Bringing down her walls

Sometimes what you're most afraid of doing is the very thing that will make you the happiest.

Third persons POV

Amal's eyes trail on looking around the whole class, but he was no where to be found making her let out a sigh In relief, Before taking a seat in the back by the wall, just so he won't seat behind her.

She waited for Mr hart to come in and lock his door like he normally does, what?, don't look at her like that!, she still haven't made a decision. She prefer to think things through thoroughly before acting on them.

Suddenly the teacher walked in closing the door behind him and locking it making her let out another sigh in relief as she leaned back against her chair, before unzipping her backpack to pull out her book from her bag, that was when her pen fell unto the floor making her groan.

She immediately reaches for it at the same time another hand reached for it making her pause allowing the other hand to pick it up,why hurry if they are going to give her at the end of it all?, this is not a movie where you touch hands for no absolute reason.

"Hey you dropped yo-Amal" a familiar voice she just wants to die.

She finally looks up at them, it was those blue eyes that were staring back at her in disbelief as he couldn't believe it either,he was here and she also couldn't believe that all of her efforts is in vain but he wasn't the person holding out pen though, it was his Asian friend, the three of them where seated in the back seat with Amal next to Zach while Sam was in front of Zach.

Amal let's out an internal scream 'Why was everything not going her way on this day?' she thought to herself, She held a hand out with her palm wide open he hands him the pen.

"Thanks..." she says to Zach's friend making Zach to look at her for a second with a question stuck in his head which was " was she really being social? " what?, don't look at him!, she has been nothing but rude to him so he has to be surprised.

"No problem,any friends of Zach is a friend of mine too" Sam says with a grin making Zach roll his eyes Sam just doesn't know when to stop that's because of course he wants to hear more from her but not on Zach's watch, heck the girl was so stubborn and had a brick wall to block people out of her personal life.

"Um are you from the middle east by any chance?" she asks before she could stop herself well his watch just crashed. was she actually acting social for once?, wow this should be on the news.

"Well my dad is from Philippines originally but was born and brought up in my mothers land America" he rants happy that she was talking to him while Zach brows furrows as he wonders what is going on.

"Oh that's cool!, I'm sorry for the questions i was just curious and I guess I was raised here too" she says shyly

"Like i said before any friend of Zach, is a friend of mine so ask me of whatever " He says with a grin before He got back to copying his notes what she did miss was the tongue out that Sam sent towards Zach, making Zach to roll his eyes with a grin.

What she noticed was when Zach nodded at her like a proud father...or friend with a faint smile that she doesn't react to so instead she turn's back to look back at the board making the smile fall from his face,She was Allowing the feeling to sink in as to everything felt so awkward to her.

They were never like this even when they didn't talk, they will banter,they just felt comfortable In each others presence not that Amal would ever confess to him but he was also like her friend now.

But right now everything was just so suffocating for both them. She turns around to face him only to see him staring at her with his lips pursed Like he wanted to say something important which he probably wanted too,but before he could blow up on her again she wanted to apologize for real this time.

"Look I'm sorry" they say in unison making them pause and stare at each other in disbelief, they definitely weren't expecting the words of apology from one another, She was expecting him to blow up on her while he was still feeling guilty from what he had said to her when he was mad the day before, he is also waiting for her to blow a fuse.

"What I did was wrong I'm sorry" Zach apologizes

"No I'm sorry too!,I was way to rude" Amal states seriously

"No you weren't,I was" Zach argues

"I'm sorry too but the both of you have to head for detention" a foreign voice says making them frown, they both looked up to see the Sam staring at them with smirk like he knew a secret making Zach roll his eyes.

"So can any of you tell me why we are apologising?" Sam asks curiously

"How about we talk about this later where they not to many ears around?" Zach suggests

"Sure" Amal says playing along

"Urgh you guys are no fun" Samuel whines loudly

"Mr Samuelson,can you please quiet it down there and actually pay attention?" the teacher States

"Sorry sir" Samuel apologizes with a sheepish grin

"Wait, His last name is actually Samuel too?" Amal asks Zach in curiosity

"yes it is,Where you expecting something like chunli?" Samuel asks

"Yes actually yes" Amal confessed making Zach to burst into laugher that dragged everyone's attention to their angle even Anaya,Kendall and the others where staring at them curiously and for once in her life,Amal didn't even care that they were staring,the teacher walked over to them.

"Do you people have something to share with the class?" the teacher asks

"No sir" Amal and Sam said in unison

"Actually yes sir" Zach says standing up making his friend and Amal to watch him with wide eyes

"Well come and share it with us we all want to laugh to" the teacher States as he sits on his desk facing them

"We were just talking about how Sam's name is just Samuel Samuelson Samuel" Zach States making the class to burst into laughter even Amal couldn't help but let out a stray of giggles

"He keeps things to himself when he shouldn't and when he should keep things he broadcasts it to the whole class" Sam mutters making Amal giggle and maybe just maybe Zach loves that carefree smile on her face.

Because for the first time in history,she was bring her walls down along with the smile, he really can't wait to see more of what that wall has been hiding away from the world.

But there was one thing which he is scared of, he is scared that, her wall might rise again and become even stronger than the great wall of China so he needs to be more careful with her for she is like a fragile priceless China plate.


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