Take Off Your Hijab


"Where is your headscarf?" a voice whispers making Amal jump in fright, slamming her head against the top of her locker but the Adrenaline that was in her blood due to the fear didn't allow her to feel the pain as she quickly turned around creating space between herself and the person whom had scared her.

"Excuse me but who are you?" Amal asks in confusion because why was this boy who has never spoken to her talking to her,and asking the most unexpected question out there.

"I'm Zach,Your headscarf?, where is it?"the dark haired boy who she now knows as 'Zach' asks impatiently making Amal to blink in disbelief because what is even going on?,she wanted to scream but she managed to suppress her emotions and keep them in check.

"It is at home, why?"Amal replies emotionlessly as she turns back to face her locker her hair may actually be open,but she still knew the rule about lowering your gaze with the opposite gender, like they said don't judge a book by its cover,

Maybe that's the quote that is deceiving her, that is pushing for her to change her self and hide herself.

"I think you looked better with it on" Zach says before walking away making Amal blink and stare after the dark haired boy in disbelief isn't this what they wanted for her to take it off?, to look beautiful?, isn't that what her bully's said she should do?, she just wanted to live a peaceful life. She slowly reached for her bag before shaking her head in a no motion,shrugging to herself before she shuts her locker, she isn't going to let this situation spoil her day, yet she couldn't help but to wonder who that boy was?, for who knows he might be one of them, the ones who want to see her death happen before their eyes, because too them she's simply a waste of space...

I know you're are probably getting concerned at the fact that She's able to refer to herself as the same thing as they are so easily, well maybe she had finally hit the wall or maybe she's close to it, she mentally and emotionally bruised up after enduring the same type of words for all this years,she just decided that enough is enough, take off your identity they said, take off your hijab they said, so that's what she decided to do today, but however then this guy supposedly appears out of no where?, like who does he even think he is, is he another part of the plans of those people telling her to take it off, did they want her to start wearing it again so that they can start again?, I know what those people are capable of, they seem to forget that i- Amal aka me I'm just a human too.

What she didn't know was that this boy, is not just any boy, neither is he just one of them but he is someone whom has been giving her his attention ever since they were both in kindergarten.

Don't stay back and wonder how,when,and where instead let's move on to the second chapter!

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