I don't want to know what forever looks like

"Everyone has that one thing that drags them down but not everyone has the strength to get back up"

Zach's POV

I closed the door as quietly as I could before I started to make my way inside only to find a body on top of mine out of no where making me freeze, I have been caught, now i have to listen to a lecture about how i should never leave the house without telling them anything...Great!

"Oh my Goodness, Zach please never do that again! I was so worried" Camila warns me making me smile and nod but then the smile slipped of from my face when I saw someone who I looked almost identical too,if not for the difference that my skin was lighter than his also the eyes mine was blue which I had gotten from my mother while his was Hazel but looked kind of green sometimes. He was standing right behind her.

"What is he doing here?" I ask narrowing my eyes at him

"He uh he came here to see you" Camila says carefully as if she waiting for me to react but I just stared at her blankly.

"Well tell him to go back from where he came from because i don't want want to see him" I say to her ignoring the look that appeared on his face.

"Are you still...having symptoms of..." My dad trailed of making me glare at him,if I had laser eyes his face would melt like lava, and I won't still be calming down after that.

"Yes I'm a freaking coco!, crazy!,Unstable! mad! mental!,a psycho!,tell me something I don't already know" I say sarcastically not caring that he flinched back at my bullet like words because the truth always hurt heck, this man hurt me with his lies.

"I didn't say that" My dad defended himself well tried to but I wasn't having it, I knew the story now and I had to hear and learn that story the hard way.

"But you were going to so I helped you, why are you even here?" I say to him making him flinch staring up at me with wide eyes. what?, he isn't so innocent so why should I be nice?

"I told you, I would come back for you" He says with a smile but my frown deepens, this man right here is making Me feel some kind of way.

"Back for me after all this Years, are you actually serious right now?, is this what your soon means?, well then I don't want to know what your forever looks like then" I boom angrily unable to hold it inside any more it hurts, at this point everything hurts, even Hus presence.

"You need to understand son, i needed you to get better which will be good for the business" He says making me roll my eyes, did he not have anything or any other excuse other than business, business this, business that I'm getting sick of it.

"You wanted no one to know about me, I mean just imagine the news that would be everywhere they would be like the son of a world known Entrepreneur is mentally ill, oh the horror!" I say sarcastically, he looks ashamed by my reply

"Zachary Fransisco Perez, you can't talk to me like that I am your father" He says playing the dad card on a son who he ditched, what a life!

"That order would have worked a few years ago but now?, not at all, I mean who ditched, who left and who lied?, You couldn't even call me for years until this year what's your excuse for that one?, is it business?" I trail on maybe just maybe, I also wanted to know why my father lied to me,dumped me and never called back to even check up on me for all this years.

"I-i" he shutters

"You see that's why i'm mad now right?, so Please just go back to your beautiful trophy wife and your freaking mistresses and have a happily ever after, without us your kids in your life! You never needed us anyway" I say tired of this emotional abuse before I started to walk away and towards the staircase.

"Your mom and I are not together anymore" He confesses making me pause my footsteps due to the force that hit me due to his words.

"Well I'm Glad" I say with a bored look on the inside I was feeling some type of way, I mean which kid wants to hear that his or her parents have gotten a divorce?

"Look I just, I know I have wronged you in life but the thing is that I didn't want to send you plane tickets via mail, I just wanted to come over officially and also fulfill my promise I had made to my son" He says with a grin while I just gave him a blank look because that was how I was currently feeling on the inside too, my head was blank waiting for the ink which my brain and heart were still fighting over who would use it on the blank paper,who will use it on me, on my mind.

"Are you really serious right now? after all this time?,you are here now?, I waited for you!, I cried for you ! And now is the time for you?, look I'm not coming with you officially, my life is here and not in France anymore" I say sternly not wanting to drag this on, he flinched at every word I threw at him, good! he deserves to hear it all.

"I didn't come to force you but just to apologize" my dad says before looking at me as if waiting for me to reply but I just stared at him blankly, I watched as my dad let out a sigh before standing up, i watched as he turned around on the heals of his shoes before waking out of the house.

Honestly I wanted nothing more than to run up to him, to hug him,to tell him not to go again but I'm not going to do that not now. I may not be the strongest in the world but at least, I'm trying to stand back on my feet even though I have been dragged through the dirt. I also can't help but to wonder about what he had said a few minutes ago,if my mom had left him then why hasn't she called me since all this time? Or was it also her decision to ditch me too?


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