Take care of yourself

"There's a thin line between the dead and the living...and that is the deception of the words"

Third persons POV

"Oh my goodness"Zach says in disbelief

"I know right?" Azad states with a knowing look

"Then what happened after that?" Zach asks

"Myself and my husband took the first flight here and through out the ride,I was a mess for two reason's, one my sister was in the hospital" Azad says with a sad face meanwhile her husband shakes his head as if he disagrees or at least had something to say making Zach raise a brow, obviously curious now.

"Two, Azad really hates planes,she is over frightened of them" Abtal interrupts making his wife send him a dry look.

"Abtallll stop embarrassing me" she says to him but he just fakes a sad face

"Oh sorry baby mama" Abtal States making his wife roll her eyes but Zachary didn't miss the small smile on her face,thanking to himself that ...they are... Adorable?

"Yeah for that reason to" Azad confesses

"Oh that trip was very horrible but Alhamdulilah we arrived safely" Azad states her husband nods in agreement

"That means thanks to the lord right?" Zach asks curiously making Azad frown in confusion

"Yeah" Abtal says realizing what the boy was asking about

"Oh Sorry for interrupting, please go on"Zach says wanting to know more being the curious little bugger he is.

It was Azad's turn to stay, her sister was up and Amal hasn't even opened her eyes yet and it has being a week it was scary,scary for all of them.

There were times where their mom would have a breakdown, because this was her daughter and Amal wasn't moving at all, not like she usually does,and Azad was also affected by this.

Azad can remember her little sister begging her to not leave her,begging Azad to stay with her even though Azad had gotten married and had to go,the only reason Azad had issues with her husband after marriage was because of Amal.

It was because Azad felt like he was taking her away from her loved ones, away from her sister and to another country where they couldn't see each other in the morning as usual,no jokes,no smiles,no rants,no anything but it turns out that it was just life,that is how life works as you grow and turn into an adult,she had to learn that the hard way.

What scared her the most was when she was told by the doctors that there is a limit to being stuck in a comma after that time limit, the person might give up.

What hurts the most is the fact that her little sister got jumped by some idiots and she wasn't there to save her and now that she is here,Amal isn't awake so she can heal her.

It was almost like deja vu again except this time of wasn't her but her baby sister.

Azad couldn't stand it,she couldn't watch her baby sister die,it was sad but really what could she do if not pray to God, And hope that she would see those beautiful brown eyes that are filled with innocence once again.

"So how is she?" Ariana asks Azad can hear it the worry in her voice,they also wanted to come...but couldn't due to tge ungoing exams, they loved her sister and she can't blame them,who wouldn't love the little sweet girl,bullies and racists obviously, but those category don't exactly love everyone,the bullies are to self centered to know how bad they are destroying a person.

"She well she's still unconscious,I don't know what to do earlier on the doctor was telling my mom that she might not be strong enough to pull through, because she hasn't shown any signs of improvement" Azad says in a helpless tone she really doesn't know what to do her sister is not showing any progress,how can anyone do it to such a sweet girl who wouldn't even hurt a fly.

"Oh c'mon Azad,don't lose faith,she is going to be alright just pray God always listens to those who ask for him for help"  Ariana says making aysha look up at her surprised at what her friend was saying even Azad stared at the screen with wide eyes.

"Since when did the atheist start to talk about Faith and God in the same sentence" Aysha asks unable to keep it in, making Ariana to roll her eyes before putting the phone on speaker.

Ariana's life was all about facts no religions and no restrictions but that doesn't mean that she will hate on other religions, she could careless about what anyone else worshipped,that is their life and not hers and if her friends are Muslims,she will support them all the way regardless of her beliefs.

"Since I really hope Amal gets well soon also update us on everything" Ariana says softly as she stares her friend who looked pitiful with eyes red probably from crying,she wasn't the same girl who she was teasing about getting married a few weeks ago,this girl who was showing on the screen of her phone was a girl about to fall apart at any moment.

"okay" Azad says with a sad sigh

"Seriously don't worry to much InshaAllah (by God's grace) she would be fine"Aysha states making azad nod her head slowly

"by God's grace right?"Ariana asks making Azad nod again with a grin, even though her friend didn't believe in God she was trying to make her friend feel better with her own beliefs how sweet.

"okay guys I got to go, love you" Azad says noticing another Doctor entering the room while a very familiar black haired was walking towards her direction the only difference was that this time he wasn't rushing.

"Take care of yourself, love you too azee,also say hi to everyone for me" they say unison before they disconnected the call, she let's out a sigh as she sees a set of shoes walking towards her she knows who it is, she looks up and her eyes fell on her husbands distressed face his hair was falling over his face and blue eyes...Azad likes his eyes.

"Any news?" She asks curiously as he settles down next to her.

"No,she is still not responding the doctor went to check up at her that is why I'm sitting here "Abtal says watching as she lied her head on his shoulder before letting out a depressed sigh.

She has been like this ever since she stopped crying he just wanted her to talk to him.

Don't get him wrong she was talking to him but not about what she needed to talk about but he wasn't going to push her.

They have just started making a progress in their own relationship, he knows if he pokes at her bubble she would pop like boom on him, and whatever little trust he had worked hard for would fade like smoke.

"But i know she is okay, oh she is going to be okay here is some food, I got for you while, i was out from the cafe nearby" He says opening the bag but Azad turned away.

"I'm not hungry yet maybe later" she says making him unwrap the yummy food yet she had no appetite...she was full of worry.

"Azad please "he says pushing the spoon towards her mouth but she turns away

"Wallahi(i swear) I'm not hungry" She says making her husband let out a sigh making her look up at him she hates it whenever he does that she feels like she has made him upset...well that changed recently.

They may have gone through a lot of drama due to her hating the fact that their marriage was arranged but somewhere along the road, they became friends,not just that but best of friends and then unknowingly started working towards more than that.

"Have a little sip of the coffee at least" He pressures again making her take a small sip

"Here you happy now?"she asks he smiles at her making her smile

"Alhamdulilah, where are mom and dad?"he asks finally noticing that the two where no where to be found.

"I don't know,I have been calling my mom but she is not picking up her calls"  Azad says her voice full of worry making him smile...she is so caring and feels like everyone was disappearing from her life.

"Don't worry,I'm sure she just went home to eat and take her bath,she has been here since day one and I'm sure your dad went back to work" he says wanting her to not worry to much,she is already worried about her baby sister,she doesn't need to be worried about her mother who had told him to she needed some air earlier on.

"You know she hasn't been taking things well" Azad says before pulling out her phone but her husband takes it away.

"She's with your dad,so she should be okay"her husband says to her making her nod before, she makes her way towards the door looking through the small window, she sees the doctor checking for any changes.

She watches as he shakes his head at the nurse standing next to him, how can she not be worried?,she knows that this is a test from God so she closes her eyes and and prays that God would to come to her sister's rescue.

"Don't worry,she would be alright InshaAllah" Abtal says making azad let out a sigh she is tired of everyone telling her the same thing she stands up rather abruptly making her husband look up at her questions in his eyes.

"come on let's go" she says holding a hand out for him making him raise a brow

"go to where?" he asks as he grabs her her hand

"just come please we will be back soon" Azad says making him nod she pulls him up well let's pretend he didn't stand up on his own he trailed behind his wife he will go anywhere for her and with her. She is his soul mate after all its forever and always.


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