It's too late to make amends

"No matter where I go, I'm always gonna want you back

No matter how long you're gone, I'm always gonna want you back"

Third persons POV

Amal frowns as she feels someone shaking her hard, she wants to shove them and tell them that how would they feel if she shook them like soda and freaking pops them, and who knows she might just pop them back right where it Hurts.

"Leave me alone, if you don't want to die jamie!" Amal threatens with her still eyes shut close trying to fall back at sleep in peace.

"Mommm,she says I sh ould leave her if I don't want to die,and I don't want to dieeee"a tiny voice whimpers voice full of fright making Amal to jump in confusion.. Mom? Is it one of her shawarma babies?

"Mom?" Amal mutters sitting up she knows she is not a mother whose kid is that...'did those Shawarma come to life?'thinks to herself with wide eyes...why does that actually make sense to her?

it's official...she has lost it.

"Amal you can't threaten your own nephew,what is wrong with you?" A familiar voice scolding her making Amal eyes to snap open, reality decided to give her a hot slap at that very moment, her vision cleared out.

"Azad you are here" Amal States in disbelief as she stares at her sister who sends her a grin.

"yes honey it is I"Azad states dramatically making her Sister roll her eyes at her but Amal still elopes her sister into a tight hug.

"When did you arrive?" Amal asks in confusion didn't they just talk on the phone a day ago?

"Three days ago" Azad says and her sister sends her a look of is that even possible if she told her that she was in London the day before...maybe it's the sleep but everything is still not making any sense to her at this very moment.

"What?, three?, here I thought you said you were in London and you also asked me if I wanted me to come and visit you and I said I wanted to go see mom first?" Amal rants she was really lost

"well...I lied...I was actually staying at one guest house with Abtal here in America but then he received an emergency phone call and then he had to go and I had to come home" Azad says with a guilty was hiding something...but Amal being Amal missed it.

"Was mom aware?"Amal asks curiously her sister nods.

"Of course,we just didn't want to stress her out much I mean...Abtal doesn't feel so comfortable staying here, he feels like he is stressing my family out"Azad rants making her sister roll her eye's

"Oh nonsense"Amal states with an eye roll her brother in-law is always trying to impress everyone to hard.

"That was what mom said but he refused so instead we came to visit everyday"Azad explains and Amal nods in understanding

"Where is my sweetheart?"Amal asks not seeing the little one who ran away due to the threat from earlier on.

"Here" Azad says pointing at the boy hiding behind her legs who was peaking at his favorite and only aunt.

"Ali,I'm so sorry,come to me"Amal cooes at the boy who was peeking at her

"I'm sorry okay,I was scared"Amal Cooes making the boy frown he looked caught up in a dilemma...whether he should go or not he looked up at his mother for guidance.

"Well she did apologize, she only said that because she thought you were the boogie man"Azad says to boy whose eyes widened in understanding and fear he runs and hugs his aunt tight.

"I will save you from the boogy man" Ali says making Amal and Azad to say aww the boy is just to cute.

"What about her?"Amal asks curiously

"Who?"Azad asks in confusion

"The one who also stole my heart my Gem" Amal asks while touching her chest dramatically

"she is with Jamie" Azad states making me grumble

"I want to hold my niece now" Amal whines jokingly

"Come downstairs and just to be clear cover your hair" Azad says making Amal raise a brow

"Why?,is there a guest down there?"Amal asks her sister curiously while her sister just shrugged in reply

"You will see why" Azad states with a smirk before walking out of the room making Amal frown and shrug before she made her way into the bathroom to finish her hygiene, as soon as she walked put of the bathroom she rushed to her mirror chair to rub lotion as fast as she could because well she is hungry,why did she go to sleep without eating?she should have told her mom she thinks to herself as she opens her closet to be surprised to find a new dress laying in is beautiful and just wow Amal squeals to herself.

She quickly dresses up wraps her headscarf around her head putting all the pins in before she started to run down the stairs practically skipping

"Salammualaikum and good morning everyone I am starving like seriously intensified "Amal says taking a seat where she could see a bowl of spaghetti laying for her, all she could hear was their replies but she paid absolutely no mind to them..what?, Don't look at her like that,she is hungry and that spaghetti in front of her looks like the next baby she is going to literally.

"You aren't wearing your dress" Azad asks with wide eyes as she stared at the girl in a sweatpants and sweatshirt who was supposed to be wearing a beautiful dress which she bought yesterday just for her sister.

"Because" Amal states like it was a good reply making her sister to roll her eyes while Amal ignored her as she occupied her mind with the food right in front of her

"It's actually a good afternoon" A voice says making Amal to roll her like wont they even let her eat in peace, she raises her head to rant about how they never leave her alone but then, her eyes fell unto those blue eyes she knew so well a voice, she haven't heard that voice ever since forever.

"Zach" Amal almost yells while blinking in disbelief was this even real?,was the blue eyed boy really seating a few seats away from her?, was she hallucinating now?, what's next...screaming that should be off the list soon.

"Nice to see you again Amal" He says with a smile as he rest his head on his hands while staring up at her, it feels like deja vu again except this time they were both...older and no he didn't call back but he actually came back.


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