She might break again

"a piece of glass can still shatter into tiny bits with much more sharper edges so be careful with her she is nothing but a piece of glass"

Third persons POV

"Amal, I'm so proud of you"one of her many aunt says while pinching her cheeks making her pout

"Please let go auntttt" Amal whines wanting her aunty to let go of her cheeks

"Oh shush you love me so thank me" she says letting go Amal grin

"Thank you aunt" Amal says with a grin her aunt smiles before yelling

"can you not touch the meat zaid?" her aunt yells at one of Amal's cousin making Amal to shake her head at them,they were having a family party over at her house why?because...of her graduation...and apparently that is a big deal in her family.

"Amal come and meet my aunt, my sister" Amal could hear her mom call out to her making her spin on her heals.

"sister? Oh aunt maryam! " Amal almost yells as she embraces her aunt who always came over to visit.

"My sweetheart, I was at the graduation and you were so good" Her aunt states making Amal grin

"Thank you, where is Sakeena?" Amal asks curiously not seeing her cousin anywhere close near her mother as she usually was but then she noticed the sad look on her aunt's face.

"She was shot dead while trying to attend to one of the patients in Syria during one of the shootings around her area" her aunt says with a sad smile

"Innalilahi wanina ilaihirajuun(which means 'we surely belong to Allah and to him we shall return')"Amal gasps in shock her aunt just gives her a fake smile that hurts Amal

"Oh my God,i'm so sorry aunt maryam!" Amal says before embracing her aunt who hugged her back

"It's fine who am I to question fate? Ans besides she is resting now so nothing to worry about" She says with a sad smile Amal smiles back or tries too.

"But You are staying here right?" Amal asks

"Of course not" her aunt says giving a laugh in disbelief

"But you will be safer here" Amal states

"I can't run away from my whole life Amal, terrorists or not" she says with another laugh making Amal frown which life?, if you are already at risk of dying every day, she is still surprise that anyone would want to live that kind of live!

"But you can start here too, It wouldn't not so hard, no challenges or fears, just you starting a new safe life" Amal says holding her aunts hand wanting her to say yes pressuring her making Safia Amal's mom to frown.

"Amal leave it at that" Amal's mom states sternly making her daughter let out a sigh before walking away grumbling under her breath, but a hand stops her from walking making her frown, she looks up and the owner of the hand.

"Oh it's you, What's up?" Amal asks with a grin

"Can you please please please hold Ali for a minute?, that is only if you want to" Azad asks with her eyes begging her sister to please not say no she looked stressed.

"If you mean for maybe an hour or two or even more than that then I don't mind, he is just so cute for me not too ageee" Amal says with a grin making her sister eyes to widen in happiness and relief

"Thank you !,You're the best I swear,also just so you know, you can take him for days if you want too, I know I gave birth to him but sometimes i need a break from his loud ass cries,just don't tell your brother in law I said that in front of Ali" Azad says wrinkling her nose as she pointed towards the direction Abtal was standing with some relatives of hers making her sister laugh but nod in understanding,

Making Azad to say thanks to her again before she walks away from her sister and her son while Amal looks down at the baby boy in her hand who was looking up at her with curiosity in his eyes, she cooed at him before she started to make her way upstairs to lay and chill with her nephew.

"It's just me and you now buddy" Amal says to the little boy who cock's his head to the side in confusion yet just his innocent big blue eyes made her grin.

"Can you please stay this cute forever?,then you wouldn't have to face any struggle in life,you will remain happy but if you do have to face any struggle be a man and fight okay?, don't be like me instead be like Zac..." Amal starts to gush but then she trails of to the last part because she knew what she wanted to say,she has been trying since forever to forget about him, but it was so hard especially when he was basically everywhere in her memories, she has absolutely idea of where he was, what he is doing right now, it just feels like he has disappeared from the face of earth but in reality he was somewhere in another country doing what he was doing but she knew one thing that was for real.

"He never did call back you know, it's sad to say that i waited for that call for that long" she rants to the child who stares at her confused,she wasn't scared to say it besides no one is here to hear anything except her little nephew who stared at her.

"I know right,you're right, I will just have to try harder" she says as if he had said something to her, before laying on the bed but then she feels something like a paper making her to sit up she reaches for the envelope

But then she feels something like a paper rubbing against her skin making her to frown and sit up her nephews eyes following her,looking down for the source that was when she saw an envelope her brows furrow wondering who brought it to her room, seeing that it had no address,but that made her even more curious so she sat up and opened it with her heart in her throat with an emotion she can't place while Her eyes scans the papers slowly.

"OH MY GOD,I GOT IN?, I GOT IN!" Amal squeals in disbelief the weird loud sound made making her little nephew start to cry in panic making her also begin to panic,she quickly picked him up and began to cooes at him in hopes that he would laugh instead of cry.

