Just like prince charming

"Sometimes just when you feel like everything is going alright but then suddenly everything comes crashing down hard into the ground"

Third persons POV

"So what you're trying to say is that, There is absolutely nothing going on between you and Mr young,hot and rich?" Jamie says changing the TV channel making Amal's nose to wrinkle in distaste.

"Don't call Zach that, it sounds weird!" Amal says

"Stop trying to change the topic!" Jamie states sternly making Amal roll her eyes

"There isn't anything!, we are just friends!" Amal says making her best friend roll her eyes.

"I could have sworn that it was the same guy that proposed his undying love for you a few days ago" Jamie says making Amal turn away from her with red cheeks

"What's your point?" Amal asks

"My point is that you are being dumb I swear!, why are you saying no?" Jamie states making Amal send her a glare

"Maybe it's Because I don't actually have any feelings for him" Amal says with a shrug

"Do you know what I want to do?" Jamie asks innocently

"what?" Amal asks curiously

"Grab a big spoon and hit you on the head" Jamie almost yelled making Amal choke on her drink

"great to know,you are so abusive" Amal says with a laugh

"Well you are being dumb, even a blind man can see that you guys are going to be good together" Jamie says making Amal raise a brow at her

"Jamie, can't I have my peace?" Amal whines

"No not until you listen to m-"

"Someone is at the door" Amal States with a smirk happy that the door bell cut off the sound of her best friend, Amal gets out from the couch and starts to make her way towards the door, she opened it there stood Zach.

"Oh Assalamualaikum(peace be unto you)" Zach states making Amal's nose wrinkle she still isn't used to the fact that the boy is actually a Muslim.

"walaikumusalam(and unto you) come i-"

"Hi Amal" a familiar voice says making Amal's eyes widened I'm shock

"Oh MY God, Sam?, come in" Amal says in surprise making Sam let out a chuckle as he trails behind her soon they settled into the couch

"What would you guys like to have?" Amal asks with a grin

"I would go and get it" Sam suddenly says making Amal raise a brow but Zach just shrugged what they didn't see was that Sam had seen the chocolate skinned girl who had a really long curly hair which was everywhere standing by the microwave as if waiting for her food to warm which she was.

"Hi there" She nearly jumps at the sound of someone voice from behind her so she spins around and God that had to be one of the worst mistake she has ever made since forever because, who stood in front of her, and he almost made her weak to her knees as he looked like an Asian guy, who had a brown eyes and a killer jawline,he was taller than her,he had to be over 6ft just like how she imagined her Prince charming to look like!,now all she wants to say is marry me.

"Um hi" she chooses to say instead making the boy to smile

"I'm Samuel but you call me, Sam I would really like to know the name of the pretty lady in front of me" Sam says with smug smirk the worst situation is when a guy who actually knows he is good looking is the worst turn off for her.

"Jamie,why?" she asks pushing at his chest back so she would have enough room to move around him?, making him raise a brow at her because, huh a girl moving away from him well, that's new for him, he is used to getting all the girls easily but she wasn't reacting, she wasn't flirting back like others did, neither was she smiling that's a low blow to his man ego.

"Oh no reason, just saw you and couldn't stop but to say hry" Sam says watching as she takes out the plate from the microwave.

"Haven't you already said that though?" she asks with a cheeky smirk before she made her way out of the kitchen making his mouth to fall open in disbelief.

"What is taking that drink so long Sam?" Amal asks jokingly as she appears behind him making him smile guiltily.

"I uh,I got lost in my head for a sec" Sam lies through his teeth but really he just couldn't believe that a girl he wanted just walked away, just like that.

"Totally Understandable, I mean I still talk to myself too so I'm not judging " Amal says with a smile before she takes out a jug of lemonade and a coke also two bottle waters lemonade because Zach has always been absolutely in love with it. Sam helps to carry the bottle water and the coke while Amal carries the jug and the cups to the living room where Ali was seated with Zach and they were laughing at God knows what.

"What are you guys laughing about?" Amal asks curiously

"The fact that you are scared of the boogie man" Zach laughs harder making Amal to send him a glare

"Har-har,hardy ha!" She fakes her laughter while her eyes dared Zach to say one more word about it but, he knew better because he kept his mouth shut and sent her an innocent smile instead.

"Ali,where is your mommy?" Amal asks her little niece curiously as she noticed that she hasn't seen her sister ever since she woke up from sleep.

