Daddy cheated on mommy

"As a human there is only so much you can take so don't force yourself or else you would hurt yourself "

Third persons POV

"I know You're freaking cheating on me" Liza says unable to hold the news inside of her anymore.

The pain in her heart was too much and her husbands eyes widened and so did Zach's but it was for different reasons though, one was guilty and the other one was surprised and in disbelief.

"Liza what are you saying?, the kids are in here" David says trying to get his wife to shut up. He really doesn't want his kids to hear any of their banters and look at the him in another way but the woman next to him didn't even want to hear his lies anymore, she was just tired period!

"Stop pretending I have seen her pictures on your phone, I have seen even the multiple girls physically and they freaking testified and laughed in my face when I said I was your wife, I have seen the messages, i have known for a long period of time, i have seen through your lies but pretended to be blind!" Liza yells at her husband as she grips his collar very tightly wanting nothing than to strangle the man so he could feel her pain, she has been quiet because she thought he would stop, he would realize His mistake but her husband continued to be Casanova instead.

"Liza" Zach's father tries to keep his eyes on the road and keep his eyes on his wife at the same time but like they say Humans can only do so much at once.

"They freaking deserve to know how freaking disgusting their father is, they need to know that he has sleeping around with other women and cheating on with their freaking mother, they deserve to know that he has been sleeping around with their mothers best friend" Liza screams making her last child to look up at them in what confusion, he was just so innocent the only kind of cheat he knew was the one that was happening in games between his big brother and himself but he knew it was bad and he had no idea why his dad would decide to cheat anyone.

"Did daddy cheat on mommy when they were playing a game?" he asked his brother as he looked up at him only to see that Zach had tears running down his cheeks making the the five year old frown in confusion and sadness, he didn't want to see his big brother crying it hurts him inside his chest.

"Why are you crying?, please stop it hurts right here" He states while pointing into the right side of his chest making his brother to force a laugh.

"That's not where your heart is though but it's somewhere in there, I'm sorry" Zach states as he watched as his little brother reached his small hands forward to wipe away Zach's tears away and Zach allowed him too,his big brother allowed him too.

"I'm so sorry that you have to see this" Zach apologized to the boy who was simply clueless

"see what?" Omar asks with his head like a puppy in confusion

"Nothing just keep looking at me" Zach commands making the little boy frown

"But mommy and daddy are fighting because daddy cheated and fighting is bad" Omar mutters before unhooking his seatbelt and stood up trying to push his parents apart but Liza had a tight hold on her husbands collar, he has never seen anything like this he was barely 5, he didn't know the troubles of the world, he didn't know the meaning towards what he had just said but Zach did and it hurts so bad.

"Please stop fighting" Omar pleads with his parents but they paid no mind to him all. All that David wanted was to get his wife to let go so that he can drive them to Disney land where his last son wanted to go and have fun in peace but like they say there is only so much that a heart can take and she is a human, the pain wasn't fading that is why she was yelling instead of smiling.

"Mom and dad look out" Zach yells in panic but it was to late as he tried to reach out to grab his brother who was still trying to get between his parents argument but the impact was just to fast.

Zach sat and watched absolutely cationic as how the car started started to tumble into and down the ditch. The glass, it kept on shattering into more and more tiny bits, it was flying he has from no idea where the Glass was coming from but it was coming and everyone was screaming even he was screaming but he didn't know it, his eyes were blank and black due to the dizziness from the car spinning so much it felt like this was all just a bad dream that he would wake from at any minute from now but no every thing just continued way to fast to comprehend suddenly the car came to halt as it the car landed upside down.

"Honey are you okay?" David asks while holding on to his head which was now bleeding his wife was seated next to him with eyes wide open in shock. she was bleeding to but she didn't know from where exactly the blood was coming from.

They were still all in shock but then Zach slowly began to open his eyes flinching at the ache in his head, he can feel some liquid blocking his view but he wiped at it with his shirt before opening his eyes completely when his vision settled he was face to face with the worst site, he has ever seen through out the span of 15 years of his whole life, his five year old brother was on the floor bleeding looking so far away from him but Zach quickly removes his seat belt ignoring the pain and dizziness, his back felt as if it made impact with the car top he didn't care about that though, instead he forced himself to crawl towards his brothers body.

"Omar" he whispers the little boy whimpers in return blood googling out of his mouth, all Zach could see was glass and blood was all Zach could see the little boy, Omar had glass all over his little body like a second skin, the one that scared him to most was that one long glass that stabbed one of his brothers eye, Zach's chest constricts, because he knows that that eye Was definitely damaged. he pulled his brother closer to his chest wanting to do anything to take away his pain but he really couldn't and that was the reality of these harsh world.

