I'm in love with you

You say you love me, I say you crazy

We're nothing more than friends

You're not my lover, more like a brother

Third person's POV

"Hi there"Amal says softly

"Hey"The boy says he looked nothing like the trouble some friend she had, his eyes were swollen and red probably from crying, his voice was so husky like he has cried too much which he probably has.

"How is he?"Amal asks softly yet curiously, she didn't want to wait but ripped out the question on her mind like a band aid.

"His uh...the doctor told me earlier on that he might not uh..."Zach starts to say but then he trailed of not wanting to say it out loud, maybe because he is still yet to actually accept and believe it.

"I'm so sorry" Amal apologizes

"Don't apologize,this is just fate" Zach says making Amal nod as if he was next to her which he wasn't.

"Yeah but still I'm sorry, i have been praying for him" she confesses making Zach's eyes to widen

"What?" he replies in disbelief

"Yeah I have, i'm sorry I know you don't believe in thi-"

"No it's okay!, thanks for praying for my ...dad" Zach says running a hand through his mess of a hair pulling at it making his friend frown.

"And you?" she asks carefully

"Me?, what's wrong with me?" Zach asks with a frown

"Are you okay?" She asks again

"I'm not the one,that is sick"Zach states questionably sounding confused

"I know just- take care of yourself" Amal whispers making him stare at her for a second before he looked away.

"i'm just,I want to go back in with him" Zach says looking away from his phone screen

"bye" Amal says before Zach hangs up making Amal let out a sigh before laying in her bed

Everyone had noticed Amal sadness that was flowing out of her in waves, they had tried to talk to her but she shrugs the comment of by saying she had examinations, of cause she is stressed they all let her be, not wanting to pressure her too much.

"Does this have anything to do with Zach dad's death?, poor boy he has to go through that at such a young age" Azad says with a sad smile making her sisters eyes to widen in realization

"Zach dad's is dead?" she questions in fear

"Yeah it was on the news, this morning that one of the world biggest entrepreneur Xavier Perez had passed away the night before" Azad states making her sister to quickly stand up hurriedly

"Oh my God,I need to call him" Amal yells to no one in particular before hanging up on her big sister, she dials his number before the second ring was heard the voice, the call had been answered.

"He's dead" Zach voice says sounding so distant it scared her.

"I know" Amal says the lines goes silent before the sound of him sobbing filled her ear as he broke down for the first time since they met making Amal's eyes to water she can feel his pain,she can relate to his pain.

"It's not your fault" Amal states knowing the thoughts that would be clouding the boys head, she wishes that she could stretch her hand all the way to France to embrace her best friend because, he needs her right now, she didn't notice the tears gushing down her own cheek, they didn't know for long the crying session went on, but it went on with Amal comforting him.

"Stop crying, it's my dad that died not yours" Zach says through his sobs with a forced chuckle making Amal glare at the wall which she wished was his big head.

"Zach" she states angrily making him let out a forced chuckle again her chest restricted in pain, it sounded like laughing is beginning to cause him pain and that thought alone hurts alot.

"Then stop crying that should be my role" he says making her tears roll down her cheek, she turns on her bed now looking her ceilings then the line went silent, none of them knowing what to say to comfort one another with the pain in their chest.

"You know that He loved you right?" she mutters after a few seconds

"yeah I know, well I hope so" Zach States while closing his eyes letting out a sigh sounding choked up by nothing he felt like he was being strangled by reality and it was showing no mercy.

"Then stop thinking about that" Amal states making Zach frown in confusion

"About what?" he asks

"Regret about the past, stop thinking that he was mad at you he was not" Amal states sternly as if trying to tattoo her words into his brain

"He apologized yet I said no" Zach booms the pain in his chest was climbing up to his brain like it had done years ago with his brothers case, and that was a bad sign especially with the anger he is feeling towards himself at this very moment.

"And you had a right to say that, he was wrong too, for abandoning you when you needed him the most" Amal defends Zach past actions, she still can't believe that Zach's parents ditched him because he was bipolar, they labeled him as "mad" and "insane" even,just because he didn't fit into their own description of a "normal" son, who does that?, didn't they remember that bipolar or not, they are his parents who brought him into the world?

"But now I'm wrong too, except that in my case I can't make up for that because now he is gone" Zach rants losing himself in the pain.

"Zachary Francisco Perez" she states like an angry mother making Zach chuckle

"Yes my love"he replies

"You should not b- did you just say my love?" she asks in disbelief

"Yes,the love of my life" Zach says jokingly

"What are you saying?" Amal asks on disbelief the boy plays way too much

"Maybe I just want to let everything out before It's to late" Zach states the smile in his voice disappeared. is he actually serious?

"Zach..."Amal trails off wanting the boy to stop, to simply stop this joke before it goes far like the last one that happened that other day in the hallways.

"I love you as I am in love with you, I want to be with you, I am crazy for you, everything about you" Zach says sounding excited to finally get everything of from his chest.

"would you stop joking!" Amal states sternly tired of the boys joke

"I'm not joking I swear, I love you,I love everything about you, I love your hair that I wasn't supposed to see, I love your voice,your personality,your nasty temper,your everything,you are so beautiful inside out that it should have been a sin to be that beautiful" Zach rants his tone...sounding to happy maybe even enthusiastic.

"Zachary" Amal gasps in disbelief wondering what has gotten into her friend.

"what?, you don't want me to do Amal, I would do anything for you I promise" he rants he wanted to get it all out of his system.

"Zachary shut the Fuck up" Amal booms angrily making the boy shut up the two of them stayed silent, not wanting to hurt each other but at the same time that was the only way out.

"Why did you do that?"Amal finally yells

"Do what?" Zach asks

"Tell me that you love me" Amal states anger in voice,she wanted him to take it back to say it was a joke but no.

"Because that is what I feel" Zach states angrily

"No, what you're feeling right now is literally because Your dad just died, you're looking for who to attach yourself too it's normal but not with me don't attach yourself to me,call me when you are back to normal with me as nothing but your friend" Amal states sternly before hanging up she screams into her pillow angrily so hard until it felt like she had lost her voice, And that was when she broke down because why was this happening right now?, why?, she doesn't want to hurt her friend but she also doesn't want to date him, not only did she not want to be his rebound but, she really couldn't date like literally and he was aware yet, he choose to say it,he decided to say those three powerful words, now he has ruined that which was so beautiful that which they suffered so hard to build now he never called back and everything was over.


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