Proposal rejected

"Said you want me out of your life so I'm just a dead man waking tonight"

Third person's POV

"Nice to see you again, Amal" He says with a smile as he rest his head on his hands while staring up at her it feels like deja vu again except this time they were both...older and no he didn't call back but he actually came back.

"What are you doing here?"Amal asks going straight to the point no smile on her face

"Excuse me?" Zach asks in disbelief... He wasn't expecting a hug but he also wasn't expecting her anger.

"Get out!" Amal states making everyone in the rooms eyes to widen, while Zach stared at her not making any move to show that he was leaving the house making her stare at him with a glare while the others watched the both of them wearily, scared that the two would go of each other but no that was not it...they were simply staring at one another noticing the changes that had taken place during the time they were away from one another.

"Calm down Amal that is not how to talk to the guest or anyone for that matter you were rude!" Safia scolds her daughter making daughter snap of whatever trance she was lost in.

"Why is he even here?" Amal states staring at the man just a few chairs away from her. He still looked the same the way he was back then except that now he seemed to have been to gym more now with his physic instead of the lanky one he had back in highschool, Also not only has he grown taller but his strange blue eyes and long lashes and a killer jawline and cheekbones never went away either. He was simply what some people would call a pretty boy and he had on a black suit,His hair wasn't in it normal hairstyle well it kind of was in a neat quiff ...yeah he is still as annoying as he was.

"Why are you so mad at him?" Azad asks out loud making Amal roll her eyes wanting nothing than for everyone to mind their own business!

"Don't you remember that he left?" Amal states like that's the worst crime ever to exist.

"But I told you I had too" Zach finally speaks up making her roll her eyes at his reply.

"Yeah but there is this thing called a phone that I'm sure you have no idea about!" Amal says sarcastically making the boy roll his eyes.

"And somewhere along the way you have forgotten that it worked both ways" He says not missing a beat

"Now I have one very important question!" Jamie yells making everyone to send her questioning looks what was she doing this time?

"What is it?" Amal asks wanting this drama to be over with

"Who is he?" Jamie asks making Amal roll her eyes

"Are you even serious?" Amal asks in disbelief is that why she freaking yelled because she wanted to know who he is, why doesn't Amal know how to chose normal people in her life.

"I'm Zachary perez, Amal's best friend" Zachary says with a smile ignoring the glare Amal sent to him

"Best friend, we are barely even friends" Amal nearly yells

"Hi, I'm Jamie styles, her new best friend, Amal why didn't you tell me that your best friend is the Zach Perez?" Jamie says with wide eyes as if she was fan Girling which she probably is Zachary is one of the richest, handsome bachelor in America...while to Amal...he was just simply Zach the boy who never freaking called bacK.

"Didn't you even hear a word I had just said?" Amal asks raising her hands up on disbelief

"No, now shush so Zachary how do you know Amal?" Jamie asks Zach curiously and the way she was stating at the boy before her was annoying Amal besides Zach isn't all... that rich or not!

"Highschool, she was such a rude girl back then she hurt my feelings all the time" Zach says making Jamie let out a gasp whole Amal rolled her eyes.

Zach couldn't stop his eyes even if he tried, he couldn't look away from the girl who was glaring at him with her beautiful brown eyes nothing has changed about her, her beautiful, round face was still the same as she had no make up on her natural beauty glowed, her chiseled small nose and her pouty lips...her headscarf.

He is glad that she still had her identity and she looked beautiful even though all she had on was not some fancy dress like other girls that he has met but she was wearing matching a black sweatshirt and sweatpants and some kicks heck she looks good in almost anything...even on casual outfit.

"You weren't so nice to be around either" Amal states dryly

"You guys are giving me a headache" Safia states as she notices that their argument was not going to stop anytime soon.

"I'm sorry mom" Amal states

"sorry mam" Zach says with a sheepish smile

"I also would appreciate it if you two would stop arguing in front of my kids too thanks" Azad finally says but the amused smile on her face as she watched as the two settled down and started eating their dishes in peace...a peace that only lasted for a few more minutes of course.

"Zachary" Amal suddenly speaks up making everyone to send her suspicious looks...because now she actually said his name again?

"Yeah? " Zach says slowly and carefully like he was afraid she was going to of on him, they didn't sound like they did a few minutes ago and that surprised others on the table, it was like it has all diffused, the anger I mean.

"Why are you here?" She asks softly she just really wanted to know why, he was running back all of a sudden, maybe she is tired of it all, maybe she just needs her best friend back, maybe she has missed him, maybe if he said sorry she would let it all go, maybe just maybe.

