You look tired

"Telling a lie to save something valuable isn't a crime it is so sweet that you had to lie"

Third persons POV

Camila decided to disturb her brother as usual but, she got stopped by the sound of laughter coming from his room, She couldn't help but to frown did Zach bring Sam over?, she slowly opens the door slowly that was she saw it Zach holding his phone up while he was laying on his bed and there was a female's voice coming from the phone making her smile that had to be Amal, she jumps on his bed making her brother groan before he quickly hangs up.

"Aye I wanted to talk to her" Camila asks making him roll his eyes

"Well you can't,now go away,What do you want from me?" Zach asks staring at his sister suspiciously

"Tell her I said she should get well soon " Camila states

"Why?" Zach questions the obvious

"Because I'm worried" Camila states before skipping out of his room making him to stare at his now closed the door in disbelief, he rolls his eyes before dialling her number again he was faced with Amal's face sending him a dry look making him grin guiltily.

" Sorry for hanging up but my siste-

"Say no more" Amal says with a laugh she has heard about the girl and she absolutely loves her already!

"The doctor said I'm free to go home by tomorrow" Amal says facing the phone where the blue eyed boy who was staring back at her with tired eyes.

"That's great!" he says with a smile making her smile back

"The police officer also came earlier on" Amal says making The boy to seat up not scared but worried

"Ohh to do what, are they taking the case to the court?" Zach asked all in one breath

"About that and also Asking me about my brother that was so confused on the day the incident happened..." Amal explained while Zach eyes widen at the memory of that sad day.

"Oh and" he asks curiously

"My brother with curly black hair and blue eyes, I wonder who fits into this description?" Amal states while staring at the boy that was staring back at her,he looked like a deer caught in highlight.

"Well I had to lie or she wouldn't have told me about your situation, also used that to get your room number" he confesses not wanting her to get mad at him.

"Relax I'm not angry just surprised" Amal States

"Good then yeah" Zach asks slowly making Amal roll her eyes

"Yup" she replies

"So sis has been asking about you a lot this days" Zach says with frown while Amal's smile widens

"your sister?" she asks in confusion

"Yup, apparently she's worried about you" Zach explains making a lot of air quotes

"Isn't another person allowed to care for me?" Amal asks mockingly

" I didn't mean it like that" Zach says

"Then how?" Amal asks him defensively

" you see Camila is ... Never mind anyways today she just entered my room and screamed those exact word in my ears when I was sleeping" Zach rants making her burst out laughing

"And when I asked her what

She said " I wanted to say that you should say hi and tell her to get well soon" she says before skipping out of the room like a cartoon character how is that normal?" Zach rants making Amal to laugh harder

"Tell her I said thanks and I will" Amal states Zach nods letting out yet another yawn

"You should go to sleep" Amal says to her friend

"What why!,what do you mean?" Zach asks with a yawn

"You look tired" She says with a soft smile as she watched his eyes dropping but he blinked fast.

"I'm not tired" Zach says making Amal narrow her eyes at him

"It's late you look tired and you have been yawning so goodnight" Amal states leaving no room for arguments

"Hm" he says with another yawn this time his eyes shut making Amal shake her head before she hanged up on him

"Yet he said he wasn't tired" Amal says to no one in particular before letting out a yawn herself as she allowed sleep to come and take her away and into it's dark home.

After what felt like a few minutes, but was actually hours Amal woke up to the sun rays shinning from the opened window,she lets out a sigh.

"Time to go home"she mumbles to her self tiredly

She gets up from her bed slowly ever since she arrived she had been having headaches and black outs,she complained to the doctor who said it was as a result of her concussion, Which was caused by the incident that took place a few days ago in the hallways of her highschool.

It's so sad that in a few weeks she is going to go and stand in court repeating the incident to everyone again, her sisters husband was going to be her lawyer...well it's not her fault that she has a lawyer as a brother in law, can't they just let go of the charges?

"Are you ready to go?" the doctor asks making Amal to jump at the door way of the bathroom where she had gone to brush her teeth, take a shower and wear the outfit her sister brought for her the night before. Amal was thinking to herself when did the doctor even come in? but she managed to smile politely.

"Yeah I guess" Amal states

"That's great! Your brother has gone to sign you out" doctor explains making small nod in understanding

"Oh thank you" she thanks the kind doctor who have been taking care of her during her time in the hospital

"Thank me by taking care of yourself and that wrist of yours please it's still in the process of healing also don't pressure your self too much,you need rest for that concussion, Also don't forget to take the drugs" the doctor states sternly while small saluted her playfully

"I would Thank you Mrs..."Amal trials of making the woman laugh and shake her head this girl was just too much

"Mrs Jacob" the doctor states with an amused smile

"Thank you Mrs Jacob" Amal recites like a military officer the female doctor just messes with her hair before walking out of the door Amal pouts at no one in particular

"After spending hours trying to fix my hair while getting ready to go home now it's ruined" the voice in Amal's head says in horror making Amal let out a sign at least she would be going back to the comfort of her own bed...was that even sarcasm?maybe. She was dragged out of her thoughts by a knock on her door before the person opened it With a grin.

"Salamualaikum, my sister in law ready to go?" Abtal says his posh accent was at his best

"waalaikumusalam yes my British brother in law" Amal says with a grin making Abtal shake his head this girl...was just to much!, he thinks to himself waiting for her to finish tying her headscarf so they can be on their merry way.

*while on the other side of town*

"Would you stop fidgeting?, you are making me nervous" Sam says to his best friend who just couldn't stop staring at the clock paying no mind to his best friend or to what his best friend was saying.

"Is it because of A-" Sam starts to say but he got cut off by the look Zach throws at him warning him to shut up but does Sam ever listen?

"Amal" Sam states making Zach let out a sigh his best friend was such a pain in the middle.

"Oh, still giving me the silent treatment?, cmon guys are supposed to talk to each other about this kind of thing" Sam complains

"Which kind of thing exactly?" Zach asks with fake enthusiasm that Sam didn't notice at all

"Girls in general" Sam states with a smile but it all fades away as soon as it appears

"If you do talk about her in that way then your face would be on the ground as I use it to mope the school" Zach says making his best friend to roll his eyes.

"Dude you see what am talking about?, you are so possessive about her, it is so not cute" Sam states

"It's protective and I'm not cute either" Zach says with a grin

"Yeah you are a pig" Sam replies nor missing a beat...they always banter but deep down they are brothers from different mothers.

"Can you create one?" Zach asks with a smirk

"Of course not,i'm not Having that type of power heck no one does"Sam replies making Zach smirk

"Then shut up" Zach says with a smile making his friend to scowl at him

"I wonder why i'm still your friend, you are always so rude to me" Sam starts to rant making Zach roll his eyes Sam is just too dramatic this days to anyone else, Zach would have looked rude but not to Sam deep down they both know they were "bros to the end".

"Yes it is because of her" Zach says with a sigh he pretends to not notice how Sam picked up at the confession.

"I wish I would have picked her up but we all have to go to school unfortunately" Zach says with a frown making Sam raise a brow wondering who was this boy because the Zach, he knows would hardly want to ditch for a girl.

"Relax dude the bell is gonna to ring moment from n-"


Zach quickly stands up and grabbed his backpack, looking back to wave at his best friend before he rushed out of the door.

"Now" Sam says before shaking his head at his friend's action thinking to himself that Zach is so gone and he doesn't even know it.

Zach pressed the car's open button before looking down at his watch he frowned as he realized that he really wouldn't make it to the hospital as they were probably on their way so, he decided to just drive towards a certain location that a certain girl lives.




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