Pregnant with twins

"Sometimes it is the unexpected and unplanned event's that can ruin this thing called happiness"

Third Persons POV

Amal walked down the stairs wanting to walk around and just chill for a little while but she got stopped by her own husband...he is ruining her life. Remind her about why she ever thought marriage was the best thing to exist?

"Why are you here?" Zach asks making his wife flinch in disbelief

"Wow, don't i feel the love?" She says sarcastically

"Don't get me wrong?, i love you but really what are you doing down here?, what were you even thinking?" Zach says making his wife let out a sigh.

"Subhanallah Zach, I just wanted to escort you out " Amal says sounding irritated and truly she really is irritated with how everyone was treating her, just because she is pregnant, doesn't mean that she is handicap!

"But Habibti (my love) you are pregnant" Zach says making her roll her eyes

"You have told me that like a thousand times, tell me something I don't Already know" She says sarcastically wanting him to shut up but of course not Zach

"Pregnant with twins" He continues

"Zach" Amal whines making him laugh

"Okay I'm sorry, I just... Maybe you should stop stressing and just relax for once, I mean you have looked for a reason to send away everyone that came to help" Zach rants like the caring husband, he is making his wife stare down at her hands guiltily so maybe that is true, maybe the house helps were not that bad,maybe she told her family to not come by because she had people to many people to look after her when in reality she only had Zach, maybe she told Camila she already has help also Jamie...Jamie has tried and still is trying as she is the only one who drops by due to her living close by.

"I'm only in my 8th month Zach the doctor said that on my 9th month, I would be ready" Amal days wanting her husband to stop over worrying about her.

"Yes but still, just rest and keep my beans save for me" Zach says making Amal to send him a look of disbelief because what the heck is her husband even saying anymore?

"Don't tell me you are talking about our children like that!" Amal says slapping his arm playfully, he laughed while she rolled her eyes but an amused smile never left her face as she wondered what type of man had she gotten married too...only the best one out there.

"What?, they looked like beans from the beginning" Zach says mockingly making his wife to send him a glare as she wrapped her arms around her now large stomach as if to defend her unborn children.

"No, they look nothing like we have ever seen, Something out Of this world, something beautiful... And totally Not beans like" Amal says defensively making her

Husband nod in agreement as he hugs her from behind and lays his head against her shoulder, the two just stayed in each others arms enjoying the heat from each others body and the comfort in their hearts.

"I want werewolves as kids" He says out Of the blue making his wife's eyes to widen in disbelief as she wondered why she had agreed to get marry this man right here?oh right, because he was the one made for her she wouldn't change him for anything in the world to be honest.

"Zach, my kids aren't going to be animals and besides if they wanted to be mutants they are going to be little spider babies and not werewolves" She says with a smirk and this time it was her husband who sent her a look of disbelief because what is she even saying anymore?

"Baby maybe you really should go back to bed" Zach chooses to say instead as he tries to lead his wife up the staircase but she resists

"Zackariyah" She whines tiredly she can't go back up there, even if she had food and everything up there in her room it does get boring up there.

"What the heck is spider babies like you didn't even say vampire babies?" Zach says making her raise a brow at him,was he really saying that?

"Thanks but no thanks I don't want a freaking demon as a child" Amal states sternly making her husband to burst into laughter and she laughs along noticing how ridiculous their argument was, she opened her mouth to say something when his phone started to ring, he looked at her waiting for her to talk ignoring the sound of his phone ringing making her smile he always puts her above everything even work but she really doesn't try to take care of that, so she points towards his phone and muttered for him to answer up the call.

"Answer!, I'm just gonna go back up now, are you happy now?" She states making her husband grin he leaned in and pressed a kiss to her forehead and she could barely remember the second one she received from him which was feather light but full of affection, he pulled away and grabbed his phone pressing on the green button to answer the call.

"Yeah,very very!" Zach finally says to her before putting the phone against his ear and turning away making her roll her eyes with a dazed smile on her face, she grabbed at the railing and started to make her way up the stairs counting her steps and stopping a few times to take a deep breath as her feet started to hurt again, she hates it that her legs are swollen but the doctor did say it was normal due to her pregnancy.

But what happened next was too heart wreaking as It all happened too fast, and Zach's phone call was interrupted by a scream which immediately made him turn around with so many emotions rushing in his body that he felt like the wire that connected reality to him was cut and that was it, the worst thing that he had ever seen was right in front of him. His heart skipped multiple beats before stopping for a few seconds, maybe even minutes...he couldn't find it in himself to take a breath that wasn't forced at this point, he felt as if his chest was blocked and no oxygen wanted to pass in.

He felt stuck! as If he was glued to the ground, as he watched it all happen but then as quickly as he froze, all the ice in his blood melts as he rushes forward to his wife who was now laying in a pool of her own blood, it almost feels like he is stuck in a horror movie except this time there was no monster but crippling fear,shock and pain everything looked like it was happening in slow motion to him yet he couldn't find it in himself to be fast enough to stop it from happening.

