It started when...

"spending too much of your time thinking about only yourself makes you forget that others got their own problems too"

Amal POV

"Hey kid, I was waiting for your call" Ariana States with a smirk making me raise a brow.

"Really?" I ask with a grin

"Yeah, I told your sis that she should let you know that i'm going make you famous" she states with a wild grin making me raise a brow.

"Oh really how?" I ask with a grin she is the second sister I never had, I loved her and her weirdness a lot.

"By making you the first Girl with a headscarf who knows how to sock someo-" she starts to say before my sister cut her off making me stare at her as she stood behind Ariana and Ariana stared back at me or should i say at the screen before the screen turned black again leaving me to only hear the sound of her feet running around with my sisters voice was now closer.

"Ariana give me back my phone this instant" my sisters British accent shows up due to her anger, oh yeah she is living in england with her husband Wolverhampton to be specific.

"Urgh you always spoil my fun" Ariana groans the phone screen turns dark for a second, I lay on my bed awaiting for my sister and her best friend to finish fighting and answer me.

"Sorry about that" My big sister apologized but I waved her off

"Actually enjoyed the show" I say with a grin, it's true they always entertain me at least she had a best friend who jokes around with her all I have is an ex best friend who bullies me yay...oh yeah there's Zach but that's Zach.

"So what's up?" she asks curiously

"A lot" I say with a smile making her smile back

"Tell me everything!" big sis says while getting comfy on her bed

"well it started when..." I started to run through the events that has been going on for the past weeks.

I watched as my sisters mood changed like a cartoon character from happy to sad from to happy again, it almost looked like I was taking her on a ride on a rollercoaster of emotions as soon as I finished I stared at her, waiting for her reply. But my sister Azad stared at me as if trying to dissolve the words and emotions then suddenly she was smiling because her sister was grinning it was actually shocking to Azad.

"wow that's a lot" she finally says making me nod in agreement

"I know right but I can't believe that you were actually right, He is not bad so bad" I states Azad nods with tears in her eyes

"Sis Azad what's happening?" I ask her worriedly

"What do you mean?" She asked

"You're crying" I say feeling my own eyes stinging, here's a random tip never cry around me because then we will have to cry together.

"Oh that's nothing, I just- i'm so happy for you" Azad States with a big grin

"Aw you don't have to cry big sis" I say to her

"I just I haven't seen you happy in this long, also I have also have news for you baby sis" She says fresh badge of tears running down her cheeks,I wanted nothing more than to reach out and wipe them away but she was so far away.

Another content, another country,I miss her so much.

"Iknowampregnant"she says and it sounds like a bunch of blabs to me

"What!,gosh your accent is just to thick for my american ears" I tease her making her giggle we laughed

"I said I am ..." She trailed of

"Say it" I urged her I was dying of curiosity

"I am 3 months pregnant" she whispers to me as If wanting to keep it a secret but I of course was not going to stay quiet a niece or nephew is coming in 6 months to come

" OH MY FREAKING FUGDUE BREAD AND CAKE I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNTYY AT 17" I scream to no one in particular, I was just so happy i couldn't my own tears from running down my face

"Actually at 18 you turn 18 in four months time it's September now sister"she says smiling and crying along with me

"Wow is the bump out yet?, can I see?"I ask happily

"Yes but Actually..."Azad trails of making Amal's brows to furrow

"Your sister went to the gym to much now your niece or nephew is hardly showing any indication" Ariana says appearing out no where this me joy.

"Wow it hides pregnancies,i also want to join the gym" I say to no one in particular my sister has body goals, I don't want to grow fat when I get pregnant either.

"Wait how old are you again?" Ariana asks making me raise a brow what game was she playing now

"17" I say slowly wondering what she wanted to say

"Yeah,You need to join the gym" Ariana states sternly making me let out a stray of giggles because what is even happening anymore.

"Thank you missus adviser" Azad states as she raises her hoodie up to show me her stomach and like Ariana said she is barely showing it is a wonder that a soul is there.

"You are lucky,you are pregnant cry baby" Ariana shot back at her not missing a beat.

"I'm not a cry baby,it is the hormones" my sister whines wanting anyone to believe her but her friend just waved her off.

"Sure blame it on the hormones" Ariana states dryly making my sister to send her a glare meanwhile I laughed enjoying the show.

"Ariana" my sister whines again making Ariana pout jokingly

"Azad,you know I love you, that is why I am just gonna go back home the love of my life aka my cat needs me, bye kid" she rants while picking up her bag squeezing my big sis into a tight hug before waving at me again

"Bye Ariana" i say and wave back at her as soon i heard the sound of the door I asked the question of the hour

"Does brother in-law know about this?" I ask curiously but then she shakes her head in a no motion making me to frown

"Why are you planning on something?" I ask curiously

"Yes but not now" she says I nod to let her know that I respect her decision

"I gotta go meet up wit-" I started to say but she cuts me of

"Zachary?" She asks with a smile

"Uh no Sam, Actually i have been calling Zach, he is not picking up, he didn't even come to school today, i'm honestly kind of worried" I rant about my problem of the day she nods In understanding. I know you probably think I'm over reacting but really I can't help it, I'm that kind of person who doesn't have a friend or open up but after I do, I become a mama bear you may consider annoying but really I just care that much which is probably too much.

"Oh I hope he is alright before going make sure you inform mom and stay vigilant while you're out" Azad advice's me making me smile

"Yeah yeah I would be as vigilant as a cop I promise, goodnight take care of your self please"I promise with a smile

"Actually morning so good morning take care of yourself too" she says with smile

"Mom, can go out with a friend to visit another friend that is sick" I ask intentionally omitting the fact that this friends of mine are guys.

"Sure but be back before magrib(sun down)dear"mom States making me nod I hug her and kiss her cheek

"I promise" I say before opening the door and shutting it behind me before letting out a scream in fear...well it's not everyday that you will have Zach standing right in front of you with his eyes looking red and just tired looking like he has just been waiting for you to come out even though he did not knock.

"Are you okay?" I ask him softly not knowing how react,I have never seen him In this form, it made me think of a quote ' spending your time thinking about only yourself makes you forget that others got their own problems too'.

"No i'm really not" he states leaning his head against the wall this wasn't the Zach I know, this one was in so much pain and just looking at gave made me feel his pain

"It's my baby brother's death anniversary today" he states his voice cracking

I just wanted to wrap my arms around him and comfort him but I can't,I really couldn't do that, why was this happening to me right now? i have never felt so weak, I guess that was what happened when the cause of your happiness was weeping where in the world is Samuel when I need him?


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