She can't just leave me alone

"Sometimes the heart finds rest in an illusion the brain has created to stop the pain"

Third person's POV

Zach stared at the door waiting for his wife to walk in through that door and tell him that he has started hallucinating again,his wife was fine and nothing was true , but instead sadly his sister walked in, don't get him wrong, he loves her but she wasn't the one he wanted to see at this moment but she will do until she freaking breaks his heart by telling him about reality. Why can't we all just lie to save ourselves from breaking?, Why is this life so harsh?

"Why am I here?, Where is Amal?, And the kids?" Zach asks the questions all at once, wanting to know yet he doesn't want to but then the sound of his sister cries broke him out his thoughts literally because that was when reality slapped him again.

"Why are you crying?, Is My wife not okay?" Zach asks this time he felt as if he was about to die, if he doesn't hear what he wants to hear yet life isn't so nice.

"I'm so sorry Zach" Jamie mutters through the tears sounding choked up

"What are you saying?, you didn't do anything to me" Zach tells her with a pain filled smile that made cry even harder as she wondered why life was cruel seriously!

"Amal she's-

"She can't leave me too, she can't" Zach almost yells desperately,losing his cool completely.

"Zach I'm so sorry, your daughter is alive" She says making him frown if his children are okay?,why is she saying sorry?

"And the other?" He asks curiously

"He the doctors said that there is a possibility that he might not make it too" Jamie says making Zach heart skip multiple beats who wants to hear that their kid was about to die...too? Who is the two?

"But hasn't he already been cut out of her?" Zach asks his eyes portrayed so much fear that she was finding it hard to say the truth, she wanted to lie it save his broken heart but she didn't because at this point she became best friends with reality who was an enemy to her brother.

"Yes but he got hurt too Zach, i mean Amal had bled and that's a bad thing the only thing the doctor told me was that there's was a complication with him and we should pray for the best" Jamie says softly not wanting to hurt her brother but like they say it is too late.

"She can't do this to me, she promised that she wouldn't leave" Zach cries as he stands up and heads for the door his action catching his sister off guard

"Zach" she yells after him but he was out running down the hallways

As his eyes saw the emergency room, his heart started to beat harder as fear filled him up to the brim and it was stopped at his throat level it was choking him and he felt like he was about to collapse at any minute, if he doesn't get a hug from anyone yet, he ignored the whole family seating in the waiting room he pushed against the door of the emergency room and just like in the movies there was a nurse standing over Amal covering her with the sheets from head to toe like everyone declared dead in the movies.

"Mr I'm sorry but you can't be here" a nurse starts to say but Zach walks past her ignoring her completely the nurse let's out a sad understanding sigh before going out to inform the family that a man was inside the room and soon they were all standing inside, Jamie made an attempt to walk forward but She got stopped by Amal's sister whose eyes told her that maybe just maybe Zach needed this one last time with his wife.

"Amal please open your eyes, I'm so sorry that i looked away to answer my call, i promise that I will never do that again, i would do anything for you remember when I told you that a few years ago I mean it, I would even allow you to come downstairs more and if you want me to stop working so much, I would I promise just please open your beautiful eyes for me once again" Zach mutters with a smile while running his hands through his wife's beautiful black and long hair and whenever his fingers came in contact with her skin, it made his heart to freeze.

He just simply talked to her not even caring if the whole family was listening or that their hearts had shattered into pieces as they were choking on sobs and pity for him. Abtal looks away and wipes at his cheeks as they watched zach talk to a lifeless body.

"Oh now I get it your still mad at me from last time, I get it okay fine you win you get to name the kids with much cooler names and i'm so sorry for making fun of you and calling my babies beans" Zach says touching her cheek softly but what made reality hit him was how freaking cold her body was, it was irritating him because it kept on pushing the truth towards his face even when he pretended not to see it.

"Zach" Abtal says as he puts a hand on Zach's shoulder comfortingly but Zach shrugged his hand off, he didn't want anyone to interrupt his little bubble which he was sharing with the love of his life but really for how long can hide away from the truth that was right in his face?

"You freaking promised Amal open your freaking eyes" Zach booms tears rushing down his face angry tears because the slap from reality hurts him so bad,why does his cheat hurt so much?, why is his heart beating so fast?, why does she feel so cold?, why does everything hurt?, why was his head filling with thoughts that was causing him nothing but pain?, why just why does it feel like he is being ripped into two?

"Zach" Azad says to the boy she knows he is hurting, but she can't watch him break too, she has already taken him as her little brother too and well everything just hurts too.

"No, she freaking promised" Zach almost yells in denial while shaking Amal by the shoulders while she just shook lifelessly,why is he denying what was right in his face?

"Zach" Azad sobs as she tries to drag the boy back from the rage and pain pit to reality and away from his dead wife.

"She can't just leave me all alone, she freaking promised" Zach states with a laugh

"Zach" Jamie calls out but the boy was so far gone inside his own head it wasn't funny, it was scary.

"I thought you were my best friend?, don't freaking let me go?" Zach rambles on to her body as he kissed her cheek and placed butterfly kisses all over face not leaving a spot untouched but not once did she react like she always does, her cheek didn't flush, she didn't push him away,she didn't smile or swat him away, she didn't do anything and that was the problem.

"Zach, she is gone!"Azad boomed she has simply had enough of it all.

