Zachary Francisco Perez

"Her eyes kept on searching for you even when she is supposed into feel complete"

Third person's POV

Through out the ride in the car Amal was looking down at her phone after every second passed by before looking away, she had no idea that Abtal could see her through the rear mirror.

"Okay?" he asks making her head up in confusion but then realization hit her.

"Yeah I'm fine, hey we have arrived!" she cheers wanting him to take his mind off her, because her brother in law is a very observant person, she knows that he can figure her out in seconds, and like she always said to Zach, she really hates it when people read her a book they have been studying ever since the beginning of forever to the end.

She waits for him to grab her small bag of clothes and also plate of food which her sister has taken to her the night before, as soon as they reached the door, he pressed the door bell and from outside the sound of bell ringing was heard but no reply making her frown.

"Maybe they are not around?, let me try to use my key" she says to her brother in law who nods and moves away from the door she puts her in key turning it once the door swings open only to be faced with a dark house making her frown.

"it seems like no one is home" she states looking behind her to see that even her brother in law was not longer there, she slowly and blindly reached for the light switched and as soon as she turned it on.

"Welcome back!" To many voices all scream at once almost making Amal's soul to almost fly out of her body as she saw everyone popping out nowhere but Amal managed to regain herself like she always does to smile widely at her parents,her sister and husband also at Ariana and Aysha who where grinning happily at her.

"Aw thank you" Amal says shyly as she looks around the house to see little signs saying welcome back also decorations as if it was some bodies birthday.

"Eh you deserve it" Amal's Mom says hugging Amal so Amal hugged her back Amal's mom, Safia Is quite a shy person,Amal and her both went through everything together until it got better.

"Welcome back daughter" he says softly making Amal grin

"Thank you daddy" Amal says moving away from her to hug her dad

"And me?,won't I get a hug too?" Ariana asks pushing Azad away from Amal making me laugh while her sister sends her a look of disbelief

"Hey that's my sister"  Azad states sending her friend a playful glare

"Who cares?,she loves me more" Ariana says making Amal laugh again that's Ariana's way of saying she loves someone.

"I love you too" Amal says with a grin

"Love you three" Azad says with a grin over the little time they have spent together,they have grown so attached to each other at hip even closer than they did before she got married.

Aysha smiles at Amal and says welcome but Amal Pull's her in for a hug she hugs Amal back, Aisha really is shy and is mistaken for being rude but Amal knows that she isn't, it's just the social anxiety. After receiving all the hugs and kisses,Amal was chased out of the kitchen and living room because this is Amal's part and I quote "she is not allowed to help to prepare any of her favourite favourite dishes and snacks".

So she walked towards the living room sitting on the white lather couch, her eyes searched for something she doesn't even know what yet she was still searching for it cluelessly.

"He is not yet here" a voice say making Amal jump what is with her family scaring her today

"Who?" she asked in confusion

"Zach" She states making Amal mouth form an O shape.

"Oh" Amal's say raising a brow as she thinks to herself ''didn't Zach says he would be the first face  would see when I come home?jokes on him I got to see everyone else first"

"He is probably on his way though" Mom says with a grin making me nod

"Yeah I think so" I say before pulling me in for another hug making me grin before taking a sit next to me

"You know you can tell me anything right?" she says making me frown where is this matter going to

"Yeah mom"i reply

"Okay don't forget that you can though,you have been becoming so distant you didn't even tell me that you were getting bullied an- "she starts to rant Amal could see where this was going and sadly  have to go there with her too...

"Mom i am so sorry!,I didn't know when I started to pull away and the bullying issue it wasn't that bad so I didn't feel the need to inform you about common words" Amal rants hanging her head in shame,she knows that it was true,she really hasn't been talking to her this days.

"Haven't you heard the saying sticks and stones can't break my bones but words can?" mama asks softly making Amal look down it's true they really did break her bones like...literally now her wrist is broken but the again so is her heart!

"And Zach...when did he even come into your life?, was he the friend you always go out to hang out with?" Mom asks curiously as she tries to catch up to all the events taking place in her daughter's life,catching her daughter's lies red handedly...literally.

"Actually we met at school...and the first question he asked me was "where is your headscarf?" I thought he was also bad news, but a few days later when I was getting bullied he stood up for me and sat next me when no one else would, telling me he knew me since kindergarten" Amal rants watching as her eyes widen

"So that means he was there when.."she trials off

"No, he was actually in France at that moment for his dad's business had expanded and also for  some personal issues, he didn't resume until he returned the next year" Amal trails off with a frown as she remembers the day He confessed about his own issues to her, she can still see the pain that was on his face.

"Oh is there anything else?" Mom asks curiously making Amal to frown

"No more" Amal says with a smile

"You sure?" Her mom asks one last time

"Yes mom no secrets" Amal insists

"I'm trusting you on this one" Mom says making Amal frown

"Which one?" Amal asked but her mom just kissed Amal's forehead with a smile before walking out of the dinning room making Amal frown, as she wonders to herself what the heck that talk was all about?