"Amal" He screams as he shakes her body but her eyes kept on closing and opening just like a light which was about to trip off and die.

"Hmm! The babies..." she mumbles weakly

"Are fine Amal just stay with me" Zach pleads

"My babies..." she mumbles her eyes shutting again making her husband pat her cheek not wanting her to close her eyes.

"Amal..." Zach yells shaking her by her shoulders but she could barely keep her eyes open yet she could see it, she could feel it to and that was what scared her the most.

"Z-zach I don't want my babies to die,I don't want to die" She yells helplessly both from the pain and fear that was eating her up from the inside, because really there was just so much blood everywhere!, and all of it was coming from nowhere but her!

She still can't believe that it was all coming from her,she refused to believe yet she knew, she knew that she was pregnant yet she wasn't careful enough, she couldn't believe that she has hurt her own babies that had barely 4 weeks left to come out to the world, what kind of mother is she?, she had just a little time to keep them safe but all her efforts where in vain now, and the pain was at it's max to the extent where death almost feels like the it would have been the best option compared to this pain that she was going through.

"You aren't going to die, Amal keep your eyes open for me baby please" Zach pleads because he really can't stand it, and neither can he believe that his entire life is falling apart just right before his eyes and the only thing he could do to stop it was dial 911.

"Sorry" Amal mutters all of a sudden making him look up at her face, hwr eyes away from the blood which he had been stuck staring at, seeing so much blood felt like it was deja vu again and slowly like a dream that was when he watched as her eyes rolled backwards into her skull and at that very moments Zach could have sworn that, that was when his heart stopped after the sharp beat it gave that felt like it was the end for him, it felt as if the electricity and functioning got cut off and all the heat left his body and then all he could feel was cold inside out, so he let go of his phone and pulled his wife closer to his chest, ignoring the voice coming from his phone asking him about his emergency, he really couldn't believe that his wife was really gone, just when he thought his life was falling into a place of course it would go back to this!, it would be falling apart again. Zach didn't hear the gasp that came from behind him,he couldn't hear or see anything that wasn't his wife's lifeless body.

"Zach why the fuck are you just sitting there?, call the freaking 911!" Jamie yells at her brother who doesn't move a muscle neither did he blink she nearly flinched as she saw his eyes, they were so empty and so were His cries, she wasn't about to fall apart just like him so instead she ignored him and grabs her phone and Dial's the same number he had dialed a few minutes ago.

Meanwhile to Zach everything was like a blur one minute he was alone with his bleeding wife and The next he was being asked to let Amal go and suddenly everything feels like déjà vu again except the fact that this time it wasn't his little brother but his wife.

"No" Zach Says not even thinking well that what everyone in the room thought but really he was thinking!, he was even over thinking everything at this point and that wasn't good because even His imagination or illusion had become more active due to his thoughts.

"Zach she needs help" Jamie says but her Brother ignored her completely he was stuck in his own world, a world where there was no one but him and his wife and there she was perfectly okay, the blood was water and where no one was about to take her to anywhere because she was already safe right here in his arms.

"She's going to die If they take her" Zach mutters out loud and Jamie heart shatters into smaller pieces

"No she isn't sir, we promise to tr-

"Try?, the last time your promise wasn't that fulfilled so no, we don't need your help, she would be waking up soon right sweetheart?, look didn't you see that?, she even said yes" Zach says before turning to face his wife lifeless body asking her a question like she was awake making the people to send his sister a look but she really has no idea about what is going in her brother's head anymore but really all she knew was that she wanted to help so without thinking her lips moved.

"He had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD a few years ago when we lost his our baby brother" She tries to explain making the man nod His head in realization being a doctor he knows this kind of situation with people with this kind of issue.

"That honestly explains it all" he says with a kind smile and it really does, Zach was currently exhibiting the signs and it was nothing like Jamie had ever seen, heck! she has only heard about his past issues from Camila and Amal and seeing it right now broke her heart, how could his own parents leave him when he was in this type of stage in the past?

"But she clearly needs help so what do we do?" Jamie asks after taking a deep breath, she was trying to stay strong but really of felt like she was getting choked by pain as she tries to wipe at the tears rushing down her face as she watched her brother fall apart without even knowing.

"In this case, we have only one choice" he states making Jamie shake her head in disagreement

"No" she chooses to the say almost immediately making him frown

"We need to or else he won't allow us" The man states but Jamie still disagrees

"But is there not another way,he needs to be awake to watch it all happen, I mean his kids are going to be born right?" She tries to explain as if explaining would make the situation better.

"I'm sorry miss but we need to save them both" The man says making Jamie let out a sad sigh, she nods and turns away ignoring the sound of protest, but then she heard it, silence!, so she turned back to see the people putting Amal into a stretcher,pulling another to put her brother on it, she followed behind them and settled in the ambulance, everything turned in for a blur for her as she could feel her lunch coming back up, As they told her that Amal might not make it so they had to perform the C section to save the kids or in this case one of the kids.


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