Get out of my business

"You never know how long you are got to go so always try to push past your limits because time is running out"

Third person's POV

While Amal was trying to make it through school on her own, Zach was trying to answers to his newly found questions so they didn't see eye to eye , well technically, he skipped school because well because of his episodes but then after that he barely even went to school anymore because he didn't feel ready to be around so many people, and lucky for him the school was aware of his issues, so he got to write his own exams after school was out and after his paper he is out too and on his way home to continue to search for answers of new questions he had come up with for no reason, he hopes that Amal would understand if not now but someday...aka the day he actually goes back to keeping in touch with her like they usually did since they became friends.

"You got yet another another package" Camila states as she walks into her brothers room uninvited as usual.

"Tell daddy to keep his gifts to himself also would you lock my door on your way out? Thanks"Zach says to her

"It says from S-syria?" she says questionably he quickly grabs the package from her hand getting the knife he got ready to open the package that was when he saw it.

"Um,you can leave now" he says to his sister who was staring at him like a hawk somewhere along the way she has settled right next to him curiously just staring at the package

"Oh cmon,i"m your big sister!,I should be aware of what you are doing in your life" she says with dominance that does not scare her brother even in one bit.

"Um i'm actually 18 now so you really don't have to pull out that card"Zach States sending his sister a suspicious look

"What if it's kabooms that are inside there?" Camila asks making Zach brows to furrow in confusion

"Are you for real Kabooms, is it because it says Syria?" Zach laughs not knowing what to do with his sister being judgmental whenever she cares anymore.

"Not really but I know that we have no business with anything like that and some people hate the type of us so I have to be scared" Camila rants making him roll his eyes

"Yes sister I know that we are atheists not everyone likes smart asses like us but i'm sure that we are free to order and buy things from anywhere from around the world" Zach rants making his sister bite her lips guiltily her brother was mad,she could sense it.

"Don't get me wrong you are free to join whatever religion you want to I mean I just-

"Camila breath" Zach says making his sister take in a deep breath in relief

"And" she asks her brother wanting him to say something anything to talk to her before she breaks down

"And get out of my business" he says making her roll her eyes she takes back her comments about wanting to hear something or anything he is rude and he doesn't deserve her.

"You are rude" she states

"I love you" Zach says in reply making her scowl

"Not fooling me twice" she says making Zach frown

"Twice when was the first time?" he asks curiously

"When you got me to get you that trampoline even though you were sixteen you don't even use that thing anymore" she rants making Zach smile at the memory

"Well I couldn't help it that i was sad" he says mockingly making her scowl

"Sad my Ass, you got over dad so fast yet you were forcing us to get you things to cheer you up, gold digger" Camila scoffs before exiting the room making Zach laugh as he opens the package he smirks at what is inside

"After the discussion we had a few weeks ago ago and sure, you will be needing this good luck son!" The note inside the package said

"Thank you" He says unto no one as he opens the package and made himself comfortable on the bed time to see if all what Amal has been telling him is true.

Let's recap to a few weeks before which could also be said to be that day after Zach had dropped Amal off he went over to Sam's

"Sam i'm confused" Zach says with a groan

"It's nothing to be confused about, it is your life and you're 18 already, how many have you checked out?" he asks his best friend who was laying on the down bunk while he was up.

"three minor ones I told you about" Zach replies making hand gestures his friend nods slowly

"And which one draws you in?" Sam asks as he grabs another one of his little brothers cookies he stole

"After all the research they still leave me questioning myself and I think I confused the leaders with my questions" i ask" Zach says with a guilty smile his friend just laughs

"Then why don't you just remain what you are?" Sam asks making Zach groan in frustration

"Because I have actually started to believe that there is something there and i shouldn't believe that there's something there..."Zach says with a frown

"Is it because of Amal?" Sam asks curiously waiting for his formed to shoot him a glare again but the boy just let's out a sigh again

"Partially but she didn't pressure me into anything, i asked the questions that now left me confused"  Zach states leaning downwards to snatch the box of cookie from Sam's hand making Sam send him a glare

"Why would you do that?" Sam asks with double meaning Zach of course only replies to one of the questions

"I don't know,she is just so into it, I just had to ask more and the more question I asked the deeper I get lost" Zach says with a depressed sigh

"Well that's different" Sam says thoughtfully

"Have you checked out the main one in question yet?"Sam asks

"No don't really want to" Zach says with a laugh

"Why?" Sam asked obviously confused

"Why are you asking do you think I want to do this just to get the girl?,oh please I'm merely trying to prove her wrong" Zach states making Sam roll his eyes.

