Never come between me and my food

Amal's POV.

"it is better to be alone it hurts less to be like the rest"

I sat down on the table furthest in the conner away from everyone, it was something i had to learn the hard way. Which is that 'it is better to be alone but it also hurts less to be like the rest'

I opened my lunch bag happily remembering that my mom had finally made me my favorite snack, a Shawarma I haven't had those ever since I was 15 so yeah I can't wait to take a bite of the snack.

i opened my orange drink and took sip after sip to quench my thirst, before I  grabbed my shawarma and began to unwrap it but before I could do it completely, I got caught off and possibly scared too life and not to death by a slam on my table, the first thing on my mind was to run but instead I felt  paralyzed, So instead I  jumped!,clenching unto my Shawarma for dear life.


Well because i can't throw it away without taking a bite of it, there is no wasting of food by me in my dictionary I looked up only to see those who I once considered my best of friends standing over me with glares, it also looks like they also brought company this time.

How great! I hope you guys know what sarcasm is!

"Hey rag face" Ayana states making her group to laugh while I rolled my eyes well isn't that a new one? not rag haired anymore but rag face because I didn't  wear a hijab today, how hilarious hahaha she makes people like Kelvin hart look like mimes which are not so funny to me anymore.

"What do you guys want?" I ask lowly even though I knew exactly what they where were here for...but I like to play around to save myself but it never really works.

"For you to kill yourself" Ayana states making me flinch I know I should have been expecting that sentence which they always say to me but, that didn't stop it from hurting my feelings any less, how will you feel when people who you love tell you to kill yourself?, are you going to do it because they said you should? I know right!

"No thank you" I say to them showing no emotions, when you show them your sadness and weakness, they will keep on hurting you but they also don't like smart asses and sadly I have a smart mouth.

"That wasn't a fucking suggestion" Kylie sneered making me stare up at her in disbelief and pain while she smirked at me knowing that she got me right where she wanted as my eyes began to sting.

"What did I ever do to you?" I wanted to scream to her face but then I know that her nice self would tell me that my existence, she is so nice that it Hurts!

"So what are we talking about?" a voice cuts off the discussion asked making everyone look towards the source.

And guess what? it was that same blue eyed boy from the other day great!, Welcome to the party!, Just great now, I have bullies that say take it off and another asking me about my headscarf taking a seat right next to me, What were they planning to do to me?, How would you feel if all of your enemies as sitting with you on a round table?, It makes me think about a poem called the dinning table and that doesn't make this situation feel any better since the poem was about killing and death to be honest.

I kept my line of vision on my hands but then i noticed a hand reaching towards my hand,the one holding the sharwarma in particular and instead of moving the hand away i stared at the hand dumbly and in confusion.

My eyes widened in horror as I watched Zach take a big bite out of it making everyone stare at him in disbelief, because he was eating the terrorist's food but that wasn't why in was staring at him, I was staring at him because what the freaking heck that was MY SHARWARMA MINE!

"What are you staring at?" He ask innocently making me glare at him

"That was MY SHAWARMA" I state angrily BECAUSE never come between me and food except if you want to cry! or if you're dying AND in need of something to eat.

"Sorry,it is now in my stomach now. hey!, are you just gonna sit here without your food and stare like the weirdos you are or are you going to walk away before lunch food and time runs out?" He asks making the group glare at me hard, before glaring at him before they walked away well finally they are gone but then the food thief is still here.

"What?"he ask emotionlessly he better be showing those emotions before I show him one ticket to hell

"That was MY SHAWARMA MINE" I say again in rage and disbelief and he freaking smirks like is my sharwama amusing? JERK!

"Oh trust me, I knew that" he says slowly I felt like gorging his eyes out because really WHO IN THE FUDGECAKE?,WHO  DOES HE THINK HE IS?

"Why are you even here?" I ask trying to calm my anger but it just kept on raising and raising, and The voice in my head starts to talk to me again, guess being alone for this long has made me so uncivilized psh! how funny!, I mean I still have a sister,his husband and my parents who I relate too so yes am alone psh!, smh! yes that was sarcasm at it's best.

"It was honestly more delicious than I had expected" He states with a smug smirk does he think what it did was funny?,it was a crimeeeee!, he deserves to be locked off in prison somewhere out there.

'Where shawarma prison?' the voice in my head asks making me groan internally why does that voice always have to ruin my comebacks.

"Well thanks to you now I won't be able to taste it now jerk" i whisper yell unable to hold back the pain from losing the love of my life making him to stare at me with an amused smile before grabbing my hands making my eyes to widen...HARAM.

"What are you doing let go omg haram! Haram! Haram! "I rant but he just puts the half eaten shawarma in my palm and let go like he had touched fire making me to state at him in disbelief before I looked down and at my half eaten shawarma and pain struck my heart but then, I heard the sound of the chair creaking as he made a very smart choice and quickly stood up to run away,he better run away from me right now!

I sadly mourned for the loss of my beloved shawarma by which i have been waiting for mom to make for years, two years to be exact, and when she finally does make it, Jerk face is the one to eat it and not me. I let out a deep sigh before throwing it away, going back to my table i took depressing sips from my juice box and  just glared at him as he sat on another lunch table. I couldn't help but to wonder what was his purpose here?,I mean he just killed my baby and ate her.

I watched as he stared at me with that annoying smirk before looking away, I glared hard at the back of his head wondering what that was all about.


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