As a friend or as a wife

"Firstly acknowledge that trust has been broken yet they were blessed with a second change hopefully they make it right"

Third persons POV

"So you called?" a familiar voice says from behind making Amal tense up

"yeah" she trails off

"What is up this time then?" Zach says taking a seat on the opposite side of her making her face flush because he was simply staring at weird is that?

"I just wanted to talk" Amal finally says making him raise a brow, his blue eyes shinning under the beautiful stars.

"Okay about what?" He asks curiously

"Everything!, like when did it all happen?" Amal asks curiously

"When did what all happen?" Zach asks obviously confused

"When did you fall for me?, when did you convert?, why did you convert?, when did you ask my dad If you were never there when I needed you the most?" Amal rants making him nod

"As For when I fell for you I don't know really, because one minute you were just a girl I wanted to not lose her identity but I guess I got to know you more and then I realised it was way more than just that, I realised that maybe I actually liked you heck maybe I was in love with you since the beginning, maybe that was why I didn't want you to lose your identity because I was already in love with you just the way you were and just the way you still are now" Zach rants but trails off waiting for Amal to go of on him again but she doesn't, making him Stare at her intensely as her face was facing the ground, so he couldn't see her reaction if he tried so he let's out a deep breath before he continued his rant.

"As for why I converted because I wanted to not because of anyone trust me, I did research at the time of our finals at the time where you were complaining about me ignoring you I really wasn't, I was just trying to find my identity without anyone influencing me" Zach confesses making Amal frown as realization hit her like a train

"You changed while we were in highschool" Amal couldn't help but to ask

"No" Zach states making Amal frown

"Then when?" Amal asks curiously

"A few years after I actually was like doing research on every religion ever to actually exist, I kept on buying their holy books online until my grandma started to suspect that I was doing drugs in my room" Zach states with a laugh making Amal's eyes to widen before she bursted into laughter

"What?" Amal asks through the laughing session

" yeah and then later on They asked me if I was depressed and suicidal which made sense due to me always taking a knife up with me whenever another package arrived "Zach States letting out a chuckle at the memory Amal stared up at him with wide eyes but he wasn't looking at her he was looking at the lake ever since he arrived she had noticed that he has been trying to hard to lower his gaze and that wasn't his part that was her part to play apparently now it is both of them playing that role.

" oh" Amal says softly

"Yeah also when I started to read I also went to visit mosques,churches,temples and the rest to actually ask more questions and along the way I actually confused them all" Zach says with a sheepish smile making Amal smile that sounded like something Zach would actually do.

"And instead of like explaining it from their holy books they just said everything from their opinion and I guess that's why they were confused about me but then I visited a mosque and I asked a lot of questions but they just opened the Quran with their hands and tell me "read brother read" so I did and I got my answers to almost everything but trust me it didn't end there after months of my research one night I was reading the Quran with translation and for some reason that day I was feeling anxious I wanted a sign, I was tired of research so I stared up at the sky through the open window and I said the most stupid thing ever" Zach says with an embarrassed smile

"What was it?" Amal asks curiously

"Dude if you are really up there show me a sign" Zach states making Amal to let out a stray of giggle that actually sounds like something Zach would honestly say.

"And then what happened did you see a sign?" Amal asks curiously

"No" Zach states making Amal frown in confusion

"Then why did you change?" Amal asks softly

"Because as soon as I said those words I looked down at the Quran to read another chapter due to my disappointment that there was no dude up there but the next thing I read was the sign" Zach says smiling at the memory while Amal watched him curiously

" what do you mean?" Amal asked obviously dying of curiosity

"The verse states that " is there not enough signs already in the moon,stars and sun' after reading that verse I was scared because how did you know about what I wanted to ask?, plus I wanted to call you but we weren't on speaking terms at that moment so I decided to be a man and deal with it alone after forcing myself to sleep that day,the next day I was on my way to the mosque" Zach rants making Amal to simply stare and nod she has read that line too it is in the Qur'an.

"And that was when?" Amal trails of in realization

"Yeah...after that I took a break from work and just went to learn more about my new religion in mecca and returned the next year" Zach states

"Wow" Amal exclaimed because that was honestly quite a lot

"But you sure no one forced you? " Amal asks curiously again making Zach frown

"No Amal I just found comfort in Islam if I would have found comfort in Christianity,Judaism,Judaism,Jewish, Hindu and so on I would have changed without a second thought regardless of my feelings for you" Zach states making Amal stare up at him but she wasn't going off because he had mentioned his feelings for her, she was calm so he took that as a good sign to continue.