"No i'm actually talking about you if it was something from both of your arguments on it that confused you then why don't you do some research on it?" Sam suggest making Zach sit up

"And if you don't like it you can check out another major one too" Sam states

"If you haven't noticed am trying to run away from what is too popular and have majority of the society" Zach rants

"Then you should also stop checking India,it also has a large following,heck all of the other's have a large following,it's up to you to choose what you want,the right of freedom is a thing you know,don't do this because me being mine, don't do this because of your dad being is being his,don't this because of Amal either,don't do this because of the society practice what you always preach to Amal,do this for yourself..." Sam rants making Zach stare up at him with wide eyes

"well this randomly got corny but thanks dude" Zach says with a laugh making Sam roll his eyes but he knows that Zach heard him their friendship is just weird like that.

"Whatever man I got your back" Sam says with an eye roll but the smile could be detected in his voice

"You spoke to me like a mother would,thank you Mommy Sam" Zach teases making Sam groan ...he really should have not said anything, can't he take it all back?

"I should have just ignored you, now go to be sleep, we have school tomorrow goodnight" Sam says

"Goodnight" Zach whispers a few minutes later he was replied by a loud snore coming from up making him groan, he had almost forgotten about his best friends snoring habits while his friend enjoyed the sleep, Zach stayed awake all night on his phone researching,just researching about what they were speaking about, he picked out, he almost felt like a little child who doesn't have a name but only this time it was not about finding the right name but about finding himself because he wants to find himself a new identity.

"Zachary a package is here for you" Camila yells again

"Coming" Zach yells back say as Zach started to rush downstairs while his grandma starred at him with suspicious eyes

"Sign here and here" the mail man says Zach quickly  does as the man said

"Thank you" he states to the man who grins he walks into the kitchen and grabs the knife.

"Zach where are you going to with that knife?" his grandma finally asks

"My room,don't worry!, i'm not suicidal" Zach yells back before rushing into his room with the he opens the book and decides to read Carefully

After two days another package arrived

"Zach another package"Camila yells again

"Be right there" Zach says sitting on the stairs rail sliding down from it smoothly, making his grandma and his sister to send him weird looks which he ignored them continued to sign and thanks the delivery man again before he grabbed the package and started to make his way up the stairs

"Do you need a knife this time?" Camila asks nosily making Zach smirk

"No thank you,am good" He says taking the package up to his room again...opens the package

And it went on and on for weeks, package after package,delivered to the house to the entrance that his grandma became worried that he was doing drugs up there.

"So how is school?" His grandma asks

"Stressful but thank Goodness, we are writing our finals after this,I would be done with school" Zach rants to his family who just nods and listen

"But then again there's college" Camila finally says spoiling his little bubble

"Well thank you for ruining my happy moment" Zach says to her sarcastically but she grins

"You are welcome" she says making him roll his eyes

"Is everything OK with you and your life?" grandma asks then obvious

"What do you mean?" Zach asked not understanding where this conversation was heading too

"Are you like okay ...mentally and emotionally?"grandma asks softly

"Yes i'm not insane grandma" Zach says with a sigh, he hates hearing that question, yet he knew that they had to ask that question, every time because well they had to make sure that he is fine.

"I know that and that was not what I meant I mean are you the depressive episodes coming back or is it different this time? "she asks again making Zach let out a sigh

"No Grandma,I am fine where did you get that idea from?" Zach asks in confusion

"You" his sister states making his eyes to widen in disbelief him when?

"Me?"he asks in disbelief

"With you always coming back early,locking yourself inside your room, you have a knife in there and also packages which arrives mysteriously let me remind you that you had just gone through one not too long ago" Grandma says bluntly making Him frown, huh that does sound suspicious even to him too.

"Grandma trust me,I am not doing drugs and just buying things online and i'm not feeling like that anymore, I promise also I usually stay after school with Amal but she is not staying out for long anymore so I just have and need a lot of time to myself this days plus I'm not really ready to be around people right now" Zach rants not liking how his Grandma was getting worried over nothing, it was really just a Silly argument he wanted to see if Amal was lying or not.

"Okay I trust you but please be careful in whatever you are doing" His grandma says making Zach smile

"I am grandma I am" Zach says with a smile he decided that..that night he was not going to go upstairs but he was going to stay with his family who where worried about nothing really.


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