"No she isn't, she is right there" Zach says with a laugh making Amal's mom to break down in fear because they were basically watching Zach fall apart and it wasn't a pretty site.

"She is dead!,Zach she is fucking dead" Azad yells through her own tears making the boy freeze, he stares at the her with wide eyes and for the second time reality gave him another harsh slap. Maybe he just needed to hear someone say it out loud again, this time he had so many voices up in his head, they were so freaking loud that he couldn't even hear what His family and his wife's family were saying to him, all he could hear in his head was that this was all his fault.

"It was all my fault" Zach mumbles to himself but of course Azad hears it all

"What did you do to her?" She yells dragging attention of everyone but really how else was she supposed to react to that news that her sister was dead because of Zach?

"I didn't mean too" Zach cries but she wasn't about to feel any pity she wanted to know why,what,when and how she had questions but The person who can answer her was Zach or her sister but now that her sister is gone, Zach is her only choice.

"Azad let go of him" Abtal says trying to free his wife's grip from Zach's shirt but her hold kept on getting tighter and tighter meanwhile the boy gasped for air as tears fell down from his cheeks in waves.

"He freaking said it was his fault I want to know why?" Azad states sternly

"Its funny how the heart monitor us beeping yet no one cares to listen" a voice says weakly making everyone look back and their eyes to widen in disbelief, they laid Amal with her eyes actually opened? Well barely but still at least she was breathing? .

"Amal" They gasp in disbelief running up to her meanwhile she let's out a cough to clear her throat.

"Yeah, yeah, it's me now i would really appreciate if you let go of my freaking husband i thought you liked him!" Amal says raising a brow at her sister whose mouth fell open shock was still apparent on her face.

"i do but he d-

"Didn't do anything, i was the one who slipped and fell" Amal states bluntly that everyone flinched at how it sounded, she said it like it was nothing, Amal is like that always saying the wrong things at the right times, her humor wasn't the best but well thats why she has Zach around right?

"What the hell amal! Oh my God zach, I'm sorry" Azad says with a sheepish weak smile smoothing out the shirt she had wrinkled but Zach doesn't return, her weak smile instead he stares at his wife as if he couldn't believe that she was really there and really he couldn't?

"Can I have some time alone with my husband?" Amal says making everyone nod but one she didn't want to go anywhere that her sister wasn't.

"But you just woke up from death" Azad starts to say but her husband's cuts Azad off much to her dismay.

"Azad lets go call the nurse and doctor too " Abtal says making her send him a look of disbelief. Yet he pulls her along as soon as the Door shut Amal turned to find her husband already staring back at her intensely with those unique blue eyes she knew and loved so much.

"Zach I'm really not dead so you can stop looking at me like I'm some ghost" Amal says making him snap out of it but then again...Amal was trying the wrong way to lighten up their situation.

"Would you stop being sarcastic for once and actually listen to your self?, I mean I had to freaking watch you die!, do you know how that felt like?" Zach booms wanting to free himself from all those emotions he has kept in mostly the fear and pain.

"I'm sorry you had to go through that but i would really appreciate a hug from my husband now" Amal says weakly making her husband stand up he rushes forward and pulls her in for a hug that left her out of breath yet she didn't pull away even when she felt the pain in her abdomen obviously from the operation to get her kids out of her instead she hugged him tighter and harder but then the pain became worst and after a gasp of pain from her, Zach immediately let go so they had to pull away.

"Ow" she whine

"I'm so sorry, oh right I totally forgot" Zach says pulling away and looking for the source of pain on her body she was rubbing at her back.

"it's okay now, just a cramp but anyways where are my kids?, have you named them yet?" Amal asks at once

"nursery and no" Zach replies making her brows furrow but her excitement only booms more

"Oh have you gone to see them yet?" Amal asks with an excited grin

"No" Zach says making her send him a glare wait so before he was the one who wanted to be a father as soon as possible and now he is taking his sweet time?,interesting!

"Why?" She asks curiously

"Because I couldn't stand the thought of raising them without you" Zach whispers and for the second time, he has succeeded in rendering her speechless, this man is full of surprises.

"Zach" she says putting her hand against his cheek softly he grabs it kisses it before intertwining their fingers and hands making her cheek flush.

"Just promise me that you would never leave me" Zach says and Amal is frozen this time because she really wasn't expecting that question, how can she make such a promise when she has no idea on what the future or destiny has planned, I mean forever is a long time?, what if what they have doesn't last that long?


"Please" Zach pleads making her slowly nod...anything to stop his pain.

"I would never leave you Zach now why do I feel like there's something you are hiding from me?" She says changing the topic at the end.

"The twins, one of them isn't so healthy as the other" Zach confesses making his wife frown, as realization dawned on her of course something would be wrong, bleeding wasn't something to joke with.

"What what do you mean?" Amal asks sitting up, ignoring the pain in her abdomen due to the fresh stitches she had from the CV.

"The doctors are still examining him that was what Jamie told me but I'm sure he would be fine" Zach says choosing to not say the part of the possibility that the boy could die at any moment from now or that if he survives he might have some issues.

Zach held his wife and the two cried while finding comfort in one another because together they were stronger together than alone, hopefully their child too would make it through with his twin and just like Amal's name meant "hope" their hoping did work because their prayers got Answered well...half way.


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