Oh my God kill me now!

"As life goes on you find your strength in no one but yourself"

Third person's POV

"Oh My god kill me now" Amal groans making her roommate brows to furrow while she continued trying to dress up.

"Are you okay?" she asks sounding in a hurry.

"Absolutely not" Amal groans wanting to talk

"Okay,I have this maths paper in like 2 minutes am late so can we talk about this later?, love you" Jamie States blowing her a kiss before running out of the door.

"Yeah I hate you too" Amal groans...one thing hasn't changed about Amal...she still rants but one thing that is new is that herself and her roommate are actually friends now...real good friends but long story cut short the friendship had managed to develop somewhere around getting into their year two.

Amal let's out a groan as her phone starts to ring before lazily reaching out to grab it from the other side of the couch.

"Hello" Amal says tiredly

"Hi aunt" He says with a grin

"Oh hey Ali,how are you?" she says feeling better all of a sudden her nephew gives her joy like he is her own son.

"I'm okay, talk to mommy" He says before handing the phone to his mom running away to do God knows what.

"Hello" Azad says but got cut of by her sisters groan making her husband to send her an amused smile.

"what is up now?" Azad asks with a grin

"Life in general,I want to go back to highschool" Amal states seriously

"uh huh,what else?" Azad says not completely paying attention to her

"I'm serious,why the heck did I decided to study law?" Amal asks her sister who sends her an amused smile

"Uh To...help the society?" Azad states questionably

"Well they can help themselves because I'm done" Amal rants making her sister laugh

"okay" Azad states calmly

"Why are you not telling me to calm down?" Amal rants like the drama queen she is

"Because I know you won't but here's a tip...sleep" Azad says knowingly she has been through the same thing before

"I can't not with this examination riding my mind like URGHHH" Amal whines pathetically making her Sister send her An apologetic look.

"How many papers do you have left?" Azad asks curiously

"one and that is in a few a hours and I have been reading the same thing for years now,why ask?" Amal over exaggerates making her sister roll her eyes

"Actually yesterday you started reading yesterday" Azad states like the smart ass she is making Amal to frown.

"but still I'm tired" Amal rants

"Aw don't worry sis it would get better" Azad says unable to hide the smile in her voice

"Smh, I know you are laughing" Amal says making her sister to burst out laughing

"well I enjoy seeing your pain" Azad says sarcastically

"Urgh you are so lucky you graduated a few years ago" Amal whines making her sister smirk

"I am but soon you will be done too" Azad says but got cut of by the sound of another cry coming from the her side of the line, she quickly rushes towards the sound.

"Awww is my little princess is crying?" Amal says worriedly forgetting about her rants

"How does the sound of Jannah's voice make you happy while mine makes you depressed?" Azad asked sounding amused

"Because you are too old to be cute" Amal says seriously

"What are you calling me old?" Azad asks in disbelief...she's not that old.

"Exactly what i was saying yes" Amal replies

"Too bad,I'm only 26" Azad states making her sister grin

"While i'm 22,do you not feel old enough?" Amal teases her sister

"Smh,whatever so this time are you actually coming over to England or are you going home straight?" Azad asks curiously

"I was actually thinking about going to see mum first then before going back to college I will actually drop by your place" Amal rants making her sister nod in understanding

"oh cool" Azad says with a smile

"So How is Abtal?" Amal asks

"you know Abtal is being Abtal" Azad says rolling her eyes as if her sister could see her.

"The information is to little for my understanding" Amal jokes

"Use that big brain of yours to pass that exams you hear me xeeva because going back to highschool isn't possible" Azad states making her sister let out a whine

"Hey leave xeeva alone I gotta go, wish me luck" Amal laughs

"Goodluck sweetie" Azad states

"Thanks, greet my nephew and niece for me bye" Amal says before hanging up she quickly opens her textbook so she can revise for a little bit before the exams.

Amal rushes to the front of the class submitting her paper before walking out of the class letting out a sigh of relief, before walking over to her locker grabbing some of her things she needs before locking it for good.

"Have a good day mam" the gate man says to the girl who was literally skipping in happiness

"Oh trust me I will" Amal says before hoping into her car with a huge smile on her face as she drives out of the gates and into her apartment.