Amal stood up ready to go to the comfort of my room which she missed so much that was when she heard it.


Ding dong


"coming!" Azad yells removing the baking gloves before she started to make her say towards the door.

"Oh you are here" she says noticing Amal standing already, Azad turns back around and walking back into the kitchen maybe to get the remaining dishes for dinner.

Amal slowly opened the door with her good wrist and just right in front of her,there stood Zach as soon as his eyes met hers, his widened dramatically and i could have sworn that i would have never seen him looking after her with such emotions but of course his friend was oblivious as always.

"Welcome back" he says waving his hand awkwardly making her send to him a weird look because what was that?

"Always a weirdo and still a weirdo" she mutters loudly making him narrow his eyes at her

"Hey that's not nice" he says pathetically

"Neither are you!" she shoots back making him grin

"Oh please I'm the nicest person you know" he brags making her roll her eyes

"Some people are still lying" she mocks making him smile wider he knows she does not mean it.

"Are you gonna let me in or send me home?" he asks with a smile

"Go home" she states sternly but he doesn't even flinch, he knows that she was just messing with his head as usual...Amal is in a million.

"WHAT?, but I just rushed out of class to see you" he whines playing along

"Really?" she asks also playing along

"Yeah the drama teacher just kept on ranting and ranting while being you know dramatic, while I just wanted to come over and say welcome but I know where I am not welcomed!" He says in a fake British accent that makes her to burst into laugher,he laughed to not because he found his own jokes funny but because her laugh was contagious.

"Uh huh come in" Amal says opening the door more wider and moving away a little bit so when Zach would come in so that their bodies wouldn't bump unto one another along the way.

"So whose here?" Zach asks curiously

"The parents,the sister and husband,the sister's best friends I'm sure you would love to meet them" Amal says with some much enthusiasm making Zach smile and nod


"Gosh, can the both of you stop chit chating please?, am hungry!"a voice whines making everyone at the table laugh the girl definitely had a food addiction...just like someone Zach  knows...Amal.

"Ariana" Amal's mom says with a laugh making Ariana pout gesturing for Zach to follow her which he did like a lost puppy.

"I'm sorry mom and dad" Ariana says innocently but Azad just sends her a look that said shut up she knows her best friend better than everyone.

"Salam(peace)"he greets everyone at the table

"Waalaikum(and unto you)"  everyone replied with a grin before getting lost into their own conversation even Zach and Amal got lost in theirs.

"Sam is a nice guy" Amal insists making Zach roll his eyes

"I know that bu-" Zach tries to defend himself key words tries

"Also he is my friend too, if he wants to know my business tell him" Amal says sternly

"All of it?" Zach asks with a raised brow while Amal sent him a caught of guard look

"What do you mean by All of it?" Amal asks not trusting the smile on his face unknown to the both of them, everyone on the table was now paying attention to them.

"Well you said I should tell him your business"  Zach states and Azad couldn't help but to wonder how much of Amal's business does he know?, because of the way Amal's eyes widens in disbelief and fright.

"Zach, stop being a smartbutt you know  that's my thing" Amal states

"Well I can't help i-" Zach starts to say but he got cut off by the blond haired who squints her eyes at him, almost threatening him with her eyes alone.

"Well who is this guy?" Ariana asks curiously and loudly

"Hi My name is Zach" he introduces himself making Ariana raise a brow

"Well nice to meet you Zachary Fransisco Perez, don't ask me how I know that I have my ways ..." she trials of enjoying as the boy stared at her with wide eyes not even Amal knew his middle name.

"My name is Ariana, nice to meet you" Ariana says Amal could see Zach's eyes widen he wasn't expecting to see a non Muslim on the table but the thing is that Islam originally teaches about peace, which also means that Muslims are taught to love everyone regardless of their religion so, this is why stereotyping is stupid.

"Also this Is Aisha, she is my sister in law and also one of my best friends"  Azad explains to Zach while Aisha just smiles and waves at him and he waves back with a smile.

"Can we eat now?" Ariana asks



"Let her eat,it is a celebration after all" safia says making Ariana grin

"This is why I love your parents more than i love you" Ariana states with a grin while Azad's mouth falls open in disbelief

"I don't want your love, I have found mine" Azad states jokingly with a smirk

"Haha very funny,if I should leave your life now you know you would be begging me to come back" Ariana states with a knowing smirk

"That's is false" Azad states

"Habibti(my love) you know she isn't lying" Abtal states making his wife to pout while Ariana lets out an obnoxious laugh.

"Even though I'm pregnant y'all still bully me" Azad grumbles but everyone hears her

"Wait,you are pregnant?" her dad asked in disbelief

"You didn't tell us?" her mom asks with a frown

"Um..Surprise?" Azad says with a guilty smile but the looks she gets in return made her shrink into her seat as she sends her husband a "Help me" look but he raised his hand up In surrender... Turns out she has to deal with this alone...again.


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