Because I love you okay

"Sometimes what you're most afraid of doing is the very thing that will make you the happiest"

Third persons POV

Amal watched on as she woman gapes like a fish trying to find the words to say but then she decided that she would rather run after Leo, so she did, making Amal roll at her eyes at the sound of her front door slamming shut, she wonders if her sister was unconscious for not hearing any of the commotion happening downstairs.

"So fiancée huh?" A familiar voice says mockingly making Amal jump and there her sister stood right behind her.

"Azad" Amal says with an eye roll

"Isn't that what you just said?" Azad says mockingly making Amal pout

"Wait, where you actually aware of the commotion going on all this time?" Amal chooses to say instead to change the topic but her sister knows her game better than anyone else.

"When are you going to admit your feelings for the guy, can't you see how hard he is trying?" Azad says making her sister frown

"God I really don't want to talk about this with you" Amal whines making her sister laugh

"Then maybe you should talk about it with him then" Azad suggests

"Azad can you please stop?" Amal complains

"I was talking about his mom coming back but also admitting your feelings for him would work too!" Azad rants making Amal face turn red,she ignored her sister and started to make her way up the stairs.

"God, don't you have something to do like feed your child?" Amal rants as she makes her way up the stairs while her sister just shakes her head before settling on the couch it's not as if she doesn't care, she just thinks that maybe sometimes one gotta fix things by themselves and if at some point they do need her help, she would only be one call away.

"Are you okay?" Zach says carefully as he peaks into the dark room

"Obviously not" Jamie choked voice says making Zach let out a sigh before he opened the door slowly and walks into the room

"Sorry for asking a dumb question" Zach says making Jamie look up

"It's not your fault, if I was you" Jamie starts to say but Zach cut her off

"I'd want to be me too?" Zach says making her laugh was he really quoting No by Meghan trainor?

"Hardy ha very funny but yes I'd wanna be you too" she says with a laugh that made her sound like she choked on life and now all she can feel is pain.

"Need a hug?" Zach asks as he opens his arms wide and his sister couldn't say no even if she tried.

"Yes please" Jamie says her voice sounding so broken, it made Zach heart skip, he reached forward and hugged his lost and found sister tight as if trying to take her pain away as she sobs into his neck reality always hurts everyone knows that.

Meanwhile, Amal runs up her staircases with her heart pounding not from the words her sister had just said but from the panic wanting to help and heal two hearts and not one her old best friend and her new best friend. Wow this is just like she is stuck in some telemundo series but honestly, she wouldn't change the channel even if she had the remote in her own hands because, she wanted to learn so much more a about the mysterious siblings who are both her best friends, it's a win win situation even though one actually has feelings for her.

Amal knocks on the door softly but then she gets no reply making Amal frown, she slowly pushes at the door only to see the two hugging making her frown,she has no idea on why she frowned or why she got that feeling inside her chest but she pushed it away and entered the room slamming the door shut behind her.

"oh Amal, look your best friend has finally stopped crying" Zach says with a smile but Amal could see right through it maybe he was faking a smile and, she really loves it when he smiles at her the real one and not this type.

"Can I talk to you for a moment?" Amal asks Zach making the boy raise a brow at her

"Can we talk later?" Zach asks making Amal frown she knows this is not the time to be selfish but he had never said no to her no matter what, he was always up with her and her weirdness.

"Go or else she would actually lose it"Jamie says with a sniffle but she smiles it didn't reach her eyes and neither did Zach's own, also Amal's smile was so fake it made Zach cringe internally but on the outside he smiles and nods trailing after Amal who was in the usual sweatpants and sweatshirt...just like what Drake always has on this days.

"So are you okay?" she asks as soon as they step out making Zach raise a brow at her the cheeky smile still on his face.

"So are you related to Drake?" Zach says making Amal to frown because what is that and what does Drake have to do with her?, sure she loves his songs but then again what does drake have to do with this situation entirely?

"Obviously no,What does that have to do with any of this?" Amal states sounding confused and frustrated making Zach raise a brow with an amused smile. He never reacts and that is what always pisses her off, One minute he is too emotional and the next he is too closed off she hates it, he should trust her right on the inside she knows, he trusts her more than he trusts anyone else because, he has told her things about himself that even Sam doesn't have any idea about.

"Do with what?" he says innocently

"I just - Amal trails off and let's out a sigh instead watching the boy who was staring down at her, his eyes were filled with mischief, can he ever just stop being like that for a second?, no! and she likes him just the way he is.

"Are you okay or not?" Amal booms...her nasty temper isn't helping the situation either.

