Some opinions belong in the recycle bin

Zach's POV

"Stop trying to stereotype everyone because then you are only backing them into a corner

full of lies and deceit"

Amal stands up abruptly making me frown in confusion as I stare at her,watching her every movement,not because I was scared of her but because I am curious about the girl,  heck I always have been!

"Miss Adnan where are you going?" Mr hart tries to ask but Amal just rushes out making him to blink in disbelief because, the girl was always so humble and not troublesome but right now she was rude as heck.

Zach watched as Kylie and Ayana gave each other hi fives making him frown, of course they had something to do with it!, Zach wanted nothing than to threaten them until they confess but he can't, his mom only taught him how to be a gentleman... well...actually his Grandma did.

Before Mr hart could say another word the bell went off making Zach let out a sigh in relief at least she wouldn't be getting into trouble now, the teacher and students rushed towards the door while he stayed back, and walked towards Amal's table instead, where a book laid and a wrinkled paper laid on the table so he picked it up and he couldn't help but to read the note.

"Why don't you just do the world a favour kill yourself just like how your religion is killing innocent people around the world"

I frown anyone who can tell another person to kill his or herself?, he or she is not a human but a monster and what we humans fail to realise is that many of us in the reality of today are falling into that category due to our humanity regressing.

If she kills herself, what would they gain? absolutely nothing!, yet they still encourage their own classmates to do it,they most certainly don't follow the saying of their lord whichever one in which they serve.

I couldn't stop myself from getting lost in another debate with myself lost inside my own head and thoughts, I don't believe the stereotype that everyone has been giving the Muslim people in general mainly the one about them being terrorists, i mean what if for example i pick up a gun now and kill people right now wouldn't that make me a terrorist too?, i mean do this people even know the meaning of the word they love to use so much?, I think to myself as I threw the scrunched up paper into the Recycle bin which is where all stupid opinions belong.

"Hey man!,you coming?" Sam peaks at his friend who was still inside the empty classroom

"Yeah yeah!,I'm coming!" i says while slipping Amal's notebook into my backpack before catching up with my friend,we both started to make our way to the cafe we grabbed our tray and joined the long line of hungry teenagers.

"Hey, can you get me food, you know what I always get right?"i ask out of the blue

"Yeah, sure" Sam states raising a brow at me but i ignored it and handed him my tray and a note from my pocket without checking, I started to walk away.

But what he didn't know was that, i had seen Kendall and Ayana and their group standing over Amal's table again, while the girl looked like she rather be anywhere else than in their presence, I guess this is where I come in.

"So, what are we talking about?" i ask as i take a seat on the table before reaching towards Amal's food and grabbed the first thing in her hand before taking a bite out of it, making everyone stare at me in disbelief even Amal had her mouth opened in shock and disbelief well to them i'm eating the food of an 'ISIS member' so I guess that's why they are staring but Amal no,not her!, i just ate her lunch, ops.

"What are you staring at?" i ask innocently as I pretended to just notice their stares until now.

"That was MY SHAWARMA!" Amal states disbelief clear in her voice,well isn't she possessive?

"Ops Sorry dear but it is now in my stomach now...hey, are you guys just gonna stand and stare like the weirdos you are or are you guys going to walk away before lunch time runs out?" i ask making the group glare at me before they walked away well finally those eyes are gone but then I still can feel one more glaring at the side of my face.

"What?" i ask keeping my face straight...well trying too,the expression on her face though,I wanted nothing more than to laugh at it but I know that wouldn't help matters for me especially.

"That was MY SHAWARMA,MINE" She states again in disbelief and anger while I struggled to keep a serious face as amusement hit me light a train.

"Oh trust me,I knew that!" I say as i stare at her in amusement as she looked like she was trying so hard to not get angry but, she was at the brink of it already.

"Why are you even here?" Amal asks angrily yet i could see the confusion and questions in her eyes

"It was honestly more delicious than I had expected" i state with a smug smirk Ignoring her question and i could have sworn that a bomb went off inside her head.

"Well thanks to you now, I won't be able to taste it jerk!" she screams making me stare at her with an amused smile before grabbing her hand,ignoring her protest with words telling me to let go of hands, While saying something along the lines of harem or something like that, whatever that means. it's not like I wanted to hold her hands usually, any kind of bodily contact I can't stand but I just wanted to put her snack or food back from where i had taken it from, so I let go immediately to keep her from bursting another blood vessel in her head due to her love for her shawerma.

She stares at me in disbelief as she stared down at her half eaten food,i quickly stood up to run away now very aware that I had really angered a girl with a traditional food fetish, My eyes searched for Sam until they finally found him, he was seated a few tables away from Amal's table making me to stand up, i need to get away from the angry girl who was about to explode, I really need to get away even if it is just a table away from here,so I stood up sharply while avoiding to glance at her and made my way over to where my friend was seated, but I could still feel it following me, like a shadow making me look back, it was her stare, i sent her a smug smirk before looking away and taking a seat next to my best friend.

"What was that all about?" Sam asks curiously

"Nothing really" I say with a shrug before dragging my tray closer to me and i almost choked on the Apple, i was eating when Sam rolls his eyes knowing that I wasn't going to tell him anything more, I guess I enjoy making people mad at me.

"Thanks for getting me the food dear" I say teasingly making Sam to scowl

"Aren't you going to say you are welcome?" i ask I knew that I was playing with fire but I just can't help it,it was so hilarious.

"Just know that i'm keeping the change from the 50 dollars you gave me" he States making me to burst out laughing that proves just how mad he was, that I'm ignoring his question, I'm sure that Amal was also mad over the same thing, oh and also because of her shawarma too but still, the thing is that I can't tell Sam what that was all about because I don't know what I was doing there in the first place.


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