school the next day suddenly Ayana and her clique came ove-" Amal starts to rant

"Are they bullying you?, I knew it" Azad concludes standing up angrily huffing and puffing making her sister roll her eyes.

"With their dumb words but then he suddenly came out of no where and collected MY SHAWARMA and then he ate it, HE ATE IT then he told them off like this Amal changes her voice making it sound super girlish

'hey are you just gonna sit here without your food and stare like the weirdos you are or are you going to walk away before lunch food and time runs out?" Amal mimicked OR tried to mimic making her sister to burst out laughing because what the heck was that?, first of all she is sure that this mystery guy does not sound like the kadashians in anyway.

"I'm sure he didn't sound anything like that" Azad states but her little sister just shrugged before going on with her rant.

"Making them walk away before he handed me back the half eaten SHAWARMA before getting up to walk away then secondly, he made Mr. hart to embarrass me about my note book and assignment before he walked over and talked to Mr hart about my book in which according to him he found in class and kept it for me, what a jerk right?" Amal rants angrily

"No, he actually sounds like a sweet boy" Azad says with a smile

"I know righ- wait!, what did you just say?, he sounds like a sweet boy?, haha didn't you hear anything I had just said?" Amal asks with a look of disbelief crossing his face

"I did every single word" Azad says making her sister frown

"And you say that urgh- i should have never told you anything" Amal states angrily

"Oh cmon, i think he came to your table to save you, I mean he told them off right?, then the book thing maybe you left it behind and he picked it up and decided to keep it safe as you were no where to be found before giving it to you the next day that's actually very sweet of him" Azad states making Amal to blink as she takes in this new information.

"Oh" Amal mutters in realization

"Yeah oh" Azad says with a laugh

"Maybe you need to be nice to him and say thank you"Azad advice's her baby sis

"What no way!" Amal states

"Yes way!, you finally have someone wanting to be your friend after all this years no offense" Azad says sheepishly

"A lot taken" Amal States but it was obvious that she not serious.

"He is nice,so be nice" Azad states sternly

"But myself and xeeva are fine all by myself" Amal states making Azad frown she didn't know any xeeva

"What did you just say?" Azad asks curiously

"Nothing, I'm sleepy" Amal states while standing up

"Don't tell me that you have an invisible friend" Azad says mutters

"Noooo xeeva is a voice inside my head" Amal confesses

"That doesn't make this situation any better" Azad mocks her baby sister

"Abtalll! Your wife is calling me crazy" Amal whines

"Azad, don't be rude to your sister" Abtal states in a bored tone making his wife grin

"I didn't say anything you said that with your own mouth" Azad teases

"Xeeva just told me to walk away so I would" Amal states before running up the stairs with a smile, she loved it when she and her older sister got along to this extent, sharing laugh and jokes also big sisters advice's are the best, it has been so long since they had bonded.

"So what's the issue about?" Abtal asks curiously now paying attention to the two

"There's a guy" Azad states

"That one though I have heard before" Abtal says with a smile

"A guy that is protecting her" Azad states

"Okay so I didn't hear that one!, I told you to stay calm, she will deal with it on her own" Abtal states smugly

"Yeah and i'm sorry I didn't listen to you love" Azad says with a sweet smile

"Don't apologize, it's alright" he states pulling her closer as they cuddled on the couch turning on the TV

"Marvel movies or Netflix" Abtal asks his wife who raised a brow at him

"Are you asking me?,of course Marvel!" Azad states making him grin he turns it on before settling into the couch and cuddling with his wife

"Avengers end game know me too well" Azad states her husband who nods to her but smirks to himself, he knows her too well most couples would have preferred Netflix and chill but this two where different yet so similar they preferred marvel and screams with the cuddles and the action.


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