Forgive and forget

Amal skips around the store giggling and picking out random stuff which her mother just returned back to their locations but Amal always do this, she loves coming out of the house the fresh air, she loved it and she doesn't mind if it's going to the store, she just wanted to be outside just like every kid.

"Amal please stop it!, stop running around "her mother scolds but Amal was running past her again she sighs running after her daughter who was giggling thinking they were playing around but then she bumped into something or making her fall on her but she started to cry loudly, she looked up at the tall woman who was looking down at her instead of picking her up while Amal cried harder as if she wanted someone to tell her sorry for hurting herself, just like every kid did, the woman finally then squatted Down.

"Aww you poor girl, where's your mom? "the woman comes while picking the sobbing girl up

"she's over twere" Amal states while pointing towards the direction a hijab woman was running forward towards them to get her daughter

To her surprise the woman dropped Amal rather harshly to the ground making Amal fall onto her butt before letting out a cry, but it was okay because someone was scooping her,Someone was scooping her up trying to sooth her and that someone was no one but her mother.

"why would you drop her like that,don't you know she could have gotten hurt badly?" her mom says sternly wanting an apology but she got nothing nothing but the opposite

"then she should get hurt, she's a Muslim so one less problem in the world if she's gone"the woman says coldly

"what are you saying?, she's just a kid, how could you say that?"Safia Amal's mom states her accent was strong...Arabian...which means Muslim which means hate to the woman!

"all of you Muslim's deserved to be killed"the woman states

"you're racist" Safia States angrily because what else can she do besides that

"go back to your fucking country" the woman says making Safia frown as anger burned through her veins

"I will not go back to my country,I'm here to stay so is she and we would live here it's a free country" Safia states

"we will kill every single or of you Muslim's" the woman threatens making Safia take a step back in shock

"your racist, I'm recording this I'm taking it to the police" she states showing the woman her recording phone.

"what do you think they are going to do?, they know Muslims deserved to be freaking killed" the woman yells but Amal's mom was walking away trying to ignore the eyes following her as soon as she put Amal into the car before she walked towards the other side getting seated she puts her head against window and sniffles were all one could hear making Amal's eyes widen as she starts thinking to herself that she made her mommy cry.

"mommy, no cry please I'm sorry!" Amal wails making her mom turn towards her eyes red hijab a mess pulling her daughter in for a hug.

"no,no,you didn't make me cry,something got into my eyes,it hurts" her mother sobs along with her daughter

They shared a very emotional moment she wished safia could take her daughter's pain away,she wished people would stop judging her,she meant no harm,her daughter isn't supposed go through this kind of thing,this is supposed to be a free country,she looked down at her daughter who had fallen asleep somewhere between the crying,She gently lied her down on the back seat. She smiled staring at her daughter scared of what was coming, something even her couldn't stop,it was coming,she couldn't protect Amal forever but at least she could try.

"mommy can I go outside?"Amal asks

"why?" Safia asks curiously

"We have new neighbors let's go say hi"

"no" Safia says turning away from her daughter she doesn't want to see her break

"why?" Amal asks with wide eyes

"because I said so, now go to your room" Safia States leaving no room for argument before she spun around to see Amal running up to her room trying hard to hold tears in but she failed,Safia let's out a sigh she had to do it, to keep her daughter from the world,to keep her safe but the main question should be for how long can she keep her away?

"Mom stop hugging her all to your self!" Azad yells pulling her mom out of her train of thoughts she looks up at her daughter who smiles at her before she let's go and watched the two get lost in their own world

"You did it" Azad says making Amal grin

"I did but all thanks to you" Amal states making her sister roll her eyes

"All thanks to me how?, I didn't give you that speech now did I?" Azad states making her sister laugh

"Still you gave me a inspirational one that got me on the stage" Amal states

"Why didn't you tell me that it got that bad?" Azad asks with a frown and automatically Amal knew what her sister was asking about...what she had just spoken about an hour ago on stage, she knew it will freak people out, her confession freaked out not only her family members but at least let's hope that it will teach them a lesson like she intended it to.

"Because I wanted to go through it alone" Amal confessed making her sister let out an angry sigh.

"Like an idiot!,I have told you that regardless of our different blood lines,we are still sisters because I freaking love you" Azad states making her sister laugh

"Don't curse near the kid" a voice says making the both of them to look towards the direction it came from

"Sorry Abtal" Azad states with a guilty smile

"Congratulations sister in law, you had to handle it like a boss" Abtal says making Amal grin while his wife sent him a look of disbelief. Is he seriously supporting Amal facing everything all by herself? Unbelievable!

"Thank you brother in law, I just had to be my own boss and I can only do that on my own" Amal states giving her brother in-law a high five while he tried not make the baby in his arms fall.

"Stop making her feel like she did the right thing" Azad rants only for the two to burst out laughing, she just rolled her eyes at them fondly before allowing her own train of thoughts to go crazy and back to the beginning.

Azad got up from the ground ignoring the pain that shot up her head as she clutched her head, carefully and slowly making her way towards a middle school nearby to pick up her little sister and that was when she noticed that school was empty, Ignoring the pain in her legs and well entire body, she ran forward as soon as she arrived she saw her sister crying making her frown in worry.

"what happened Bee?"she asks worriedly making her baby sister run up to her and hug her, with tears running down her cheeks

"Azad is it true that Muslim's are responsible for people dying?" Amal asks with her big brown innocent eyes that made Azad to flinch

"what who told you that?" Azad asks angry that someone would say such a thing to a kid

"Maxi said that I'm responsible for the Paris blast" Amal explains while playing with her hands

"no you are not, heck Muslim's are not killing anyone you didn't kill anyone!,Islam is a religion of peace,we don't kill we love everyone just like I love you" Azad states sternly pulling her sister trying to soothing her sister whose cries finally turned into sniffles, soon it was all silent.