"This was all your fault" Liza yells at her husband blaming him for the accident as they had finally pulled themselves out of the jeep which was definitely condemned,They had forgotten about something that was inside the car and it wasn't fair.

"my fault?, you gripped unto the my collar it was bound to happen" David yells at her,they had forgotten that they still had their children in there with them .

"Would the both of you please shut up for a second?" Zach yells pounding at the glass on the glass of the car in anger but it wasn't opening making both of his parents eyes to widen as they took in the site of their kids still inside the car most especially the one in Zach's hands who was bleeding profusely. They started to run back towards the car so they could grab the children away from the now burning car.

"Oh my gosh" Liza gasps as she sees it the smoke coming from the bonnet so she panics the smell of something burning from the car was prominent, So they needed to act fast, she tries to crawl closer to the car to grab her injured child but Zach moved Omar away from their hold hugging his brother tightly to his chest, he couldn't let go even if he tried.

"Zachary give him to me!" Liza says reaching out her bloody hands to just hold her child to save him but Zach couldn't trust them not even when his life depended on it like literally.

"To you why so you can finish killing him?" Zachary asks and it hurts because he can see his mother

"Zachary" Liza gasps in disbelief but the boy hugged his brother tighter, he can feel his own vision starting to fade out he can hear his parents screaming out his name and his brothers name before he finally slips away Unconscious...

"I'm so sorry for your loss" Amal whispers tears in her eyes

Amal really didn't see the boy as someone who could hold in so much pain, She looked Zach who just nodded the pain was evident, the two stayed silent just staring at the water which was going forth and going back.

"You don't have to cry" Zach states with a smile but she could see right through that smile it was so plastic, she hated it.

"You don't have to tell me more if you don't want too" She says ignoring his comment from Earlier on

"No I want to" Zach says to Amal who nodded and paying all of her attention to him.

Zach woke up to a annoying beeping sound making him frown in confusion as he wondered where he was but then finally the sound and hospital scent he disliked so much hit his senses. He slowly opened his eyes after blinking twice to clear his sight well he was in a white room that one is for sure but it wasn't at home, he looked to his left to see his sister looking down at home with tears in her eyes.

"You are aliv-" she screams in tears pulling him in for a hug

"What?" Zach asks still confused on what was happening as he watched his sister press the nurse button like crazy soon a nurse ran in with a doctor.

"so happy to see you awake Zach" the doctor says making Zach frown

"Awake!,was I asleep?"he asks obviously confuses

"Yeah about a week now not sleep though but you actually unconscious"the doctor says making Zach's eyes to widen

"What?" Zach states in disbelief trying to remember the day before and that was when everything started to fall in place for him as the memory of that day dashed into him like a knife that was stabbing him multiple times. He was choking, he felt like something was pressing down on his chest hard, he felt like a hand was holding onto his throat so tightly so that he wouldn't say it, so that he wouldn't say his brothers name which was just on top of his tongue.

"What is wrong with him?" Camila yells in fear

"Seizure, he is having a seizure please leave the room"the nurse states making Camilla's eyes to widen

"No I can't leave! what ks- please don't allow him die please!" Camila pleads as the nurse walks her out of the room before slamming the door shut to her face. She slides down the door breaking into sobs he can't die too, her heart wouldn't be able to take the pain Again not after Omar,these day is a horrible one for her as she had received a call from her dad when she was in class.

" Hello, dad will talk to you later" Camila rambles before hanging up not wanting the lecturer to catch her answering but her dad just kept on calling making her frown as she tries to ignore the phone which was lighting up on too of her desk but it was hard.

"Hello dad" Camila starts to say but then she heard a cough behind her making her to out the call on hold as she looks behind her to see the professor giving her a disappointed look.

"Mrs Perez, are you on the phone in class?" he questions the obvious

" Am sorry sir but my dad keeps on calling which means his reason has to be important" Camila States making her professor to roll his eyes he has heard this excuse from others and he had the perfect punishment for this crime too.

"Since you want to answer you wouldn't mind putting it on speaker now?" the professor states

" Not at all" Camila states happily before removing the call from hold because it's not like her dad would reveal a secret or something.

"Camila we were in a nasty accident and your brothers.." Her mother trails off by choking on a sob making Camilla's heart to skip a beat

"What happened to them?" she asks with wide eyes scared of reply but at the same time she just wanted to know

"They are both in the emergency room please come to the national hospital now" she says before hanging up leaving Camila frozen the whole class stared at her worriedly and the professor felt bad for making her spread her business.

"I'm sorry camila i had no id-

"I gotta go" Camila says not waiting to pack her books she just simply ran.

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