I love you

"They say there is love in the air I guess that's why I only see you"

Azad Pov

"Urghh school sucks" I groan making abtal laugh

"Get over it, you are the one who said you wanted to be a strong independent woman who earns her own money" He states mockingly making scowl

"I can't keep on collecting money from you" i say making my husband roll his eyes

"But i'm your husband" he says as if he wanted to tattoo that fact inside my head but I just think it is not fair.

"And i'm your pride I know I know" I say while laying on the bed lazily

"Have you prayed though?" he asks me making me nod in reply

"In school yes, aren't you supposed to be at work or something?" i ask

"Actually taking a few days off from work for now" he says with a grin

"Aw whyyyyyy you are supposed to be working?"i grumbled jokingly making the both of us to burst out laughing.

"Don't be jealous wifey that you can't skip college" he says making me roll my eyes

"Whatever" I say playfully making him chuckle he wrapped his arms around me shuffling us from one side to the other it almost looked like we were slow dancing.

"What was that for?" i ask not really pulling away

"Can't I hug my wife?" he asks with a grin I roll my eyes he is really enjoying teasing me

"What were you about to go and do?" I ask him seeing he was not in his normal attire.

"To the mosque to pray and after that I'm going to visit the gym from there bye love" he says leaning to kiss my cheek before he dashed out of the room making me shake my head before laying on my bed letting out a sigh, my legs are killing me I swear, just when I closed my eyes my phone began to ring making me groan but I grinned seeing the name on the screen I quickly answered the video call not bothering to put on a scarf because well she is not some dude.

"Salamualaikum baby sis -ahhhhh" i started to say but my eyes widened at the sight of a curly haired boy seated next to her I let the iPad fall face flat as I quickly ran around searching for my scarf as soon as I found it I slipped it on before carrying the iPad back up

"Well Amal you didn't tell me you were going to call me with your non mahram friend close" i say scolding my baby sis who blushed in embarrassment making the boy with black hair blue eyes grin, how is he not white? but light skinned yet he has blue eyes well...he is certainly quite the special boy who Amal rants about.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you were not wearing a headscarf" Amal apologizes

"Wait, that was actually your hair? wow I thought it was your head scarf?" he say making me roll my eyes at his lame attempt to make me not feel bad but hey that's sweet of him so I sent him a friendly smile.

"Hey I'm Azad Amal's big sister"I said narrowing my eyes at him

"Hi I am-" he start to say

"Zachary ?-yes I know" i says cutting him of she has finally gotten a friend so I have to threaten them with my eyes so they won't hurt her and he seems good to go

"Actually I'm Zachary Francisco Perez you didn't know that" he says with a grin

"Urgh another smart ass, don't allow Amal and xeeva to rub on you" i complain

"you know about xeeva too?" he asks me with a laugh making me laugh along while my sister narrow her eyes at us

"Of course Amal is always talking crazy?" i says it's official I like him

"hey!"Amal states

"What?,it's true!" I say with a smirk

"Where is he?,I want report his wife to him"she whines making me laugh

"He went to pray but I gotta say, he is not a big fan of Zachary "i say wanting scare the boy because why not?gahhh I'm turning into Ariana.

"What why?"he asks with wide eyes mission was a success

"Well that's because Amal always used to rant about you" I say with a smirk

"well nice to know you talk so nicely about me Amal" he says sarcastically making me laugh

"What?, you were kind of annoying at first" Amal states bluntly ha she hasn't changed at all.

"You weren't the nicest person in the world either" He states making her glare him well damn they both went hard on one another...interesting.

"Do you guys always Banter like this?" i asked a rhetorical question

"Yes they do" another voice says scaring the both of them while i searched for a face but couldn't see any.

"Where did you come from?" Zach ask looking towards the other side away from the camera

"My momma" the voice says making me to laugh do Kelvin heart know this kids or something.

"I like your new friends Amal" I couldn't help but to say with a grin

"I like you too, if you weren't married, I would have kidnapped you and gotten married to this beauty" Zachary says jokingly

"Haha he is also funny nice choice for me" I say playing along while Amal was laughing while pointing towards the screen making my brows furrow

"Why thank you but i'm afraid your husband is right behind you" Zach says with a grin making my brows furrow...what?

"Hey Amal who is your friend that my wife is complementing?" He states making me jump shit i can literally taste the jealousy in his tone, he is really possessive over anything he loves but not the crazy type, I hope he understands that we were just messing around.

