Throw your love away

"Please don't throw your love away"

Third person's POV

"So what's going on in your life?" Sam asks curiously with his legs laying on Zach's table wanting to irk Zach but Zach ignored the action, and continued to scan the file his secretary had dropped off at his office earlier in the day.

"nothing much, just work" Zach says looking through some paper works,he didn't see the look that appeared on Sam's face when he said the word "work".

"Yeah work, you work way too much that you are going to die alone!" Sam states making Zach to purse and look up with a raised brow at his dramatic best friend.

"Did Shakespeare say that?" Zach asks making Sam frown because what is Zach even saying anymore?

"No" Sam says obviously confused

"Then Sam, What is your point?" Zach asks closing the file that was laying in front of him.

"Why don't we go out tonight?" Sam states making Zach raise a brow wondering where Sam was taking this discussion too

"If it is too a bar then no because i don't drink anymore, you know this" Zach states making Sam frown

"That was not where I was referring to" Sam says making Zach raise a brow at him

"oh then where?" Zach asks mockingly knowing he was going to say bar

"Somewhere else besides I need a break from college too!" Sam says with a grin

"Then go out alone, i can't simply leave work just to hang out!" Zachary states making Sam send him a glare and that was how Zach knew that the boy was about to go off at him like a concerned mother at any moment so Zach smirked.

"Oh cmon, it can definitely wait!especially if what i have to say is about Amal..." Sam says with a smirk as he watched as Zach closed the file sitting up more erectly making Sam give himself a mental high five because aha he got him right where he wanted him.

"Okay,so how about we go to one of my restaurants?" Zach says leaving no room for arguments as if he wasn't the one who was telling Sam earlier on about how he can't leave work.

"Sure,rub it in my face that you have a lot of side businesses Mr entrepreneur while I'm still struggling with college" Sam states making Zach roll his eyes at his best friend because that guy is still as dramatic as he always has been but, deep down Zach knows that Sam is actually proud of how far and what His friend has archived in life at such a young age in such a short span of time.

"Don't freaking touch it" Zach says slapping his Sam's hand away from the radio making Sam send him a glare which Zach completely ignored he isn't going to back down from the words he had said from earlier on.

"Since when did you become so uptight?" Sam asks making his friend let out a stray of chuckle

"I don't know since when were you actually my friend?" Zach says with a smirk making Sam frown

"Touché but they have some really nice songs on the radio sometimes" Sam whines making Zach roll his eyes at him

"Yeah I know but, you can't just keep on changing the station every freaking second And besides, we are here already" Zach states with a smirk as the two slowly got out of the car

"Welcome Mr Perez and guest" A blonde shy girl says politely

"Thank you" Zach says to her with a polite smile

"Are you ready to order or should I come back?" she asks politely Zach noticed as Sam was staring up at her...idiot!' Zach thinks to himself.

"Um get me coffee what would you like Sam?" Zach asks snapping Sam out of his trance where he was staring at the beautiful waiter that stood in front of him

"Coke and a Tall glass of beautiful" Sam says eyeing the girl in front of him making Zach roll his eyes at his best friend's cringe worthy attempt of flirting.

"Is that what you call flirting?" Zach couldn't help but to ask as soon as the girl walked away, Zach laughed making Sam scowl.

"Oh please tell me about it ''Mr I have never had a girlfriend'' " Sam says making his friend burst out laughing making him frown, what is so funny ? many other people wouldn't find this quite insulting because it's true but not Zachary Fransisco Perez obviously?

"Haha very funny and I have actually had a girlfriend once years ago" Zach says making his friends mouth to fall open he wasn't aware of this news

"What?,when?" Sam asks curiously

"Before I converted" Zach states making his friend nod slowly

"So you actually are not a -" Sam starts to say but Zach cuts him of

"God Sam!" Zach whines not wanting To hear what his friends brain was thinking about

" What?, you are supposed to tell me this kind of stuff!, boys talk about it all the time" Sam says defensively making Zach roll his eyes he doesn't have to tell anyone about his private business

"No I'm not,that is private" Zach states the obvious

"Not if you have already told me about this possible fling" Sam says with an excited grin

"There was no fling or feelings either heck we never even went beyond k- why am I even telling you this?" Zach rants

"Then how did she stay your girlfriend?" Sam asks with wide eyes that question made Zach frown and drown in his thoughts as he wondered why?