"Now give me a big smile" Azad cooes at her baby sister making her grin full teeth well not full teeth a few where missing but still she looks so cute.

"yeah that's it now let's go home to mommy and daddy" Azad states with a grin

"I want pizza and ice cream" Amal suddenly says out of the blue making her sister to raise a brow at her.

"okay princess anything you want, just to keep that smile" as she squatted down to give her sister a piggy back ride,she started to run around with her sister on her back,the two of them were laughing in a bubble of happiness but then there was something to ruin happiness and that thing was pain,Azad lets out a yelp tripping over nothing and falling flat on her face, turns out walking after you just got bulldozed by bullies isn't the smartest choice.

"Are you okay?" Azad asks her sister ignoring the pain in her legs.

"Are you okay?" Amal asks without replying making the two of them laugh,they always found peace in one another when the whole world is against them, family doesn't have to be blood, it comes from the heart, And it doesn't matter if your black,white,red hell be a freaking rainbow you can still be family either way and this two girls found that out the hard way.

"Are you crying or is it the hormones?" a familiar voice asks in disbelief pulling Azad out of her thoughts

"Hormones" Azad states wiping at her cheeks

"Nah, you are just proud of me" Amal says with a cocky grin

"That I am!" Azad laughs hugging her sister one more time but then her eyes narrowed as she saw a familiar figure walking up to them

"Um nice speech Amal" A familiar voice states making Amal frown

"um thanks" Amal says slowly

"Can I talk to you?" she asks

"why? so you can tell her to kill herself again?" Azad booms like the over protective sister she is


" Azad it's fine" Amal states wanting her sister to stop being so over protective she is 19 for God's sake.

"But sh-

"Abtal"Amal calls out

"Okay I have got it, lets go and get ice cream" Abtal states griping his wife's arm making her send him a dry look, what is she now a kid?

"But i don't want ice cream!,I want to gorge her eyes out of her skull" Azad screams as her husband tries to drag her along while people stared at her with wide eyes obviously scared,meanwhile, Amal just rolls her eyes with a fond smile.

"Aren't you very specific? should I start hiding our son Ali from his crazy mother?" Abtal tells his wife who sends him a disappointed look

"I hate you" Azad states with scoff

"I love you too" he says before they exit the building

"wow your sister is..."

"The best?, yeah I know,so what did you want to talk to me about?" Amal states cutting her off she wanted this to be done and over with

"I wanted to apologize" the girl next to her says

"It's fine" Amal states with a smile she can't keep on duelling on the past

"Are you serious?, you didn't even let me finish" Anaya states in disbelief

"I know" Amal says

"And" Anaya asks

"it's all forgiven" Amal states making the the girls eyes to widen in excitement

"Thank you so much,you are welcome" Amal states before the girl pulled her in for a hug making her frown but she hugged her back

"Thank you so much for forgiving me" she says before running of to God knows where while Amal let's leans against the wall allowing her thoughts to run wild.

She smiled staring at her daughter scared of what was coming, something even her couldn't stop it was coming she couldn't protect Amal forever but at least she could try.

"mommy can I go outside"Amal asks


"we have new neighbors let's go say hi"



"because I said so now go to your room" mom States making her run up to her room in tears while her sigh sadly she had to do it to save her daughter from the world.

Amal takes a sit on the desk near the window pulling out a book but,her attention wasn't there at all,as she stared out of the window,watching as the new family were busy packing boxes. She noticed that there was dark haired girl who should be around her age,running up and down,she looks happy well there goes her chances of having a friend,this always happens,she let's out a sigh turning away from the window but then she heard it The sound of something that hit her window making her frown she spun around and her eyes Met green, a girl with brown hair staring at her with a big smile while waving at her making her smile and wave back she opened the window,The girl kept on saying something but Amal frowned motioning towards the girl that she was not hearing anything!, the girl pathetically sighed, making Amal laugh the girl closed the window making Amal frown she waited and waited but the girl didn't return making Amal let out a sigh, knowing that the girl wasn't coming back.

"Amal we have guests"Amal can hear her mother yell from downstairs making Amal frown wondering who was visiting them this time?

"I'm coming mom" Amal says starting to make her way downstairs her shoulder slump but as soon as her legs hit the last stair she felt like she was over the moon she smiled big.

"Amal meet new neighbors Jacob and his wife Bailey and their daughter anaya, don't be rude say hi" Amal's mom scolds making Amal eyes widen she was so nervous meeting new people.

"hi "she says shyly

"well hello there miss Amal" jacob says with a easy smile while his wife was running forward making Amal's eyes widen,she took a step backwards, but that didn't stop Anaya's mother from eloping her in for a hug a tight one that left Amal struggling to breath.

"aww she's so cute"bailey cooes making Amal blush

"hey,hi, mom! let go of her,you're choking her" the girl around her age says making Anaya's mom to finally let of of her she can finally breath thank God.

"Hey,sorry about my mom, come let's go play"the dark brown haired girl says with a grin not waiting to hear anything, she was dragging Amal by the hands,and Amal gladly trailed behind her,this time no one was holding and stopping her,well not her mom well not today,

It was the start of something new the start of a beautiful friendship or so she thought.

Amal can forgive but she certainly can't forget no matter how hard she tries.

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