"I'm Zachary Perez" Zachary states I watched my husband waiting for him to blow but surprisingly he doesn't.

"Is he THE boy?" he asks Amal who nods

"Amal, how many type of descriptions have you given About me?" Zach asks Amal just shrugs that girl...

"Trust me, they are a lot of them, I can't even count them" I state with a laugh making Zach send my sister a disapproving look which she chose to ignore.

"Well i'm not going to try defend myself anymore, Zachary the bell just went off" Amal says with a shrug

"I just wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy" Zach blurts out making my eyes to widen, ohhhh Zach whyy couldn't you hold your smart mouth?

"Pregnancy, who is pregnant?" Abtal asks me making me look down oh shiz my secret is out of the bag

"oh shizzle" I hear Amal say as she face palms what's it with shizzle is that a new cuss word for teens?

"I gotta go love you both MUAH" she says quickly before she hangs up so my so called sister ditch me and left me to die how nice is she?not.

"i am uh i am pregnant Surprise" I say with a guilty smile but he just stares at me as if frozen in shock

"How many days, or is it weeks?" he asks slowly while I wondered how I'll inform him that it is actually month's and that I knew about it but didn't want to tell him yet?

"Actually it's months, 3 months"I say closing my eyes

I don't want to see the anger on his face, I suddenly felt my self getting lifted off the bed, making my eyes to pop open only to find myself being embraced ever so tightly he was laughing, did i say kill me? well technically i'm not going to die, he would just hug me to death, he put me down staring at me as if I had just told him I found a cure for cancer, his hands where on his head and his shock, excitement yet fear was evident before I could say anything I got lifted off the ground again.

"Are you serious!, i'm going to be a father?" He cheered his eyes as wide as a kid, and i nodded slowly then he spined me around again saying I love you making me let out a grin and laugh.

"I love you too" I say to him as he leaned down and kissed my cheek

"Can I see?" he asks like a kid asking for CandY. His happiness was making me tear up feeling a lump in my throat I just nodded he quickly reached out and grabbed the edge of my dress and lifted it up making my cheek burn.

"Abtal!" I exclaimed in...shyness I guess but he just raised a brow at me making me roll my eyes but I nod at him to go on

"How are you not showing?" he asks in amazement as he poked at my tommy with his finger softly as if he couldn't believe that I really had a growing soul, a person who was growing inside of me, inside my stomach, it only looked like I was adding little fat but I can definitely see the bump that everyone couldn't.

"What are you guys even saying?,I'm actually showing look closer, I have grown a little fatter" I say pointing at my tiny bump but Abtal waves my comment off

"I don't see it and besides if you do add weight later on in the future it would be baby fat which is beautiful, in my eyes you would still be the most beautiful woman alive fat or not so don't start worrying about how child birth might lead to you adding weight I'll love you anyway" he says making my heart melt, I know I'm lucky my husband loves me so much even though we are young but trust me it wasn't always like this the first time I met him...well I really didn't appreciate the fact that I was getting married to a guy that I didn't know but right now I don't regret anything from the day i met him uptll now, not even one bit.

"Is it safe to go to the gym and be pregnant?" I ask him out of blue making him send me a glare I bursted out laughing

"Okay okay no more gym..."

"But there is school" he complains making me grin

"And?" i ask mockingly knowing what was coming next

"Now I really hate college for you, can you take a gap year?" He continues to rant as he looks down up me with pleading eyes but I'm not having it not after he made fun of me earlier on when I complained about stress and college.

"Nah uh too bad, I can't stop this is my last year" i say with a smirk...pay back is sweet.

"I know but-"

"No buts now go and take a shower you are stinking up the place" i say wrinkling my nose mockingly but really he does...smell like sweat.

"Sorry baby mama, I had to stop at the gym" He says jokingly before walking into the bathroom, I rolled my eyes before laying back down he is just never going to allow me rest now that he knows I look down at my tiny bump.

"6 months to go then I will welcome you to the world then hello gym for me" I say while rubbing on my tummy with a smile, I can't wait to become a mother it is going to be one heck of a ride.

"You are going to have the best aunt her name is Amal and also cousins, too many cousins thanks to our large family" I say to my bump again with a smile

"Stop talking to yourself crazy!" he yells but I know he was joking

"Just take your shower Mr" I yell back with a smile on my face


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