Amal was surprised to see her roommate seating on Amal's bed with a sad expression on her face

"Do you have to go today?" Jamie asks with a pout making Amal smile

"Yes i'm absolutely lethargic in desperate need of sleep so indeed I must" Amal states making her room mate roll her eyes at her because Amal didn't even try to comfort her that she had to stay alone in their apartment for two more weeks.

"I will miss you...being home alone here isn't exactly fun" Jamie drawls making Amal brows furrow...thinking to herself about where her friend was going with this discussion.

"Sure I will bring you my moms snacks" Amal states

"I never asked for them" Jamie says sending her a glare

"Uh huh so you don't want them?" Amal asks raising a brow

"Of course I do but I was actually asking if you wanted me to come with again?" Jamie confesses with a shy smile

"Oh you know that you can come at anytime my mom already loves you but then again What about your brother and isn't your mom coming into town..." Amal asks, Jamie was the only family her brother had as they were orphans their parents died when a few years ago but that's definitely a story for another day, maybe, they do have an adopted family though.

"I'm still in America so I know he will come and pick me up from your house at any time he wants too" Jamie says with a grin

"Huh that is true go and get ready then" Amal states with a smile making her friend let out a squeal before rushing into her room coming out of it not a minute late making Amal to send her a surprised look.

"Already packed a few days ago" Jamie says with a sheepish grin...she had a weird obsession with Amal's family in general...she says she likes their culture.

"Okay let's go then" Amal states dragging her own boxes and her bag.

"Okay" Jamie says dragging her boxes to the two put their luggage's into the car boot before settling in the car after arguing about changing the radio station, Amal finally drives them to her family house in which was close by with her Mercedes bens which was gift,she had received after her second year in college according to Azad it was a birthday gift from one of her cousin's living a little far away from home.

Amal rolled her eyes as Jamie opened door as soon as Amal pulled up in their drive way. Well it's good to see that she was nothing but a driver Amal thinks to her self as she turns off the car and makes a bee line to the front door of her parents place where Jamie was pressing on the bell crazy why is it that she never makes friends with normal people like a normal person.

"What about the bags?" Jamie asks making Amal send her a dry look oh now she remembers?

"We will get it later, I won't carry your boxes and if I do take mine,mom would force me to come help you?" Amal rants sending the girl a look but jamie only smiled back


"Fair enough" Jamie says and that was when the door opened Amal's mom's eyes widen in disbelief at seeing Amal just the day before,Amal told her that she would be coming back in a few weeks and not the next day.

"Surprise Momma" Jamie says embracing Amal's mom who hugged her back making Amal roll her eyes as she trials behind them watching them interact

"Forgotten about your own daughter,i'm heartbroken" Amal says with a grin but her mom simply waves her off before pulling her into a hug while Jamie reaches for the Samosa In the tray which Amal's mom had handed to her.

"How are you?" Amal's mom asks worriedly seeing the bags under her daughter's eyes

"okay" Amal states not wanting her mom to worry she would get better eventually after she has gotten enough rest there is nothing to be Worried about to be honest.

"She's lying,she hasn't been sleeping or eating since the beginning of this semester" Jamie says with a smile making Amal send her a glare, is it too late to take this girl back to their apartment? Before she spits out more of her secrets?

"What,why?" Amal's mom asks on disbelief

" I-i-"Amal shutters nervously not knowing what to say at all, to her mom at this point, if there's one thing mother's hated hearing is that their kids isn't eating or taking care of themselves.

"Go to your room,you are grounded for the day" Amal's mom orders making Amal eyes widen in disbelief because really?

"but ma i'm not a kid anymore" Amal whines pathetically making her friend to snicker lowly

"Now" Amal's mom says making Amal stand up with a whine as she starts to make her way up the stairs

Grumbling under her breath about how she is not a kid anymore while, Jamie Snickers and waves at her while Amal sends her a glare over her shoulder because that is her fault.

"And make sure that you actually sleep while you're up there" Amal's mom states sternly making Amal grin aha so that is the meaning for this 'punishment' well for the first time in history,Amal actually loved getting grounded for the day as she enters her old room and jumps on the bed with a grin before turning on her right side,a position she finds comfortable to sleep in before she allows sleep to take her to another galaxy where there is nothing but peace and contentment.


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