No relationships for me until am forty

"Reality would ruin your imaginations,so please don't make that your safe place or else you will crash"


Their persons POV

"Yeah Bye Mr kelvin" Zachary says to the weird drama teacher who was actually one of his favorite teacher. Before he walked out of the drama theatre starting to make his way towards the garden, which he and Amal had decided to meet well he is confused on where she would be honestly, still in class or at the garden?

He walked down the hallway he could only hope that she isn't mad at him because he knows he is late, 30 minutes late to be exact but that's not his fault...the teacher had asked him to stay back.

He smiles as he steps into garden only to see no one there making him frown,  he closed the door starting to make his way back towards the next turn leading to science class.

He frowns as he sees the crowd gathered around the science class making his heart drop in panic why? he still has no idea. he unconsciously let's go of his lunch bag before he started rushing forward, pushing the people away not answering them when they say "hey" angrily.

After about a minute he was able to get to the front of the crowd he found a police officer putting the keep out sign circling a pool of blood making him frown.

"Get back" she screams at them but of course no one listens

"What happened here mam?" Zach ask he has no idea about why his heart was beating so fast...fear,sadness, fright,confusion...maybe all at once.

"A hate crime" she states making Zach frown the more his heart skipped another beat.

"A hate crime in school?" he asks in disbelief

"Yes son the students involved are actually above 18" she says wanting everyone to stop asking her questions that was none of their business

"How does that make it a hate crime that should be labeled as a fight" i can't help but to point out the obvious.

"not when the other person didn't touch them well in this case,the girl couldn't hurt them if she tried" the officer says with sad smile and Zach can feel the tension flowing in his blood.

"She?" he asks slowly as if he didn't want to hear it yet he did...and yes curiosity does kill cats.

"Three guys where found jumping a Muslim girl just because I quote 'she looks like a member of ISIS and she deserves to die'" the police officer states making his heart stop,this was what he was scared of hearing yet now that he has heard it now, he felt like all the air got knocked out of him and he just wanted to know how she is.

"Where is she?" He asks almost yelling in panic and guilt...wondering why he couldn't have known that his friend got jumped by a group of guys.

"What?" she asks eyeing the boy for being rude.

"The girl please tell me" he pleaded with his eyes welling up the police woman stared at the boy with wide eyes, the boy looked like he was a minute from having a break down, she couldn't help but to wonder who this girl was to him.

"The police took the boys to the police station turns out they are not even from this school" She says hoping it would make him feel better.

"What?" Zach asks in disbelief

"They are college kids that's why we label it as a hate crime because they came all the way here, just to jump a highschooler and a female for that matter" the police explained but she still could see that he still wasn't satisfied.

"She is in the hospital" she finally says

"Which one?" he asks impatiently

"Who is she too you, is she your girlfriend?" the police asks curiously

"S-she's my sister"the boy says without even thinking the police lady sent him a sad look full of understanding

"Well your sister was taken to the national hospital and we also found her phone" she says handing him Amal's phone which screen had multiple cracks

"Thank you" Zach says to her before running towards the exit as fast as he could ignoring the tears blurring his eyes or this girl he quickly got un-top his power bike, he is so happy that he came with today, putting on his helmet, he sped out of the parking lot allowing his thoughts to run wild while his eyes searched for clues like the name of that hospital.

he quickly parked his bike before running into the hospital like a mad person

"I'm here for Amal" he nearly yells but the receptionist was used to seeing people in this situation to label his yell as rude.

"Amal who?" she asks calmly

"Amal Adnan the police said the ambulance brought her to this hospital this afternoon" he rants

"Who are you?" the receptionist asks squinting her eyes at him daringly

"Her brother" Zach states his tone sounded like poison... as if daring the lady to ask another stupid question.

"Okay she's in room 919 last floor" she finally says

"Thanks" Zach says out of courtesy before running towards the elevator it was empty he presses the top floor button, he couldn't help to listen to that voice in His head telling him that this was his fault, he rushed out of the elevator began to check the room numbers.











Without knocking Zach just pushed the door open which made multiple eyes to fall on the boy who looked like he was a minute from passing out.

"Who are you?" an elderly man asks but Zach can't find the words due to fear not from fear of the old man but from wanting to know how Amal was doing but the man saw the silence as disrespect.

"Son who are you?" he repeated this time louder making Zach to look up then there was a gasp.

"Dad, he is Amal's friend" a familiar voice says making Zach to look up only to see Azad the only person he recognized in the room but that didn't help anything.

