He is not coming back

When you walk away

Cut me open, take my heart

So we'll never be apart

Don't you let it go to waste"

Third person's POV

Amal let's out a sigh as she closes her books, who knew that finals wouldn't be as easy as it looks well technically ever since she got grounded, she has been trying to make it up to her parents too, also She barely sees the guys anymore in school because of the exams and at home because well she doesn't want to make her parents mad but also Zach couldn't even call her to say hi like usually did, he was going through one of his episodes well that was what Sam had told her when she called to check on Zach and how he was doing?, from what Zach once told her his episodes last for a while, sometimes a few days sometimes a week, she still does this everyday call to ask him if he is fine, she knows that he has a life but she is sorry that she is feeling like that, she just hates the feeling like She is alone, like literally back to being all alone.

"Hi" a familiar voice says making Amal's head to snap up only for her to see Anaya making her frown she nods

"How are you doing?, how is your wrist?" Anaya asks sounding concerned but Amal sent her a suspicious look as she wondered what her plans where.

"Are you here to make fun of me?" Amal asks craning her neck at her suspiciously making the girl flinch

"What do you mean?" Anaya asks sounding innocent nah Amal is not buying that act

"I don't want to kill myself" Amal states making the girl flinch like the words felt like a knife

"But I-

"Please leave,I really don't appreciate your comments about my religion too heck, I don't even appreciate your newly found love either" Amal states rudely she is really frustrated already, she doesn't need this girl standing in her way,no matter how hurt she might look, she is too fake.

"But I'm so sorry"Anaya states making Amal roll her eyes

"Is sorry going to fix my heart?, or fix my broken esteem?" Amal asks making Anaya to stare at her with wide eyes her mouth falls open as if in shock,she really was in shock that Amal was standing up for herself and also the question Amal asked had her, she was wondering about how bad the damage she had caused just with her words might have been.

"Look I really got to go, I got math's exam in like 10 minutes so I guess you can have the table to yourself, "miss everyone is too lame for me" Amal states the more she speaks the more angrier and frustrated she gets, The exam was making her anxious and Anaya's face and presence wasn't really helping the situation to be honest, Zach on his phase of " I don't want anyone close to me" and her feeling alone, anaya's presence really isn't helping, although she isn't blaming Zach for this, she knows that he can't help it, he can't help the mood swings, he can't help his strange behaviors,he can't help his disorder, he can't help his depressive episodes, he can't help the fact that drugs can only do so little, he can't help the fact that it has no cure and lastly he can't being himself and to be honest she doesn't want him to change, she likes him just the way he is, and she isn't going to allow the fact that he has a mental disorder get in between their friendship, she won't abandon him like half of his family members did.

"Look i'm sorry,I stopped taking to the others after the incident, because I'm sorry for everything and right now I'm really not your enemy remember,I was the one who called the police and I also don't like the idea that you didn't press charges even though they deserv-"Anaya tries to say but she got cut off

"No i'm sorry for even becoming your friend when you didn't deserve me, no friend deserved what you put me through,you knew my weak point so you aimed at it harder with your crew then you have the nerve to come and play hero and save me, when it was your cousin and his friends that was hitting me and it is your fault that i went through all of that all alone and do you know what you did?, do you know what it cost me apart from the hospital bills?, I had a fucking broken wrist and a broken heart,life and everything and just when I thought I can heal just when i'm trying pull the strings of my life back together,you are trying to crawl back into it to ruin it again" Amal yells angrily making Anaya take a few steps back in fright because she has never seen Amal mad and it wasn't a pretty sight to be honest while this argument had unknowingly dragged attention of others, they stared at the two as if they were waiting for them to fight.

"I'm sorry" Anaya says softly

"Maybe, sorry is not good enough, I mean it has been three year's ever since it started, so hold your apology because i'm done being the lonely victim, just because you want to gain everyone approval " Amal states ignoring the crowd and their eyes as she starts to walk out of the library and towards her examination hall.

She can't wait for everything to be done and over with, even though her grades were falling behind due to her being in the hospital and missing some of the exams, she just couldn't wait until she could leave the hell hole called highschool.

"Daddy,mommy i'm back...Zach?" Amal starts to say excitedly before trailing off as her eyes catches those familiar eyes she knew so well.

"Why is he here?" Amal asks confused

"To apologize" Zach states making Amal to frown, okay so he is finally done staying away then. She doesn't need him to apologize, the day they became friends, the sacrifice was made and acceptance was the key to their friendship.

"Apologize about what?" Amal asks in confusion

"Me and you staying out late, I told them nothing happened between us and that I would prefer to come over to yours from now on to avoid suspicions" Zach says innocently making Amal narrow her eyes at him wondering what his plan was this time.

"Can we talk for a moment?" Amal says with a fake smile

"I actually just came to say hi so I should just get going" Zach says getting of the couch while Amal shot him a glare

"You can't just fudging leave!, we have to talk!" Amal says through her clenched teeth wanting to get her point a crossed with that fake smile that looked so wrong on her face well to Zach anyway.