"I don't know to be honest, but we broke up after about two weeks and now I understand why

" Zach states making Sam send him a sad look but then the waitress walks back to the table with the drinks

"Anything else?" she asks shyly

"No not yet, we would call you when we are ready to order" Zach states making her nod

"Okay sir" she says before walking away that was when Zach felt Sam slap his arm

"Dude,what the heck?" Zach asks staring at his friend in disbelief

"Why did you send her away?, I was actually trying to get her number" Sam complains making Zach roll his eyes

"You need to stop playing around with So many women I mean, we are not getting any younger" Zach says making Sam raise a brow at him

"I'm only 20, don't be talking like we are 40!, it's no wonder that your girlfriend left you so what about Amal?" Sam states making Zach roll his eyes but his ears perk up at the mention of his old friend.

"What is it about her?" Zach asks curiously

"She did say you should call her back" Sam states making Zach let out a sad sigh

"I can't" he says making Sam raise a brow

"Why?" Sam asks

"Because she said i should call her back when I'm back to normal"

"Is that why you tried to fuck around?" Sam asks bluntly making his friend flinch, flinch away from the truth.

"Key word tried to but I couldn't take it further" Zach mutters to himself but of course nosy Sam had to hear him

"Why?" Sam asks again

"Simply Because besides now I don't have to think about girls anymore well not before marriage" Zach states making His friend raise a brow at him

"Yeah like that helps anything" Sam says with a laugh

"It actually does, my job was actually trying to force me to find a girl so she could attend meetings with me but it didn't work out and now that I have converted everyone is aware that I can't" Zach rants actually sounding happy about that fact

"Is that why you actually converted?" Sam couldn't help but to ask his best friend

"No I actually converted because I wanted to, I mean you did tell me years ago to practice what I preach, and after reading and doing my research on religions in general, i guess I found my self picking this one for many reasons I actually do like the rules and facts in it" Zach states while taking a sip of his now cold coffee making him to wrinkle his nose in distaste.

"Well you would be glad to know that I don't give a fuck about who you serve because at the end of the day you are still you!" Sam states with a grin making Zach to shake his head but the smile appeared he loved having a supportive friend who wasn't judging him.

"So what is happening with Amal?" Zach asks curiously making his friend send him a knowing smirk that ignored

"Well she is doing alright I actually called her the other day and her roommate picked up..."

"And..." Zach asks curiously

"She told me she was not around" Sam says with a shrug making Zach scowl

"Subhanalah!" Zach mutters to himself in disbelief before rolling his eyes at his best friend who basically dragged his attention over nothing.

"What!,I said I called!"Sam says defensively as if that made everything better but it really didn't

"And you actually are saying that she is fine?" Zach says in disbelief because how would Sam know if he never even spoke to the girl in question?

"She is?, that was what Jamie told me" Sam says with a shrug making Zach roll his eyes

"So you mean to say that you dragged me all the way out of my office to bring here to tell me that!" Zach says making his friend to frown as he comes to understanding of his words

"Yeah and would you stop repeating that before I actually call her and tell her that you are still obsessed with her" Sam States making his friend send him a glare

"Touché also not obsessed but in love with her" Zach says making his friend send him a knowing smug smirk

"Would you actually believe me if I would have told you that I saw this coming?" Sam says making his friend roll his eyes

"I think we are done here Sam"Zach States standing up making his friend roll his eyes before standing up and trailing after Zach but not before throwing a wink at the waiter whose face flushed as she pushes a strand of her hair behind her ears as she watches through the glass door as the range rover pulled out of the packing lot.

Zach stopped the car in front of a college Sam is so familiar with, he had a love and hate relationship with the place to be honest but then again, who doesn't? Hopefully at the end the struggle is going to pay off for him and others, who are also dealing with the struggle on a daily.

"And We are here" Zach says to his friend who nods in agreement as he stares at the big gates of the university.

"Oh okay dude!, I guess we will talk or see soon" Sam says before the two did a weird handshake that they created ever since they were in middle school, before Sam opened the door and started to make his way into the gates while Zach stared after him wishing he was the one going to a normal university instead of doing it online due to his work.

And Before you Wonder, Yes Sam is also in France! and, that is because Zach had left he applied for the university over there, in other for him to not lose his best friend which is kind of sweet, the only thing that isn't sweet is how he keeps on barging into his friends office anytime he pleased but, of course Zach didn't mind, he might be a business man now but he still needed his best friend.


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