I wanted the return the favour"

"Having someone who cares about you is like having your own personal marvel superheroes combined in one person"


Third person's POV

"How the freaking fudgeball is this school safe if my sister was hit,  pushed under water which I'm pretty sure was the toilet seat where she freaking drowned after that she received a beating until she fell unconscious,do you know that her life is currently in danger?" Azad booms as she slams her hands rather harshly on the vice principal's table making her jump.

"I'm sorry Miss adnan" The principal starts to say but she got cut of

"it's Mrs Hakeem now not Adnan anymore don't say sorry to me, you don't freaking know what it feels like to see your sister fighting for her own life. She has not even opened her eyes not even once and it has been about a week or even more ever since the incident" The small girl booms her voice raising volumes anger was all that was in her eyes and she needed to let it out she is tired of feeling like this, tired of feeling like This is all her fault.

"I'm sorry Mrs Hakeem, I didn't even know anything about this I swear!" The vice principal starts to say but the girl is not where done, she is angry so and so was the person next to her who is glaring at the vice principal intensely.

"I don't want to hear it, If something happens to Amal,I promise you I would make sure the media would hear about this that your school is not safe, we would also be taking you to court which may lead to having to shut down this school " The boy/man next to her states his voice cold it sent shivers up the vice principals spine and somehow she knows that this two are not bluffing at all.

"Don't even tell her that if it happens, we are taking this matter to freaking court and also the freaking media would hear about it, They would hear that your school is racist and that my sister is getting bullied because of her religion like what century is this?, I thought we were over this!" Azad yells slamming her hands on the table making the vice principal jump again. She has never seen a person she is taller than  look so scary, Azad is small yet mighty, the vice principal couldn't even blame her because if someone hurt her loved ones she would probably be ten times worst.

"Mrs Hakeem, I'm deeply sorry I will make sure to give the students who caused this, a serious punishment once the principal returns from we would have a meeting addressing this issue meanwhile, the ones who did this would get what they deserve" She says but no Azad doesn't want to hear it.

"Like that is going to help my sister wake up, I just want her to wake up to open her eyes to scream or even fight me but she is just laying there, she can't even breathe on her own anymore" Azad yells as a sob escapes from her making her husband pull her in for a hug as she breaks down into his chest full on crying the vice principal truly feels for her she is just hearing about this news now.

She wonders how and why nobody even told her about it but she is also scared and truly hopes that Azad's sister makes it or she knows that these two won't be wasting time to deal with the issue and she is also scared at how angry the girl is.

The vice principal wondered how the little shy girl who is used to go this school a few years ago is the same that is standing before her right at that moment this version of Azad is more brave and outspoken than when she was school there.

The vice principal was also silently wondering why? she was allowing this man/boy to touch her, she thought in that in their religion they are not allowed to be touched well by opposite sex she never really understood the Islamic culture to her it was a culture.

"I'm going to believe that you would take care of this issue and the kids that caused pain to my wife and her family members " the man hugging her states

Oh wife!, well aren't they a little to young to be married? The vice principal wonders to herself but she is not going to say or ask anything cause she knows better than to say anything or she will give her another lecture they would think she is judging them which she really isn't, she is not judgemental but she envy what these two have.

"Yes Mr Hakeem I promise"she chooses to say instead

"We will be taking our leave now but we will definitely be back soon and I hope they won't be a next time because that time we won't bluff" Abtal says before turning to face his wife.

He mumbles something to her as he gently wiped her cheeks she looks up at him,His heart broke at the site the vice principal almost awwed out loud at the cute site in front of her, it was obvious that this two were in love it was the type of love that was hard to find this days and that's also Why she is a single mother because her husband found another woman because he fell "out" of love with her.

"Let's go" He whispers softly making his wife nod the vice principal watches as the two got up the man threw a hand over his wife's shoulders pulling her closer to him, the two of them walked out of the office hand in hand making the vice principal let out a sigh she closes her eyes wondering who must have done this.