"No, no, no, shh I'm sorry!, don't cry, I'm sorry!"she says sincerely to her nephew whose cries just keeps on getting louder and louder making her to begin to pace from left to right with him in her hands, in hopes that he would keep quiet, but he doesn't,so she quickly reaches out to grab the envelop before running down the stairs with the wailing child who managed to grab everybody attention literally, his cries was making everyone look up at them in confusion as to why the child was crying.

As soon as Amal foot hit the last stairs,Azad was rushing forward to grab the wailing boy from her sister's hands, she began to cooe at him but his cries just got louder,he started to hiccup along the way the action scares the child to silence.

"He started crying because I screamed I'm so sorry" Amal apologizes but her sister waves her off

"He is a crier, no need to explain but why were you screaming?" Azad asks her curiously

"Because I received a letter" Amal says with a grin

"About what?" Azad asks curiously

"An admission letter!, I got accepted on scholarship to Harvard university" Amal squeals in delight while her sister let's out a gasp in disbelief

"What really?" Azad says with an overly enthusiastic smile pulling her sister on for a hug while sending her family a look for them to act surprised.

"Yes really, I can't believe it" Amal squeals her sister squeals along with here

"Well believe it you worked hard for it" her dad states making Amal to grin,she can't believe that her dad still thinks she tried hard in highschool, when she had to repeat senior year one more time due to stress and her accident or incidents with those bullies.

"Thank you daddy" she says hugging her step dad but who cares he is the dad she had,that she loves that is still alive.

"I guess this party was a party of two celebration then" Amal dad says embracing his step daughter... Well she is his real daughter either way Amal smiles widely accepting the compliments and congratulations as her dream has started to slowly become true.

What she didn't know was that the papers in her hands had something to do with Zachary Perez let's not forget about him ... he's somewhere around the world...his story is not over yet he is still somewhere out there.

"Oh my God mom, I will be fine" Amal whines as her cheeks reddens in embarrassment, her mom just never knows when to now.

"How sure are you?, how can i be so sure that you will okay when you are miles away from home?, you are going to be alone for the first time in your life and you will be doing a lot of things on your own" Safia rants like a worried mother that she is.

"Mom don't tell me...I didn't want to leave either" Amal states with a snort, making her mother laugh.

"Are you sure?, you would be okay on your own though, won't you need your night light?, oh my God I think I left it back at home, should I go and get it, I know you can't leave without it" Amal's mom asks making the short haired girl send them an amused smile as she tries to unpack her bags all alone.

"Mom!, you are embarrassing me" Amal says through clenched teeth hoping for her mom to just simply stop.

"No I know how scared you are of t-"

"Mother..." Amal states cutting her mother off looking at the other girl before looking at her mom making her mom's mouth make a circle as she says o in realization.

"Hi dear, are you my daughters roommate?" Safia asks making Amal's eyes widen in surprise.

"Good morning mam,yeah I think so" she says with a polite smile.

"Great at least now,you have a roommate" Amal's mom cheers making Amal to face palm of course she does it's a dorm room.

"what's your name?"Amal's mom asks curiously

"Jamie...Jamie styles" the girl says with a smile

"Nice to meet you Jamie this is my daughter Amal Abnan,please take care of her for me, she is still a child,my baby" Amal's mom rants making Amal to let out an embarrassed groan.

"Mom i'm 19" Amal whines

"Still a child" Amal's mom states making Amal eyes to narrow

"Sure I will" the short haired girl states making Amal frown who does this girl think she is?

"Urgh mom" Amal groans

"okay,okay i'm going bu-" Amal's mom start to say but she got cut off

"Don't worry Mrs..." the girl also known as Jamie trials off

"Just call me mom" Amal's mom says making amal's mouth to fall open does her mom know how weird that sounds while the new room mate of hers smiles at the kind gesture.

"Mom,myself and your daughter would learn to survive in this college together" she says making amal's mom from she hugs her and the girl looks taken back but she smiles, non the less and waves at the woman who waved bye at them, as soon as she walked out of the room the door slammed shut,Jamie sat on her bed which was on the other side of the dorm room, staring at the girl who was looking at her cautiously.

"So your name is Amal that's um..urdu right?" Jamie asks Amal stares at her as if trying to figure her out it was like deja vu again, except the fact that this girl isn't Zach.

"Hm" Amal chooses to say since she really doesn't know who this girl is she doesn't feel the need to have any conversation with her for security purposes also...her trust issues never went away especially now that she is in an entirely new environment, it is back to stay, poor Jamie have to deal with what Zach went through...but she did break once so who knows?, she might break again, but not now but sometime in the future they might even rent an apartment together later who knows.


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