"Um have you tried of anger management?" Zach states with a smirk making Anal let out a frustrated groan

"You know what?, fine don't tell me anything but just know that I know you are not fine and I just wanted to ask you" Amal rants and all he does is freaking smile

"Why?" he asks making Amal send him a look of disbelief

"What?" she asks

"Why do you want to know?" he asks again

"Because I want to help you" she says

"Why?" he asks making Amal send him a glare

"Is that even a question?" Amal asks sounding taken back by what Zach is asking

"Yes" Zach replies making her scowl

"Fine I just wanted to help you simple" she says with a sigh

"Why?" He asks okay so he is really getting on her last nerve

"Zach" she mutters

"Why?" He says again and suddenly she has found a word she hates...whyyy?

"What?" she says almost yelling

"Just say why?" he pressures her

"Because I love you okay, I fucking love you are you happy now?, is this what you wanted?" Amal rants meanwhile Zach stayed frozen that wasn't what he expected to be honest, sure he is happy that she said it but he didn't do it so she would confess about her love for him, but so that she would stop asking him questions I mean of course he isn't okay, He just found out that he has a long lost sister, also the reality of his mom situation wasn't better either, to find out that his mother had the heart to take care of other kids except him. Because when he needed his mom's love, he got dumped at the airport but instead of even saying anything about his pain, he got a reply from Amal that healed him in matter of seconds.

"No I'm not" Zach says seriously

"W-what?" Amal stammers

"I said no it doesn't make me happy" Zach states making her frown in confusion

"Are you trying to tell me that you don't want to get married to me anymore?, is this some kind of joke?, A dare oh my God how couldn't I see this?" Amal starts to say to herself angrily as her voice began to add in volumes...oh let's hope none of her neighbours calls the police.

"God, Amal would you shut up for a minute?, I meant no because I'm really not happy and that's because I just found out that my mom who walked away from me during not only just the accident and when i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD but also at my dad's burial while I was screaming like a child craving his mother!, she ignored me yet she took two other kids in, I mean is there something actually wrong with me?, I mean just because of me They cut of Camila too, of course I'm not okay about that" Zach yells making Amal watch him with wide eyes because for the first time she didn't fully know What was behind that smile, that was why she panicked and now she feels like a complete fool...literally and basically.

"Zach I'm really sorr-

"Maybe you need to think before you speak" Zach says making her nod

"Right I'm sorry" she apologizes

"Really think before you speak" Zach says again making her scowl because what was his point again?,hasn't she already apologized.

"I get it I said I'm sorry " Amal booms narrowing her eyes at the boy making him to burst out laughing making her frown.

"Why are you laughing?" she asks obviously confused

"Because I'm happy" he says he honestly

"What?" Amal asks in confusion... Maybe this boy really is on crack.

"Because you just finally confessed about your feelings for me" Zach says making Amal's eyes to widen, she really isn't that secretive whenever she is angry, if she is angry she tends to blurt out things because she doesn't do well under pressure.

"Here is a secret, I actually love you too" Zach says his eyes were like fire so hard to look at yet so beautiful.

"Shut up" Amal states with her flushed cheeks before storming back into the living room ignoring the smug smirk her sister threw her way, she knows what her sister wants to say and she doesn't want to her say it so instead she rushes up the stairs.

Meanwhile, Zach let's out another chuckle as he leaned his back against the door he couldn't find it in himself to move away from the spot where Amal had just confessed about her feelings to him just now, he has waited for so long just to hear this exact words and now that he has finally heard it, he really does not know what to do with himself anymore.

"Why are you smiling and all red In the face?" Jamie asks as soon as Amal steps into the room making Amal's cheeks to redden more but then her eyes caught something new making her raise a brow, that was when it seemed like reality finally hit the two as they let go of each others hands, How could she have never seen this coming?, Sam and Jamie HOLDING HANDS which can also be bad because SAM IS HOLDING HIS BEST FRIENDS SISTER'S HANDS AND THEY WERE ALONE IN THE DARK CUDDLING but Amal chooses to act like she didn't see as she didn't say a word but obviously that made them feel even more guilty.

"Um hi Amal, where's Zach?" Sam asks hurriedly making her raise her brow at him, why was he acting weird all of a sudden?

"I think he is outside" she says with a smile

"Oh okay then I will go and talk to him" Sam says before rushing out of the door, She can see Jamie asking her questions with her eyes.

"No I didn't chase Zach away, he just had to go" Amal says and that freaking smile only widens but it never fades away making her best friend stare at her like a scientist observing their experiment.

"Why?,what happened with Zach?" Jamie asks suspiciously making Amal to raise a brow

"Are you going to tell me what happened with Sam?" Amal asks making Jamie's eyes widen dramatically.

"No" Jamie almost shouts

"Then I won't tell you anything but don't worry it wasn't bad" Amal couldn't help but to confess halfway she was just to giddy from the adrenaline from earlier on.

"He would be back?" Jamie asks not wanting her brother to run away too.

" Yeah definitely "Amal says with a grin before laying down next to her best friend,the two started to just talk about life in general, it was now time for Amal to comfort her best friend because the other one was just fine, more than fine actually.


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