How sure are you?

"We play,we cry  we laugh I love it when we fight we don't want to be like them"

Third persons POV

"So How was your night?" Amal asks the boy who was seated on the seat next to her, he looked up and grinned.

"Eventful, what about yours?" he asks her curiously

"Same oh and I forgot to tell you, i'm not allowed to talk to you again" Amal States making Zach's eyes to widen

"What! What did I do?" Zach asks in confusion maybe fear too maybe he doesn't want Amal's family to hate him because he actually liked them all.

"I went back home late and i received the talk" Amal whispers making Zach's eyes to widen but then he bursted out laughing making her frown in confusion.

"Don't tell me it is the same talk Sam's mother gave to me and Sam yesterday?" Zach whispers like it is some kind of secret making Amal's brows to furrow in confusion.

"What was the talk all about?" She asks curiously

"Trust me, you don't want to to know" Zach says with a shiver in disgust making Amal to shiver in disgust so maybe she has seen parents on TV giving their children that talk before *cringe*.

"Ew!, i really don't not that kind of talk but the talk" Amal says steely making Zach to raise a brow.

"Do you think that just because you repeat the same word countless of times,it would make any sense to me" Zach asks with a raised brow while Amal smiles that smile doesn't sit well with Zach, that is why he didn't see Amal book reaching towards his head until it hit him on the head *Smack*

"Ouch sir,this is domestic violence" Zach yells dramatically making everyone in the classroom to look at him then at her,Amal blushed and lowered her head in embarrassment?

"Domestic violence how?" The teacher asks finding the situation very amusing while their classmates stared at them curiously.

"She hit me because she knows I can't hit her back" Zach says while Amal thinks to herself that Zach drama class is really paying off.

"I'm glad you are such a gentleman but are you guys living in the a house dating/married?, is this your house?" the teacher asks the both of them who stare at him in disbelief

"What no!" the two of them say in unison not even wanting to look at one another

"Then it was not domestic abuse now pay attention to the lesson or it's detention with your lover" the teacher says making the two eyes to get even wider if that was possible.

"But he is not my bo-" Amal starts to rant but she got cut off

"Pay attention"the teacher states sternly making Zach and other of their classmates to chuckle and giggle while Amal sunked deeper into her seat as she listened to the lecture ignoring Zach as a whole, hoping and praying for the class to end as soon as possible.

"So how was class?" Sam asks them as they both take a seat on their lunch table

"Fun" Zach states

"Embarrassing" Amal says sending Zach a look while he replied with a grin

"Which one do I ask first?"  Sam asks like a caring father

"We had the same class" Zach says with a smile while Amal rolls her eyes

"Oh then Amal how was it embarrassing?" Sam asks curiously knowing that if he would have had asked Zach he would have not told him anything

"Because of this douche bag here" Amal states making Sam to bust into laughter

"Hey" Zach stated definitely taking offense in what the girl was saying

"He kept of saying stuff about the talk" Amal says making him laugh

"Man that is our own private discussion, a lady doesn't have to know the details" Sam states making Zach to laugh harder

"EW!, no he didn't even have to go deeper than you just did anyways,i was also trying to tell him about the talk my parents gave me yesterday" Amal rants

"Why are parents doing this?" Sam says bitterly and Zach was basically rolling on the ground with laughter while Amal face turned even redder.

"Not that type of talk I went home late yesterday...I got a lecture and apparently now I can't talk to him anymore" Amal States with a shrug

"Which is what you are doing now I never thought I would live to see the day, that Amal turns into a bad girl" Zach points out with a cocky smirk

"Shut up" Amal snaps at the boy who just gave her an amused smirk

"Hmm and then what happened?" Sam asks curiously whole rubbing on his jaw and his tiny beard.

"He made fun of me so I smacked him with a book now he is labeling it domestic violence or abuse " Amal states sending Zach a dry look

"Well she knows that I can't hit her, so anyways the teacher got mad and called her out when she was trying to point out the fact that we are actually not married like obviously he knows that highschool students can't just get married" Zach says with a laugh Amal laughs too

"Hmm" Sam says rubbing at his tiny beard again which was really irking Zach

"Okay so just because puberty has finally hit you and you have started growing little hair on your face you feel the need to rub on the patch of hairs every minute" Zach states making Amal's eyes to widen in disbelief before laughter came tumbling out her what the heck?Zach is just a savage.

