The crazy unwanted child

Stop worrying stop over thinking over things and just go with the flow its better that way

Third persons POV

The next day Amal entered the class only find everyone in the class staring at her like she is some alien,but she isn't going to allow them get to her, her eyes catches his own making his eyes to widen in shock she smiles before walking up to him taken a seat next to him.

"Hey, stop staring at me like that?" She mumbles to him while he just stares at her openly.

"Sorry, I just totally was not expecting this" Zach states disbelief on his face

"Do you like it?" she asks shyly as she plays with her hijab ends

"Yes i do,you like it?" he asks her back because it was her choice her opinion matters the most, nothing changed about her she still looked the same to him,her eyes...where what made her stand out more he recognized her from a distance.

"Love it actually" she says with a grin making him to grin back

"What's that your wearing on your face though?" he couldn't help but ask

"it's a niqab it is also one which we can wear, I don't really like it much though, just wore it so I wouldn't faint under all the whole attention I would be getting for wearing a headscarf today,how did you recognize me though?" she asks

"Through your eyes" he states and she doesn't know how to take that comment,To be honest it almost feels like he knows her way too much than she knows herself.

"Oh well I recognized your face technically xeeva was yelling your name" She says jokingly making him raise a brow

"Oh who is this xeeva?" he asks curiously

"the voice in my head" Amal says without thinking

"You mean you named your conscience xeeva?" He asks in disbelief making her brows to furrow in realization.

"What!,she was the only one talking to me" she says defensively, suddenly it seemed like the two of them where fighting again.

"You know i actually didn't recognize you but then I recognise your arguments you're the only person this dummy would argue with" Sam states making Zach to kick his chair as he was seated in front of Zach

"I am taking this off" Amal mutters to no one in particular as she lifts it up.

"Well that doesn't make any difference to me, you still look the same" Zach says while staring at her face making her cheek burn curse her light skin.

"Oh" she says before turning around she was surprised by a hand turning her back around but it quickly let go a light blinding she so she closed her eyes when she opened it Zach was smirking while waving his phone around making her mouth fall open.

"Did you just take a photo of me?" she asks in disbelief

"Maybe" Zach says smirking whole Amal sends him a death glare

"Delete it" she sneers

"Nope" he says with again

"Let me see it" she begs

"Nope" he replies in a bored tone

"I hate you" she whines

"Nope"he replies again

"Urgh" She States turning to face the board

"Y'all argue like married couple I swear" Sam speaks up

"Shut up" They say in unison,she just allows the mask to cover her face most especially her blush again making Zach smirk, he placed his phone on countdown 5-0 as before placing it on her desk as soon as Amal looks down the flash goes off her, she looks at him with wide eyes as he quickly grabs his phone saving it to his cloud account he doesn't want to lose it. She just glares at him harder as she takes of her Niqab living only her hijab on, she watched him like a hawk.

*****while on the other side of town after a few hours****

"Grandma"Zach yells as soon as he steps into the house slamming the door shut

"Would you stop yelling?, i'm on the couch!" His grandma states making him walk into the living room, he send her a sheepish smile before laying his head on her lap grinning up at her

"What's going on?" she asks worriedly

"I got pictures" he says like it is the best archivement on earth.

"Pictures of who!" She asks

"Amal" he says to her she smiles this is the 3rd time he has spoken about Amal and the last two he sounded more happier than the last but from the second talk she was told that they had started to get Along a whole lot but the third is just now and it is the pictures.

"Oh" she says as she stares at her grandson who was just smiling he strolled through his gallery before he opened them handing the phone to his grandma.

"I heard my future sister in laws name" Camila yells running down the stairs making her brother to roll his eyes

"She is j-

"Just a friend I get it anyways, let me see" Camila says making her brother roll his eyes before point at the phone in his grandma hang

"Ooo she is so pretty even her head scarf is gorgeous" Camila states as she stares down at the girl who was looking down with a shy smile.

"Yeah,she is a beautiful girl" His grandma says making him grin

"Haha Well she is Amal slide there's another" He says enthusiastically

"Wow another, wow Romeo! you just can't stop taking pictures of her,can't you?" Camila teases making him scowl

"Grandma" he states

"He said she is just his friend,stop messing with him Camila" His grandma says to his sister who rolls her eyes

"Fine,what's the name of this one it looks like something I can get for myself for fashion purpose?" Camila asks pointing at the picture which Amal had let down her niqab to cover her face from Zach's phone.

"She said it's called a niqab, she wore it just because she was to shy to walk to class with her hijab on" Zach starts to rant making his grandma and sister look at one another before nodding

"I want to wear it for fashion, can you bring her over please?" Camila pleads but her brother shakes his head in a no motion making her roll her eyes

"Smh you are no fun anyways dad called earlier on" Camila states making Zach smile fade

"What?" he asks again just to be clear, he wanted to be sure he heard it right?

"Yeah, he wanted to talk to you but you were not around so I told him the truth they said you are ignoring their calls again" Camila says while staring up at her brother whose face showed no emotion at all.

"What if I don't want to talk to them anymore?" Zach states lowly he was on a thin rope...from mode.

"You can't just cut him off Zachary, he is your father" Camila yells at her little brother she wanted them to move on and heal but Zach was stuck and hurting still.

"Why don't just you move back in with them? or better off get married to your fiancé and leave me alone here like they did, because i'm the crazy unwanted child" Zach yells in anger making his sisters eyes to widen in disbelief she has seen that look in his eyes...that was a few years ago and now its back?

"I thought you were over this" she mumbles to herself worry clear in her eyes, she can't believe she had triggered it again.

"Over what?, the fact they literally threw me out of their house and told me to move back here, to live with grandma because I am apparently insane, no! I'm not and it's not even my fault that i'm like this, it's not my fault" Zach sobs to himself as he had backed himself into a corner as he could feel all the pain from the past spreading through his blood like a disease and this disease was caused by no one but his parents.


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