And then he lied to me

"If you may have gotten hurt in the past,please dont allow that to keep you away from your future which might be with happiness"

Third persons POV

"Does Sam know about this?" Amal asks softly

"No" Zach states

"Then why are telling me when you barely know me" she asks him obviously confused and to be honest she isn't the only one to be honest.

"I just... I feel like I can trust you" he says while looking up at her but she looked away because his eyes, They was so intense and blue she would have began to drown if she hadn't looked away And she thanks God for that rule about lowering your gaze already existed.

"Oh what happened when you woke up for the second time?" she asks wanting him to look away she hates having eyes on her studying her like science experiment.

"My parents were there, so was my sister and grandma I allowed my sister and grandma to hug me but I refused my mom and dad told the doctor I didn't want to see them" Zach trails of a while Amal just patiently waits for him to go on.

"My sister told me that Omar my brother barely made it to the hospital before he had passed away and that I was lucky that I was pulled out of the car before it exploded due to fire" Zach States the pain clear in his voice Amal heart shatters to pieces.

"Innalilahi was INA ilahi rajihun" Amal mutters to herself but I heard Zach raise a brow

"Ina-What did you just speak?" Zach asks curiously he is multi lingual yet he still hasn't ever heard that language before in his life.

"My language...kinda" she says shyly

"Oh what's the meaning of it?" he asks curiously

"We shall surely belong to God and to him we shall return" she replies ever so easily making Zach frown trying to make sense of what she had just said.

"Oh, you really believe that there is someone or something out there?" he asks with a frown as he looked up at the sky nothing about what she said made any sense.

"Yes I believe that the creator of the world and the universe is somewhere up there" Amal says with a smile as she stares up at the sky which was shinning bright like a diamond.

"But you have never seen him or her or it,so how can you be so sure?" Zach asks

he doesn't mean to be rude but it's not his fault that he was raised to think that everything in the world came from science and nature not from another being out there.

"You don't have to see him but you can see the signs in the moon and the stars in the earth and beyond and in the...i'm sorry I sometimes forget that you are an atheist" Amal States but then purses her speech as she sees the way he was staring up at her like he was a child learning about something new.

"Just because am an Atheist doesn't mean that I will condemn what you believe in Amal" Zach says making Amal smile in appreciation, it has been a while that someone her age who is not a Muslim has gotten close to her, she has never met an atheist in her life so this is definitely a new experience for not just her but him too.

"When did all this happen to you?" She asks curiously

"In January 2017 in France" Zach says match Amal face palm

"Wow,that means you missed a whole drama but I thought you said you lived here all your life" Amal says happily while Zach stared at her confused

"Yes I did miss not only a whole semester but I missed missed the whole year and half but I did say we travel on vacations well,we will get there,you will understand better but yes we actually did move away because my dad had gotten us a house there due his firm expanding all the way to France from here,but I didn't stay for long I came back as quickly as left" Zachary rants making Amal nod in understanding.

"Oh right" Amal says sheepishly

"The hospital I was in declared that I had PTSD and bipolar disorder since I was so unstable since my little brother's death" Zach starts to say but he got cut off

"What is that? I know what bipolar disorder is but what is PTSD?" Amal asks curiously not knowing that she made a mistake

"It is um ...

"Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a trauma and stress related disorder that may develop after exposure to an event or ordeal in which death, severe physical harm or violence occurred or was threatened" the psychiatrist says

"What my son is not insane"my dad yells making the psychiatrist brows furrows at the choice of words of Zach's father about his own son.

"I never said he was i said he has Bipolar disorder and PTSD which can be treated I have been observing him for a while now and I have gotten feedbacks that he has exhibiting their signs like Having bad dreams, or distressing memories about the event,abnormal mood swings,Behaving or feeling as if the event were actually happening all over again (known as flashbacks)

Dissociative reactions or loss of awareness of present surroundings

Having a lot of emotional feelings when reminded of the event

Having a lot of physical sensations when reminded of the event (heart pounds or misses a beat, sweating, difficulty breathing, feeling faint, feeling a loss of control)

Having bad dreams, or distressing memories about the event

Behaving or feeling as if the event were actually happening all over again (known as flashbacks)

Dissociative reactions or loss of awareness of present surroundings

Having a lot of emotional feelings when reminded of the event

Having a lot of physical sensations when reminded of the event (heart pounds or misses a beat, sweating, difficulty breathing, feeling faint, feeling a loss of control "she says making Zach's parents to stare at her with wide eyes as if they had no idea but They really didn't, they weren't there when Zach screams,they never heard the cries,they never heard him holding his own breath,they have never seen Zach hallucinating only his sister has the reason Zach hasn't refused the claim is because he was aware of it all.