"Haha laugh all you want I like to see your own beard" Sam states with a smirk

"That's because he probably shaved it because he don't want to look like an overgrown child" Amal states making Sam burst into laughter this time while Zach scowls that was a dig at his manliness.

"In a week i can have a better beard than he does he has been saving that baby grass on his face for more than weeks" Zach says to Amal who shakes her head thinking to herself that ' boys are stupid, they turn everything into a game even their lives.

"I would like to see you try" Sam replies giving in

"But no betting right?" Amal asks curiously, she isn't a big fan of betting and well she's curious about what this boys where planning.

"Of course not, i will totally own his ass if we were betting and he also would never give me money so fuck no" Zach says Sam shrugs because it is true,all of it betting is not what this two do, cause they will just suck at doing it.

"Way To vagular" Amal says readjusting her headscarf, seems like today her pins weren't cooperating with her, poking her head like it was a balloon.

"Way To what the fudge" Zach replies making small frown

"are you making fun of me?" Amal asks

"are you making fun of me?"  Zach says after her making her scowl

"Ugh"she groans

"Urghhhhhh" Zach groans like a dying goat...Amal tried really hard not to laugh at his voice

"You guys really are a married couple" Sam jokes

"Shut up" they snap at him in unison

"So why can't you talk to him?" Sam asks

"I'm grounded for a day that's why" Amal states like it is the worst punishment to ever happen to her while the two boys looked at each other before they bursted into grounded for a day what the heck is that?

"Why are you laughing?, this is a serious situation?" Amal whines making them to laugh harder

"Okay okay I'm done but seriously grounded A day what the fuc-fudge is that?" Zach says as he sees the death glare Amal sent to him

"Well it's your fault" Amal states making Zach send her a look of disbelief

"Me?,how was it my fault?,  we were hanging out together then we went to the mosque and you prayed" Zach says putting emphasis on the together part

"Guys y'all can argue later?, the bell rang a few minutes ago" Sam states but the two ignored him

"Well all thanks to you now I get to go home straight from school"Amal explains making Zach nod while Sam sends her a sorry smile

"That's not a problem, I can drop you off" Zach says making Amal roll her eyes

"No need because my very sweet dad decided that he would pick me up by himself today"

"Well he loves you and cares for you so I can't blame him" Zach states

"Whose side are you onn?" Amal asks with narrowed eyes

"Your dad's To be honest" Zach says making Amal's mouth to fall open in shock is this boy even seriously serious right now?

"That's it" Amal says standing up and slamming her hands on the table

"I'm done with you" She says pointing to the blue eyed boy whose eyes filled with tears dramatically making her scoff as she exits the cafe but what happened next, she definitely didn't see coming.

"No please, don't leave me wifey" Zach says getting on his knees right in front of her making her eyes to widen as people started paying attention to them,they were in the middle of the hallway for God's sake.

"You can do anything to me, you can hit me,slap,kick me out,hurt me but please don't leave me I love you" Zach says making Amal to freeze her eyes wide on shock, what was happening? She looks around them to see girls snapping pictures and saying 'Aw' all she wanted to tell to them was that this was all part of Zach's acting,he has learned from being in drama class.

"Get up!, you are embarrassing me" She mumbled to the boy who smirked before getting up

"Thank you my love, I promise you wouldn't regret it" Zach recites before he walked away leaving Amal dumbfolded and wondering what the fudge really happened just now?

"Hey so you and Zach Huh?"Sam asks her making her groan

"Gosh Sam of course not, he was just acting As usual" Amal rants making Sam raise a brow

"How sure are you?" Sam asked

"W-what?" Amal Stammers

"Just messing with you, though we are late for Spanish class, Zach doesn't have to offer it because he is already multi lingual that was why he actually left" Sam says to Amal who nods numbly

"After you Zach's wifey" sam says teasingly

"Ughhh Sam" Amal lets out a groan promises herself to punch the guy the next time she sees him now because of him, they are rumors but what she couldn't get out of her head was how sincere his words were and how beautifully intense his eyes when he Said those three words to her face, what Sam had said earlier on crosses her mind again.

"How sure are you?"


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