Take Off Your Hijab


88.39k words

48 chapters



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Almost everyone wants her to take of her "Hijab" because according to them, she looked like a member of "ISIS" and Maybe just maybe, she might take it off but then again he doesn't want her too!, and No he is not from the same faith as her and neither is he prince charming!, but he just doesn't want her to ever lose her real identity all in the name of fitting in...



ana aimi

Interesting story 🥰

2021/12/19 Reply

Nada Amgad

the story is nice, I loved it ❤❤

2021/11/21 Reply

Ulmas2 Ibragimov

nice reading this book and

2021/8/10 Reply

Ulmas1 Ibragimov

nice to have chance to read this

2021/8/10 Reply

Ulmas Ibragimov

good book

2021/8/9 Reply

Andleeb Zehra

Love it

2021/6/13 Reply

Aminu Aminat

the stories are lovely. currently reading not fit for you.

2021/5/20 Reply


From the very first lines, this story is really good, as it is the content. I think the author needs to work in her use of capital letters, commas and periods. These things would stop the picky readers like me any other day, but even taking this into account I suggest to give "Take Off Your Hijab" a chance.

2021/1/20 Reply