Your son's fiance

"All of our flaws disappear in the light

So don't pay any mind to them In the night because of peoples negativity

Third persons POV

Sam leaned against the wall crossing his arms over his chest,his eyes following the girl in front of him movements as she hurriedly tried to pack her bags...keyword tried, she threw her clothes into the open box messily.

"Do you need a hand?" Sam says Making Jamie frown her eyes followed the boy who was walking up too her, he neatly folded shirt after shirt neatly while Jamie states at him suspiciously.

"Um thanks?" she says making him nod and bite on his bottom lip nervously and what happened next shocked her because Sam took a step forward making her take a step back.

"What are you doing?" Jamie asks nervously taking two steps back and he follows her soon she can feel her back hit the wall, she stared up at him

"Nothing,why don't you like me?" Sam says leaning too close for her comfort there was only a few inches between them.

"Why don't I like you?" Jamie mutters like a girl hypnotized but then the door slams open snapping her out of her trance, the two looked towards the door to see Azad they both jumped apart making her raise a brow.

"I was just looking for Ali but he is not here so never mind carry on" Azad says before slamming the door shut Jamie cheeks flushed she reached towards the first bag before rushing out the door Sam let's out a sigh before taking the rest boxes he started to make his way downstairs.

"Are you trying to say that Jamie is my sister?" Zach yells with wide eyes meanwhile Jamie freezes at the last stair way.

"What?" Jamie let's out a loud gasp

"I'm sorry you had to hear this now dear but, after Zach's dad got your mom who was my best friend pregnant then he asked her to get rid of it,he cut all ties off with her while, your mom didn't listen, she kept you and eventually found another man who she moved on with, later on they got married and lived happily ever after that was until the day i found out that he had his daughter out there somewhere I snapped, because i have had enough with him cheating on me but him cheating on me with my best friend was the last draw so I filled a divorce letter and left him for good, moving on with my own life and after a year i got remarried and was much happier but then again one day i woke up to the news of Xavier's death so after his burial, I asked one of my men to search on my best friend in other for me to inform them but then I was told that they had been in a nasty accident and that only her kids survived so I searched until found them, told them i was their aunt and adopted them" She rants making the kids to send her look in disbelief even her own son, he never knew she could ever stop being so selfish, I mean she did leave him alone because of her selfishness.

"Zach's dad was and is also my dad too?" Jamie asks with wide teary eyes Zach wants nothing than to pull her in for a hug hoping that it takes away her pain because, he had an idea about who his dad was, he knew about his dad cheating and having side chicks but she didn't, not only did she have no idea about it all but she has been Lied to all her life, that had to hurt her more than one can ever know, even though he knows he should be mad?, he really isn't because he knows that it isn't her fault, that is all his dad's and Jamie's mom fault because she was an innocent child brought into this mess.

"Is Leo also mine and Zach's brother then?" Jamie asks softly as if begging Zach's mom not to say anything yet she wanted to hear it the harsh truth that always leaves someone hurt at the end of the day.

"No, he is Jamie's step brother only" the blonde woman says making the Jamie and Leonardo's eyes widen in disbelief all their life,they have always only had each other now they find out that they are not related by blood. All of a sudden Leo storms out of the house in anger.

"I can't believe that All my life has always been a lie and then again, you freaking lied to us, I can't believe you" Jamie yells before running up the stairs making Zach's mom was torn on who to chase after

"Jamie!,jamie,jamie" Zach's mom rushes forward wanting to go after Jamie but her own son blocks her way and view making her brows furrow in confusion, she stared up at her son whose eyes were similar to hers but he was glaring at her and that honestly didn't sit right with her at all.

"I will go after her but I think you should also leave" Zach states with no smile on his face making his mothers mouth to fall open in disbelief, her Son who was always so sweet but right now he really wasn't? but who could be blamed if not her and his dad?,they did dump him when he needed them the most but, was she about to admit her mistake?, absolutely not.

"Zachary!" the woman gasps in disbelief

"it's not Zachary anymore, it's Zackriah" Zach states not waiting to see as his mothers eyes widen in disbelief, he ran after his step sister meanwhile Amal stared at him with wide eyes, she never actually asked him about his name but she definitely didn't hate it, it's just one of the many things she loves about Zach.

"Zachary, you need to come down this instant" the woman yells after her son who turns a deaf ear to every thing his mom was saying as he ran up the stairs instead but his mom didn't get the message he was trying to send making Amal let out a sad sigh, why is she the only one who gets to be the villain?, how is she supposed to tell the woman that her son left because he doesn't want to say anything disrespectful to her?, how is she supposed to know just how her best friend's mother is going to react to it all?, well it seems like there is only one thing left for Amal to do and only one way to find out.

"Sorry mam but maybe you should come back later Zach really isn't happy right now " Amal chooses to say politely because no matter what she was thought to respect her elders...even if they are wrong for abandoning their own child, even if the person was the same person who broke Zach,her best friend the boy who saved her from herself.

"And who the fuck do you think you are to say anything to me about my own son?" the dark haired woman says arrogantly making Amal raise a brow at her but the smile on Amal's face was not fading away, as she thinks to herself that 'oh so she is one of those women who felt like they were better than everyone else, like one of the women who felt like hijabi's and Muslim's are trash, one of those islamophobes/racists, heck it seems like she hated the word religion as a whole!, and Amal knows just how to click on the right spots that would not make her want to stay any longer to cause any drama.

"Your son's fiancée" Amal states with a smug smirk making the woman's eyes widen in shock and disbelief. yeah,Amal got her right where she wanted too.


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