"Is she oka-

"Calm down Zachary, she is fine listen" she says to Zach who follows her orders he tried to calm himself that was when everything slowed down inside his head he started hearing it




The sound of the heart monitor...her heart monitor.


"She is alive" he says as if to reassure himself as he concentrated on the sound while his own heart started slowing down suddenly he wasn't choking on fear anymore.


"Yes she is" Azad says with a sad smile her eyes was filled with tears which slid down her cheeks

He finally looked towards the bed around the room noticing how rude he would have looked entering without knocking or greeting anyone, great now he has a bad reputation with the Abnan family.

"Salam(which means peace),I'm so sorry for just entering with out knocking am a friend of Amal's from school just for the news about her now so I came to make sure that she is fine" Zach says shyly but then everyone in the room smiled and said their waalaikum(which means and unto you)

"I understand son, you just scared me" Amal's dad says with a chuckle

"I'm her father and this is her mother" he says pointing at a woman who Amal looked identical to but it was obvious that she was older.

"Salam" Zach says again she sends him a sad smile and replies

"My first daughter Azad" Amals dad says

"Dad we have met! "Azad states making the man raise a brow

"Oh how?" he ask

"video call" she says making her dad's brow to furrow

"Oh I forgot you kids use so much technology this days" he says

"You know him right Abtal?" he asks slowly Abtal sends Zach a small smile

"Of course the one who said he would kidnap my wife" he says with a chuckle making Zach chuckle to they shook hands

"Wow it feels great to know, how much you guys care about me while I am over here dying you are over there doing introductions" a voice says from the bed making Zach's head to snap up to see his friend seating up he dashed towards her side putting the pillow behind her back.

"I'm so sorry, Are you comfortable?" he asks her his eyes wide in panic

"No and no everything hurts"she moans in pain making her friend to frown wishing he could take her pain away

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't there I didn't know "he says guiltily making Amal send him a look that said it is not your fault at all.

"Don't say that It's not your fault it is Billy's fault"Amal says to him a glare

"who is billy?" Zach asked

"The one that hit me" Amal states making Zach frown, he looked like he wanted to find those boys and teach them a lesson.

"But don't worry he didn't get away with it not without...getting a word from me" Amal states with a grin ignoring the pain but Zach could see the struggle.

The two of them started to rant and were getting lost in their own world while the adult stated at them, Azad smiled at the two, their friendship was cute but as soon as she saw the look their dad was giving the two she bit her lip nervously, she pities her sister for the drilling of questions that was coming for her as soon as the boy left and it came just like bullets indeed.

"Is he some sort of secret boyfriend?" Their dad asks making Azad face palm while Amal looked at him with wide eyes.

"Gosh no dad!, he is just my friend" Amal whines hating this conversation already.

"You guys seem to close to be friends" he says making her face palm

"Gosh mom help me here" Amal whines

"If she says they are only friends then maybe that's all they are " Amal's mom Safia states making Amal smile.

"yeah trust me" Amal says with a frown

"Alright but no relationships" her dad says

"okay dad" she says with a sigh

"No relationships until you are 40" he continued making Amal send him a look in disbelief

"What! dad 40? " Amal States in disbelief making her mom and sister to laugh even her brother in law was barely holding his laugh in.

"But sister is married and she is 23 and pregnant now! " Amal rants

"Well you are my last baby you get special treatment" her dad states making Amal pout

"more like punishment" Azad says teasingly

"Azad is making fun of her injured sister" Amal says with disappointment clear in her voice.

"I was only kidding, you know I love you" Azad says with a laugh

"Nah I actually don't" Amal says with a smile

"So about the what happened on school?" Safia asks making Amal"s eyes to widen and Azad could see the fear in her sisters eyes it hurts

"oh calm down Amal"Azad states noticing the way her sister was getting worked up...these bullies must have gotten her hard.

"I am calm" Amal snaps making her sister to give her the look because its now more obvious that she isn't 'calm'

"They have been caught" Abtal says slowly

"I know and it was also labeled as a hate crime because they are not from our school" Amal rants making everyone send her a shocked look they haven't told her anything yet.

"How do y-

"Zach" she state's

"Oh yea, I guess I don't have to talk about it then" Azad says slowly making her sister nod


"So This Zach guy do you guys tell each other everyth-

"urgh dad"Amal says cutting off her dad

"What i'm worried" he says like that reason was enough

"No relationships for me until am forty" Amal declares wanting her dad to stop talking about their relationship.

"Yes, she has accepted it" Amal's dad cheers making roll Amal eyes

"Okay okay you got me" she says with a small smile as she looks around the room to see everyone she loved


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