Meanwhile on the outside the students stared at the two walking out of the principles office some in wonder some in amazement, some in Envy as the couple looked cute together and others completely judgmental because of the false idea their parents must have put into them that Muslim's were terrorists and so on.

Abtal glared at whoever starred at them rudely some wondered if this girl who looked like she was still in her early twenties was the one screaming at their vice principal just a few minutes ago while the two paid them no mind as they made their way toward the school exit.

Abtal felt at peace she felt as if she had accomplished something big, she has taken a step forward to seek for justice for her sister, She will be protecting her even if she is not here.

She reached her hand up to open the door but her husband was faster, He opened it for her at the same time, her phone started to ring loudly she ignored it turning to her husband she sent him a goofy smile and whispers a thank you that makes him smile, he shakes his head and points towards her phone that started to ring again she nods before she finally picks up the call.

"hello" she says with a smile but Abtal watched as the smile slid off her face as fast as it came he thinks it's what she hears next that makes her feel like the air has been knocked out of her.

She let go off her phone making it hit the ground hard,Her eyes wide fear and shock filled them she was making her husband scared at moment.

"Let me guess, they called to tell you that I was dead" Amal says with a laugh azad laughed along with her

"Actually yes" Azad says making the smile slip away from her sisters face

"W-what?"Amal stammers the shock and disbelief evident in her eyes

"Well you already said it but I didn't, life isn't something you play with Amal" Azad states scolding her baby sister whose head falls in shame

"Sorry" she apologizes

"Anyways when we got back to the hospital and she was conscious" Azad continues

"Which led to her hugging me taking all of the breath I was in need off, she also decided that she was dropping out of college and told her husband to either move back to America or to simply divorce her" Amal continues making Zach's eyes to widen he stares at Azad who shrugs.

"Well I won't apologize, you are my sister,you matter more than anything in the world, I wanted to protect you and I still want to" Azad states making Amal smile

"That's why I keep you around" Amal says jokingly

"Seriously!, only because I protect you here I thought that you actually loved me" Azad said playing along

"Just kidding I love you" Amal says making gravy hands towards her sister

"Love you too baby sis" she says embracing Amal making Zach smile at least she was getting love at home.

"But at the end of the day after hearing advice from almost all the adults in my family" Azad purses at the sound of her sister and husband laughing at the memory making her send them a glare

"Your parents?"Zach asks curiously

"Talk about my multiple aunts and uncles, multiple cousins,multiple grandparents,husband's parents,uncles and sisters also grandparent's" Azad says with a giggle while her husband lets out a chuckle at the memory.

"Wow" Zach says feeling mind blown, he barely keeps up with anyone from his family if not his sister and his  grandma.

"Yeah, we have a very wide and nosy family" Azad laughs while Zach's smile started to fade, but Amal saw it, the boy doesn't even know how having only two adults in his life felt like talk less of many.

"We can share mine though, they only disturb my peace anyway" Amal States Zach smiles in reply

"So I brought you something" Zach says making Amal eyes to widen in curiosity

"What is it?" she asks curiously

"Well since you made me Shawarma that other day I wanted the return the favour" Zach says teasingly making

"You made me a shawarma?" Amal concluded with wide excited eyes

"Nope" Zach states making her mood die immediately...that girl and her weird addiction.

"By buying you non-alcoholic chocolates...did you know that some of them actually had alcohol in them?" Zach says with way to much enthusiasm that made her grin as he hands her the bag containing the chocolate...

"Aww Zach you see right through me I swear and yes, I do know"she says with a grin

"I'm glad you like it" Zach  says with smile

Abtal couldn't help but to notice that through out their interaction, they haven't touched or held hands, he could understand that behavior from Amal side but from Zach...no he really couldn't, he has been watching the boy for a while.

Abtal knows what guys want, what! don't look at him like that! he is only protect his sister in law but now he knows the truth and the truth is that there's no one to protect her from.


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