Won't you say thank you?





"Pride is the devil yet that is all we have"

Dedicated to rabyah18


Third persons POV

"Oh shoot" Zach groans as notices the black notebook inside his backpack he was supposed to give Amal her book yesterday, that was why he went over to her table well one out of the many reasons he had no idea about.

"Is everything okay?" His grandma asks peaking into his room which was black and had a touch of green it was just right well to him, While his grandma said his room looked like one is stuck in a Gothic movie which explains why she never enters his room.

You may be thinking that hey that is to his own advantage as he gets to wake up when he wants to but then no it really isn't, not when he had a big sister who loved to run into his dark room to wake him up with the weirdest tricks out there so he preferred waking up to the sound of his alarm clock instead.

"Oh you're up and ready?, Did Camila wake you up?" Grandma asks curiously as she sees that Zach was ready very very early today.

"Of course not!, I woke up as soon as I heard her footsteps and scared her instead" he says with a smirk while zipping up my bagpack while my grandma laughed at that shaking her head her grand kids just give her joy Zach grins him hug her

"Good morning grandma"Zach greets her formally

"Good morning Zach, the cook is done with breakfast come downstairs and ea-"

"That's where i'm going" Zach states making His grandma smack the back of his head because he had just cut her off that was rude and he knew it so he let's out a laugh while rubbing his head which didn't even hurt.

"What did I tell you about cutting people off?" she scolded

"I'm sorry grandma" Zach says with a soft smile

"You are not missing breakfast again" she states sternly

"But i'm not hungry"he whines

"You have to eat something" she insists

"How about we make a deal?, I will buy something from school?" Zach bargains as he puts on his shoes his grandma let's out a sigh her grandson was just too stubborn.

"Fine" she says making Zach smirk he leans in and kisses her cheek

"Do you need more money?" she asks her grandson who shakes his head in a no motion

"No,I have more than enough from the money you gave me the other day but thank you though byee" he says rushing out of the house over to were the cars where parked, He opens the door of the Bentley before throwing his back pack in the back seat and turning on the radio before speeding away out the big gates.

He just enjoyed driving around town for a few minutes before going to school it gave him time enough time to think about life as a whole.

His car speeds down the empty streets while he was staring at nothing in particular until his eyes came across a cemetery he knew so well making him to stop his car before he opens the door of his car staring at the gate thinking to himself why not.

He was feeling adventurous so he slowly started to walk towards the gates and that was when his phone blared loudly making him flinch due to fear, he was unknowingly throwing the device unto the ground in fright but after looking around he then let's out a groan when he notices that it was just his phone ringing and not a ghost screaming.

"Hello" he says sounding out of breath making Sam frown on the other side of the line

"Sup man,why do you sound so out of breath?" Sam asks curiously

"B-Because I just killed someone" Zach stammers jokingly he knew just how dramatic his best friend can be.

"W-what?" Sam shutters

"Oh cmon Sam I was only kidding!, I was about to walk into a cemetery when you called, I guess my stupid ringtone scared me" Zach states with a laugh making his friend to chuckle in disbelief,Yeah it sounds like something Zach would do alright.

"And like always I only have one question and that is Why?" Sam says whole zipping his back pack

"Because I was bored, what's up?" Zach states in a bored tone

"Dude the cemetery is on the other side of town and it's 7;30am,you were supposed to come pick me up today at seven thirty but now I know that we are definitely going to be late" Sam rants making Zach's eyes widen wow time does fly fast.

"I will be right there" he states before getting back into his car stepping on the accelerator like his life depended on it, not because he was scared of being late, but because of the Adrenaline running through his veins.

While on the other side of town Mr hart was collecting his assignment from each of his students while Amal was panicking internally,Why? because she didn't have her notebook to present to him.

"Amal?"a voice says making her head to snap up to see her favourite teacher smiling down at her

"Yes sir" she stammers making him raise a brow

"Your assignment?" he states

"Uh" she trails off not reaching into her bag pack making him frown... She has never acted like this before she always had her assignment on the desk before he even arrives.

"Did you do it?" he asks her making her nod

"Yes sir but-" she starts to say but he cuts her off

"Then where is it then?,give it to m-" The teacher starts to say but he got cut of by the sound the door which slammed open dragging everyone's attention.

"Tardy again aren't we Mr Perez and Mr Samuelson?" Mr hart asks sarcastically but the one and only Amal's food thief walked in with another guy who had a dyed white blond hair he looked Asian.

"Sorry sir but the traffic was nasty like phew" Zach states with a smug smile meanwhile his friend just smiled at the teacher sheepishly, Mr hart rolled his eyes because he knows that there wasn't any traffic in this area and that they lied.

"Whatever, take your seat and bring out your assignments, now miss Abnan don't you have it?" Mr hart asks dryly he was really tired of this drama

"No i do, i'm sorry sir but it's in my jotter and i don't want to submit it because of the other things I had taking jots of, I couldn't find my notes with me to transfer it into" she confesses unable to hold it in but Mr hart frowns, was she lying again?

"If you haven't done it yet just tell me I will give you a day to re-"

"Actually sir,she is not lying" Zach chooses to interrupt their argument

"How do you know?" Mr hart asks suspicious of the entire situation

"Because yesterday I found her note book well technically she left in class so I took it forgot to give her yesterday, sorry about that Amal but here it is Amal" Zach says scratching the back of his neck with a sheepish smile that Amal wanted to slap off from his face .

"Oh why didn't you just tell me that?" The teacher asks with a smile

"Sir i had no idea, trust me" Amal states sending the boy with blue eyes a glare but he just smirked

"It's okay, you can submit the assignment tomorrow" He says making Amal grin making Zach cock his head to the side because he has never seen her smiling that widely ever since highschool begun.

"Really!, Thank you sir" Amal states with a grin the teacher just nods before walking back to the front of the class

"Well won't you say thank you?" Zach asks with a smirk

"Why?" Amal asks with a dry look

"I saved your book and grade" he states as if he had done the best thing to save the world from corruption and disruption.

"And you ate my shawarma" Amal says dryly making his smirk widen

"You are never going to let that go, are you?" he questions the obvious

"Nope" Amal states before turning her attention back to the teacher in the front but the she felt it the guy was tapping her shoulder, doesn't this boy know when to stop?, doesn't he know the meaning of personal space?, she decided to ignore him but then he kicked her chair making her flinch and jump in fright but then she heard it.

"Pst! hey"




"What?" Amal barks in irritation dragging the attention of everyone unintentionally while Zach stares at her innocently making her feel a little bit almost guilty that she had screamed at the guy.

"Is there something you would like to share with the class Mrs Adnan?" Mr hart asks making Amal's eyes widen

"N-no sir" Amal stutters making Zach let out a stray of chuckle making her think to herself of course he wasn't so innocent smh.

"Then Pay attention to my lesson or detention" Mr hart states making Amal's eyes to widen she nods fast.

"Okay sir"Amal states sending him a glare making him laugh harder she sinks deeper into her chair she felt like the world should swallow her up in embarrassment, She really hates the attention and what annoyed her the most was that because of the stupid attention, she couldn't find any of her sarcastic comebacks or thoughts even that stubborn voice in her head was quiet, and she really doesn't know what is so funny in this situation, that boy is making her life a living hell, he is surprisingly worst than Anaya and the rest of her clique, at least they were only meeting up with her outside of class but he was bugging her inside class trying to make her life hell even on her safe heaven in school. She learns out a snort as she thinks to herself "What a jerk?".

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