"With Jamie and Jannah upstairs" Ali says smartly such a smart kids

"Jamie?" Sam asks making Zach send him a look which he Completely ignored

"Yeah my roommate and friend from school" Amal says making Sam to nod in understanding

"Wow this Amal isn't so anti social anymore" Sam says jokily

"Samm" Zach states warningly

"What!,you never actually tried in highschool" San says making Zach send him a glare but Amal laughed in reply

"That was a Fact so anyway, what's going on in your life?" Amal says making Sam give Zach a tongue out

"Nothing much,just stress" Sam says with a overdramatic sigh

"Any new girlfriends?" Amal asks curiously

"Apparently he doesn't do girlfriends" Zach says making Amal to raise a brow

"so what does he do then? gu-

"No,no don't even say it, I do like girls but I still haven't seen the one that makes me want to yell out marry me yet?" Sam says dramatically making his friends laugh

"Well it is sad to say that there's another f-boy in mY house" Amal says playing along

"Hey, I was never an f-boy" Zach says defensively

"Hm" Amal states with a mocking smile before she and Sam bursted out laughing the two continued to team up on Zachary making the boy scowl but a smile was fighting to showcase it self, the whole time it felt like deja vu again,he felt as if they were back in highschool again .

"Amal I need your help" Jamie yells running down the stairs but she purses as she sees Zach and Sam seating down on the couch with Amal opposite from them.

"With what?" Amal couldn't help but to ask worriedly

"Nothing I was just having a life crisis but never mind me" Jamie states making Amal roll her eyes but she stood up following the girl into the kitchen while the girl ignored the eyes that she could feel following her.

"What is it?" Amal asked

"My brother" Jamie says like it was the biggest problem on earth

"What is wrong with him?" Amal asks calmly

"He wants me to come home" she says making Amal raise a brow


"I really don't want too,I love it over here" Jamie whines making Amal laugh

"then why don't you tell him you're an adult, I'm sure he would listen" Amal asks making her friend to nod happily as she soaked the information in.

"Oh right, thanks" Jamie says before running out of the kitchen making roll her eyes,she really knows how to choose the weirdest people she thinks to herself before she started making her way hack into the living room. Meanwhile, Sam's eyes followed the girl who was running back up the stairs.

"No" Zach says making his friends brow

"No,What?" Sam says innocently but Zach can see through Sam like he was a glass.

"Just no,she is like a sister so no" Zach states making Sam roll his eyes

"But i-

"sorry about that apparently she needed my help with a life crises " Amal states jokingly and unknowingly cutting the boys discussion making Zach send him a look that said this discussion is not over making Sam roll his eyes, meanwhile Amal took a seat in the love chair and that was when they started to get lost in their own bubble again simply talking about how much things had changed and how Sam is apparently a CEO of Zach company now even though he graduated the year before, also talking about how the last year off college is hard for Amal, she only has one more semester to go before she can actually say she is done.

"AMALLL" Jamie yells again making Amal let out a pitiful groan that made Zach let out a chuckle but it faded away due to the glare he received from her as Amal starts to make her up the stairs.

"Jamie" Amal states

"Himself and mom are here apparently I need to go now" Jamie says

"well then bye dear" Amal says mockingly

"I can really see the love" Jamie says with an eye roll

"oh you know I'm kidding so your mom is here really?" Amal says with wide eyes she has never met her new mom turns out, their mom and dad did die and that was why Jamie and her step brother learned to live on their own but now they had step parents.

"Yeah just outside the door" Jamie says softly

"Then what are you doing here,go get your boxes while I let them in" Amal says with a grin

"But I would need all the help I can get"

"Okay I will help, but that is if you don't mind" Sam says with a smile making Jamie smile to fade and he can't lie that he didn't feel some type of way as he watched the smile disappear.

"Of course she doesn't mind Sam" Amal states with a smile before Jamie could say anything making Jamie shut her mouth while Sam smiles at her she doesn't smile back, Amal didn't see anything because she turned away as soon as she said that sentence, she started to make her way towards the door but Zach he saw it all, he watched it all happen so he stayed back and stared at the staircase getting lost in his own thoughts, he really doesn't trust his best friend with any cute girl at this point in life, Sam was at that point in his life where all he wants to do apart from work is only to have a girl in his bed?, Every night in other not to feel lonely yet he doesn't want to get attached to any girl at the moment and Zach can't have that happening with Amal's friend too.

Zach can hear Amal voice coming closer to the living room,making his smile he waited for them to come in but as soon as he saw them, he regretted having that thought, maybe he should have chased after his best friend and Jamie.

"Mom?" Zach states in disbelief making the woman who walked in with her dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes to freeze as she stared at him while Amal's eyes to widened too as she heard that foreign word from Zach's mouth because, what the fuck was even happening?, Zach's mom is Jamie's mom?

What the fuck?


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