"Symptoms related to avoidance of reminders of the traumatic event:

Avoiding thoughts, conversations, or feelings about the event

Avoiding people, activities, or places associated with the event" the psychiatrist concluded making everyone freeze that was exactly what Zach was doing he was ignoring his parents also he refused to talk about it to anyone,he choose to ignore the questions"

"Does this mean that he is like having like schizophrenia now" Liza asks making the psychiatrist roll her eyes what is wrong with this people taking everything to the extreme.

"You need to know that this doesn't mean he is mentally disabled,he is just have having post traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder but he can heal,he just needs a psychiatrist and all the love he can get from his family also avoid making him angry he is currently emotionally and psychologically unstable" she explained like i was not in the room,I looked up at her she gave me a smile it wasn't plastic or full of pity it was full of understanding

"Hi i'm Dr James" she says to me

"Zachary" I muttered back deciding that I like her"

"Wow" Amal says with wide eyes making Zach let out a chuckle

"I know right" he says with a smile

"And then what happened?" she asks curiously

"Therapy Was going so well but that day my dad returned..."

" Go pack your bags you are going to stay with your grandma"

"Grandma? I thought you said this is our new home, what about miss James and my therapy is this because of my diagnosis,dad I'm not insane I'm still the same person still your son am getting better I promise" "Zach rants in disbelief he really likes it there ye also wanted to get better because he knew that his brother would want him too.

"Go pack you are going to stay with your grandma" Dad states sternly making me sigh I went up stairs packed my boxes dragging them down stairs with me

"To the car" his dad says before putting the phone hack on his ear as if he wants me to just disappear and wow don't I feel the love.

"Okay" I say as I watched him drag my boxes away I walked behind him getting to the seat of his new jeep allowing myself to stare out of the window watching the people am still not very comfortable in their presence but am learning to endure just like Mrs James had taught me.

Dad packed in front of the airport grabbing my hand he pulled me along ignoring my recent anti-touch tendency I closed my eyes tightly trying to push away the memories his touch brought to me i tried to push away that beast inside of me that wanted me to hit him and run away because he touched me.

"Go over there and give her this plane ticket" dad says pointing towards a line making me frown

"Aren't you coming back with me too" I ask curiously

"Yes but not now I will come and get you soon"he says waving me off and even though my face had no emotion on it on the inside I was happy that they weren't going to Ditch me.

"Okay" I say to him before going over to show the ticket I settled in allowing sleep to carry me after what looked like seconds I was being shaken awake by one of the air hostesses who wasn't that young but her smile was nice.

"Hey honey the plane has landed" she says with a smile I gave her one back before rushing down the stairs happily I get to see my grandma again what surprised me was my sister and grandma holding up a sigh to embarrass me it only made me happier I ran up to them.

"Well you took your sweet time didn't you?" Camila says making me roll my eyes at her as I hugged them both tightly I missed them.

"Sorry I fell asleep"I say with a faint smile

"How was the trip"Grandma asks

"It was okay I guess I was sleeping all the way"I say making her smile

"let's go home"she says making me frown

"Home where"I asks in confusion

"A new house daddy Bought all for you" Camila says with a grin

"what?" I ask in disbelief

"Yes,you lucky Ass got a house at 16 all he got for me at sixteen was a car" she rants was that supposed to make me feel better the house I doesn't make up for him sending me away.

" I don't have a car" I say making her grin

"I guess we don't get what we want do we?" she says making me roll my eyes

"Okay kids Let's go home" grandma states not wanting the two to start world war two"they all got into Camilla's car speeding away to my house.

"I had no idea that my dad's promise was a lie,he never did come to get me, he never picked up my calls ever since then I began to understand that it was because of my disorders. They simply thought I was crazy and that would create a bad reputation for him in the business world. My mom to, she did the same to me, left me, never contacted me so i learned to live with the only family i have got left,the only family that didn't judge me and accepted me just the way I am, the only family who didn't want to ditch me,I learned to live with only my grandma and my sister"Zach says kicking at the stones with his feet, not wanting to meet her eyes, he didn't want to show his emotions or look weak in front of his new friend.

"Wow i'm sorry you had to go through that at such a young age"Amal states softly honestly she didn't know what to say this whole information was heavy.

"I was 15 or 16 I think I wasn't that young that's why whenever I see you hurting I just know, that's because I have been through it myself" Zach confesses making Amal's chest to constrict, and that made her feel a faint pain.

"I'm also sorry for thinking that you were around when that happened to me" Amal apologized making Zach frown in confusion

"What happened to you?" Zach asked in confusion

"The first day I wore my hijab..." She starts to explain


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