Why Don't you kill yourself?

Third person's POV

"If you believe everything you read better not read everything"

Being Muslim in her society it didn't have any perks but then again it had it's downfall. Amal was never one to go outside much, because of many reasons unknown but then again, she had to go on with life which also includes school.

Amal could remember the day her mother handed her a headscarf her first head scarf. She had asked for it,she begged for it. It was the worldwide hijab day so she also wanted to wear it too. She remembers looking at it as It was worth a million bucks,She absolutely loved it and it had poker dots it was adorable. Her mother sat her down and told her about the importance and the beauty of it,and she was amazed and the next day she was wearing it with pride strolling down the hallways, she expected praises and jealous gazes but that wasn't what she got instead all she got was weird looks,She saw people looking at her talking,she smiled to herself before opening her locker she watched as her friends walked up to her.

"oh hey guys"she says with a big smile

"uh hey Amal" Ayana says while nudging her back they both smiled at one another

"notice anything different? "Amal Says excitedly she could hear her friends murmuring and laughing making her frown

"what?" Kendall asks with a frown she couldn't see anything new

"maybe it's the rag on her head" kylie points making the girls laugh and it hurts a lot

"I beg your pardon?" Amal asks making the girls flinch in guilt as they noticed that she heard them

"uhhh The thing on your head that's new"Ayana states trying to change the topic

"It's my first hijab, I'm going to be wearing it from now on,mom gave it to me and I absolutely love it" Amal rants with a big smile expecting excited gasps and congratulations, but her friends Were laughing laughing at her and it hurts 100 times more.

"well heejabb? makes you how do I put this?, it makes you look like a member of ISIS" Kylie started to say the irritation in her voice couldn't be missed,the force of the words made Amal step back,she stares at her friend in confusion, disbelief so many emotions merging into one.

"I won't take it off just because you want me to Kylie!,you don't see me interfering with what your wearing today that shows your goods that you call a dress because friends don't judge one another!" Amal says expecting Ayana to back her up like always but what happened was entirely different.

"Calm down Amal, what she's trying to say is that if you take it off you will look more beautiful" Ayana says in a soft tone making Amal flinch at the words, it hurts that her best friend hated her hijab too,it hurts that she was judging her too,oh the pain!, it freaking burned and she didn't know that was just the beginni-

Amal blinks as she returns back to reality of 2018, as she notices that she was not in the hallway in freshman year which was 2015. But she was now in her senior year in her Spanish class

"one more year to go and you would be free" the voice inside her head says making her nod and smile but then she turns around completely startled by a roar of low laughter around her making her frown.

Laughter...that never means good news for her, she slowly turns around nervously,trying to ignore them,hoping for her to just disappear from the world or something trust me, she is not just being a Coward she knows how much danger she in for just existing.

She closed her eyes saying a silent prayer to God that was when she felt something landing on her face,on her forehead to be more specific,so she reaches to touch her forehead only to feel something wet on her forehead,she sits there dumb folded and confused as she tries to connect the dots to what the liquid on her forehead was,after the dots connected themselves. she let's out a groan lowly in disgust as she realized that it was spit, How is that even possible?, she wonders to herself apparently spit just slapped her in the face like literally!, she grabs a tissue from her bag pack and tries to wipe the spit away from her face,but then again her eyes catches something on her table.

Amal frowns before looking around the class again,wondering how did it get there?,before slowly reaching for the note while that voice in her head was screaming at her not to open that note, but of course curiosity killed the cat, Maybe she was actually waiting for miracle that is not going to happen any time soon, so yet again she opened the note but she immediately regretted doing that as she reads the content in of the note she had just received.

"Why don't you just do the world a favour kill yourself just like how your religion is killing innocent people around the world"

Amal stands up abruptly startling everyone in the class,making every one to stare at her but she ignored them with tears rushing down her face also ignored the sound of laughter from some people she didn't care that she looked "Pathetic" she just wanted out.

"Miss Adnan where are you going" she could hear her teacher yelling after her, but she was running away from the world and into the bathroom where she paused to stare at herself in the mirror before looking away and bursting into sobs.

Why do they keep on doing this to her?, hating on her?,bullying her?, telling someone to kill themselves is definitely not okay, was it because she was different?, she can't help that she really can't!,she has already given up wearing hijab, what else do they want? why is she still getting bullied?, isn't it in the human rights to have freedom of religion?,why is she getting so much hate because of her religion?,she slid down the walls sobs raking through her slender frame as her hands searched to for the only thing that usually keeps her from falling apart which was her headscarf but she couldn't feel it as it was at home right where she left it, just to please them while He wanted nothing more than to tell her not to try to be like them, because she was already perfect just the way she was.


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