"As for me not being around when you needed me I actually was around through it all, I was at your graduation" Zach says making Amal's eyes to widen in shock

"What! but you were in another country" Amal asks with a frown

"Yeah but i was also here too, i remember hearing your speech which was very nice by the way and that was when I heard that yourself and Azad are actually step sisters and not blood sister's, I also heard you burrow some off my quotes which was clever by the way" Zach jokes making Amal face flush she tried to send him a unsuccessful glare

"Shut up" Amal states making him laugh

"But anyway, I was there you should know me by now that I don't play around with promises that's why I'm back because I made a promise to come back for you either as just a friend or as a wife" Zach rants with a smile but Amal doesn't smile back.

"I saw it you know, I saw her" Amal says making Zach cringe, he knew that someday it is actually going to come back and bite him right in his behind.

"Yeah" Zach states making Amal nod slowly

"And you actually have the nerve to say you love me?" Amal booms

" I do but she wasn't important, she didn't mean anything to me" Zach rants not caring about how he sounded, he just didn't want Amal to go away.

"What do you mean by she doesn't Mean anything to you?, is that also how I actually mean nothing to you?" Amal couldn't help but to ask with a bitter laugh that made him cringe.

"Of course not!, you mean a world to me Amal that was why I had to be with her for you" Zach confesses

"For me?" Amal asks in disbelief

"You told me to call you back when I was back to normal and I wanted to go back to normal, I wanted to be normal like other boys so that I could call you back but no it didn't work out it really couldn't, I wasn't having any feelings for her so I ended it a two weeks later" Zach rants before taking a deep breath meanwhile Amal face was emotionless as she socked in the new information that her Zach actually had dated a girl when the last time they had met she was the only girl he use to relate too.

"So nothing happened back then?" Amal couldn't help but to ask

"Apart from the kisses nothing at all" Zach confesses making Amal cringe nobody wants to hear about Zach kissing another girl...nobody wants the guy who is proposing to them to ever talk about any other girl who isn't them.

"Oh" she mutters

"Yeah" Zach says looking down at the water he still regrets that decision.

"When did you ask daddy?" amal asks curiously

"He was on to me ever since the day you graduated and actually asked me if I wanted to ask for your hand in marriage" Zach says making Amal's eyes to widen in shock, wasn't he the Same man who was her dad who said she wouldn't be getting married until she was forty?, he asked Zach when she was 19.

"What?" Amal asks

"Yeah but then i said it was too soon which it really was But then we started to talk a lot more whenever I called to check on you" Zach says making Amal shake her head at the boy who was ranting making him frown.

"Possessive stalker" Amal states making Zach to let out a groan because not her to ...Sam already calls him that he doesn't need her to call him the same thing.

"I'm not, I am just protective and would like to know what is going on in your life and there was actually another guy in the picture " Zach starts to say but trails of as he realized how his words sounded, huh guess he really is a possessive stalker?

"So you are a possessive stalker then"Amal asks with a grin making Zach send her a guilty smile but he didn't respond ad he realised that maybe he was.

"So I heard from Azad that he fell ill so I just came over to visit" Zach states with a sad smile as he stares at the girl before him who had started blinking rapidly she was trying to hard to not cry.

"We talked and I told him about it all I told him about me trying to move on and then I told him about how I couldn't, then he asked me one question" Zach rants making Amal more curious about it all

"What was it?" Amal asks softly

"He asked me what I was waiting for, he asked me the same question he had asked me on your graduation day and this time I didn't and couldn't lie anymore so I said I really wanted to get married to you " Zach states making Amal's cheeks to flush, she really wasn't expecting him to say that but who says she doesn't like it?

"Then he told me that if that is what you wanted in the future that then I had his blessings as we were talking Abtal came in and told me that you have arrived so I had to leave to avoid you causing unnecessary drama in the hospital " Zach says with a laugh making Amal scowl at the last sentence.

"Hey I'm not that dramatic" Amal states obviously taking

"Yeah sure, you aren't" Zach says with a laugh making Amal send him a dry look

"It's time for Eesha, do you want to go to masjid with me?" Zach asks making Amal to stare at him carefully...

"Yeah I would love too" Amal says while standing up the walked towards the car with Zach in the front while Amal trailed behind getting lost her thoughts about how much things have changed in her life and how many decision she is expected to make,she wishes she could just go back to being a child where she wouldn't have any worry in the world but this is reality and now Zach is back but he wanted to be more than what they were back In the days and is she ready for that?, She is not sure yet she's just a college final year law student who is still on scholarship trying to graduate with a good result she really couldn't have anything like love controlling her life right now.


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