"To ask for you formally to marry me?" Zach says making Amal to choke on the water she was trying to drink she can feel the eyes on her, forget the issue about forgiveness.

"Are you okay?" Zach asks in panic but she ignores him

"hahaha very funny" Amal says with a laugh but Zach frowns

"I'm serious though" He mutters the fact that she laughed at his proposal wasn't a good thing...she even choked so no that's definitely not a good sign.

"Whatttt?, but you know that we can't" Amal rants with wide eyes as she noticed how serious the boy looked, was he really going to bring this up.. Again, her eyes quickly rakes round the dinning table to see everyone staring at her with wide eyes filled with...amusement while Jamie looked like someone has told her how to solve the problems of humanity.

"Why can't we?" Zach asks making her brows furrow as she tries to rack her brain for a thousand reasons, why it is not possible?

"Because you are from a different faith" She states hoping she would hit a nerve

"And who said that I am?" Zach says with an amused smirk making her frown in confusion

"What?" she asks

"Yeah,what?" Zach chooses to say making her eyes to widen in realisation

"Since when?" She asks with wide eyes

"Since a few years ago now, what's your reply?" he asks nervously, he just wants to know if the girl who has been hunting his dreams and him as a person for all this years wanted to marry him.

"Proposal rejected" Amal says without even thinking she doesn't need to think or so she thinks.

"What?, why is there something wrong with me?" Zach asks making her raise a brow at him

,what is he going on about now?, even if she knows him she is really finding it hard to figure it out.

"is it because I'm black?" Zach says dramatically making Amal roll her eyes ahah is he seriously trying to say?, She isn't being racist.

"First of all,You are multi-racial and even if you were purely black you know me Zach I wouldn't care so don't be so dramatic" Amal says with an eye roll meanwhile Azad and her mom just stared at the two in amusement so Safia has never witness the two in action yet their arguments were amusing to her.

"I just want to know why you are so mad at me?" Zach confesses sadly making Amal frown she is not the bad guy here, he is!

"Because after all this time you didn't even freaking even try to call me back" Amal booms the anger inside her reforming that memory still hunts her like a lion chasing its prey.

"It all comes back to this, doesn't it?" Zach says kissing his tooth Amal just glared instead of replying making him let out a defeated sigh

"Then I'm sorry that I couldn't lie to you" Zach states making Amal brow to furrow because what is this boy even saying anymore?should she be worried about her old friend?is he seriously on drugs now?

"Lie, what do you mean by lie?" Amal asks confused so...Zach is definitely on something she isn't aware of, like they say time changes people, maybe it has changed Zach too.

"You told me to call you back when I was normal with you as nothing but your friend but I never lied about loving you, don't get me wrong you are my best friend, you were my friend way before anything else but I guess I'm still not normal because I want you to be way more than that" Zach says making Amal's mouth to fall open is this boy actually seriously serious?

"Love!, there was no such thing as love between us" Amal booms making the boy to flinch, she could see the hurt in his eyes so she looked away.

"Wait...Amal you didn't tell m-

"Jamie... Please, I don't want to talk about it" Amal says cutting of her best friend

"Why can't you just accept the fact that I love you and I want to marry you?" Zachary pushes on making Amal freeze not daring to look up, she wondered what this drugs the boy was on.

"Are you guys even listening to what he is saying?, What do you guys have to say about this?" Amal turns to face her mom and sister instead of the boy with the intense blue eyes. Meanwhile her mom and her sister just stared at her with wide knowing eyes so they knew about it all along yet they left her in dark, She can't believe anything that is happening and she couldn't help but to feel betrayed.

"Wait, you actually knew?" She couldn't help but to ask they sent her sad looks meanwhile Jamie pushed out of her seat before grabbing Ali's hand making the boy look up at her curiously.

"Come on lee, Let's go check up on your baby sister" Jamie says to the boy with a grin

"Okay" the smart little boy says without any further arguments, the two of them ran up the stairs.

"Yes, he asked your dad" Safia says making Amal's brows furrow when did this all happen, how is it even possible?

"How is that even possible? when both of my dad's are not.." Amal trails off

"He asked two years ago" Azad says making Amal to look up at them in disbelief, Why didn't they let her know?, why didn't they tell her that he came back for her and marriage?, really...he didn't even tell her about anything.

"Oh" Amal murmurs no emotions in her voice

"Yeah and I'm also so sorry for your loss" Zach says softly making Amal eyes to well up as she let's go of the Cutlery before pushing her chair backwards before she started to walk away, she can't stay at the table anymore, she really isn't ready for all of this drama.


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