"Can we talk for a moment?" Amal says with a glare making the boy to nod

"You can't just disappear for weeks, rejecting my calls and then suddenly you come to my house like nothing happened, I was worried about you, like I know it is hard dealing with your episodes but I was just worried, I don't care if you would be rude to me just answer the fucking phone next time I freaking call you, episode or not" she whisper yelled as soon as they stepped into the kitchen while Zach stares at her with an amused smile...was he really a sadist?

"Stop smiling at me" she yells to the boy who smiles wider, God why did she have to be a magnet to weirdos?, maybe because she too is a weirdo.

"Why do my smiles affect you?" he asks leaning closer to her making her eyes widen in panic as she watched his every movement as he leans closer to her making her close her eyes in fright but Zach just reached above her head to pick up a glass of juice that was laying on top of the fridge, she finally opened her eyes and stares at him like he has lost his mind.

"This is actually mine and besides any contact with you is haram to you,I respect your beliefs sweetheart, are you scared?" Zach says mockingly making Amal scowl her cheeks did redden at the nickname

"Would you stop behaving like this? and just be serious for a minute, I mean just the other day you said you l-" Amal starts to rant but Zach decides to cut her off, this is one of the signs, after an episode, Zach becomes overly excited and full of energy, he can talk about the wall as if it was the most exciting thing on earth, and she honestly loves that side about him too.

"Love you?" Zach asks with an amused smile making Amal's cheeks to redden...Gosh doesn't he know when to stop? Like right now.

"Yeah was it just a joke or..." she asks curiously but trails off not know what to say anymore

"What do you think?" Zach ask her with a smirk gosh, Amal just wants the ground to open up and swallow her up.

"I uh" Amal starts to say but she gets cut of by the sound of Zach's phone ringing he sends her an apologetic smile before picking up the call, but not moving an inch away from her which shows her that he trusts her, and that kind gesture warmed her heart. He didn't feel the need to walk away from her when he was on a call.

"Hello" he says with a cherry smile but it fades away making Amal to frown in worry

"Okay okay"he says sounding breathless

"I will be right there" he says before hanging up Amal looks at him expectantly, he let's out a deep breath before opening his now red eyes making Amal to become more worried, because he looked like the tears were about to break loose any moment from now.

"It's my dad" Zach states making Amal frown

"Is he here in America again?" she asks curiously she really didn't want Zach to become sad due to the history between him and his dad but after all of it he is still his dad...the love can't just vanish so instead it turned into pain.

"R-right now I wish it was that but no, he is in the hospital currently in the state of comma due to a blood cell that exploded inside his head, I gotta go" Zach says his voice cracking as he wiped at his eyes not wanting the tears to escape not wanting to look weak before his friend, but Amal had already seen through his wall as he finally showing his pain for the second time ever, since they met he was taking off his mask, showing her that he wasn't the perfect human and that thought alone was making Amal's heart to shatter into itty bits.

No matter how much he says like he doesn't care about his parents...he lied!,

they are his parents of course he cares, he cares so damn much about them, he also cares about his family as a whole.

the " I don't care phase" was just protect himself and Amal now sees the truth it was in His eyes.

"Go" Amal says without wasting a second as she watched the tears that had started running down the boys cheek, she isn't going to hold him back from healing and that was the last push he needed because he rushed past her, she closed her eyes as she heard the sound of the door slamming shut loudly making her let out a sad sigh.

"Amal just because you got grounded because of him doesn't mean you should just kick the poor boy out he apologized" Her mom scolded her making her frown

"I didn't kick him out he had to go" she stated making her mom frown in confusion

"Go to where?" her mom asks not trusting her daughter as she knew that Amal won't actually throw him out like that but Amal will still try because she is just weird like that...

"France, his dad is in a coma" Amal states her voice cracking, trying hard to keep her own pain at bay, she doesn't even know who this man was but, what she knows is that Zach looked only a second away from breaking like a freaking priceless China plate and she really hates to see that side of him that is so weak yet so beautiful, it makes you want to fall in love with him in an instant.

"Subhanalah (what Allah wanted has happened) I hope he gets better,honey are you crying?, he will get well soon InshaAllah(by God's grace) and Zach will be back" her mom states as she pulls her daughter in for a hug wiping at her cheek but Amal tears just ran fan her face faster as her chest and throat constricts further.

"He is...he is not coming back" Amal wanted to yell out loud to her mother,She wanted to tell her mom that what scared her was what his eyes told her, his eyes that he wasn't going to come back, His eyes told her that this could mean goodbye forever but then his eyes also pleaded for her to tell him to stay, to force him to stay but she muttered go, because she wasn't about to be selfish, she really wasn't going to stop the boy from going and healing too, so she told him to go before he breaks further, As he put that quote about boys not crying to shame because now she knows that Zach cries, and he only does that because he is human and she loves just how real he is.


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