You see right through me

"Life is too short for you not to push past your limits i mean who knows when your journey would end"

Third persons POV

"Urghhhhh"Amal groans to herself

"should I even ask?" her mother jokes as she peaks into her daughters room only to see her laying face flat on her bed.

"No" Amal states making her mom frown that kind of stung...Amal has been pushing her away while as a child Amal was depending on her much but now...not at all.

"Amal you know that I was only joking, you can talk to me whenever you want to. I mean i'm your mother I care and love you" Amal's mom says making Amal grin and pull her into a hug.

"I know mom but maybe I need to deal with this alone and on my own" Amal states making her mother nods understandingly at her last daughter.

"Okay then I will be downstairs, here when you need me" Mom says with a sigh making Amal grin she watched as her mom go, As soon as her mom shut the door she put her face back on the pillow and let's out a long depressing sound that even her dad hears from downstairs.

"What's that all about?"he asks his wife who was walking down the stairs.

"I don't know" his wife says with a sad sigh

"Have you gone to check up on her or do I need too? " He asks her worriedly his daughter was his little princess all of his daughter's were his princesses.

"Of course I have gone up to her room to talk but she said she wants to deal with this one alone. I just would prefer if she shared her pain with Me sometimes" Amal's mom complains

"Just give her sometime and if she says she wants to deal with this one alone then allow her,she is not a kid anymore she's 17 now one more year to go ti-"He starts to say but she cuts him of

"Don't remind me, I have already Gone through that torture with Azad" Her mom groans making Amal's dad laugh at her he hugs her and wipes the tears away from her cheek.

While on the other side of town...

Zach was pacing around the living room meanwhile his grandma was sitting on the couch watching him waiting for him to crack and say something.

"What is this all about?" she finally asks, you can say that the curiosity was choking her

"Amal" he stages making her brows furrow

"Oh Finally he is having girl problems!,I mean the human on question is a girl right?" grandma States and asks at the same time making Zach to groan

"Grandmaaa" he drawls out

"What? , you have never spoken to me about girl before" His grandma tries to defend herself and that is actually true, the boy doesn't really pay attention to girls the point where his grandma have asked him if he was interested in... others and oh what an awkward conversation that was!

"This one is different she is so hard headed, shows no mercy and did I mention sarcastic?, oh she is very very sarcastic, She takes kindness as something one will do for the sake of getting something in return even though I was just using your ideas of killing them with kindness. Anytime i try to be friends with her she blocks me with this gigantic wall I can't pass through but I kept on trying and trying but she just is so stubborn also her words, they come out like bullets, she acts dumb as if she is trying to run away from reality that's just really hurts and I don't know what to do anymore" Zach rants making his grandma to raise her brow in disbelief, she wasn't expecting a full blown rant about a girl from Zach.

"You know that there is a story behind everything right?" Grandma decides to say wisely making her grandson to nod

"Of course I do but the thing was that, she is not the same as she once was" Zach states making his grandma frown, was this girl always in his life since the beginning?

"Wait, you knew her before?" his grandma asks in confusion

"Since elementary school!" He states making her raise a brow in surprise

"Wow that has been a long time, how doesn't she recognize you?" she asks

"I don't know"Zach says with a frown

"And that hurts doesn't it?" his grandma asks softly

"What hurts the most, is how fast I can see her changing right before my eyes and there's nothing I can do about it" he rants

"You know they are some kind of changes that are good, they just have to happen in a persons life" his grandma tries to explain but he cut her off

"Yes grandma but not this type of change, this one is toxic and it's sad that it's the society that is causing this one" He says with a sad sigh while his grandma watched him with full interest, wanting to understand why he cares so much without asking him.

"What kind of changes are we talking about here?" His grandma asks him

"Adaptation" he says making her frown that word doesn't seem that bad

"Well that doesn't seem that bad" grandma says with a frown

"She was using a headscarf ma but now she has taken it off and That is because she keeps on getting a hate note after hate note, bullying, I heard that it is her own childhood best friends that are bullying her yet, she has no physical wounds to prove to the principal or anyone for that matter but she has the psychological wounds, I can see them and they keep on getting deeper and deeper, They are also now infected as she hasn't been treating herself, instead she left it to bleed due to the fact that they had already ruined her esteem now she feels the need to be like others but I think she was perfect just the way she was but now she is acting just the way they are" Zach rants angrily his grandma noticed the change almost immediately

"Zach you're getting angry" grandma says cautiously...when the boy is mad it gets ugly.

"Yes i know grandma I know she did this to me!,i don't know how" Zach states as he pulled his grandma into a hug while she just smiles as she plays with her grandson's curly hair.

Zach's sister whose name is Camila walks down the stairs but as soon as she saw her brother and her grandma hugging, she knew something was wrong but she definitely isn't going to get involved this time.

So even when her grandma waved at her to come, she raised her arms up in surrender and started making her way back up stairs, she doesn't want to invade in her brothers privacy that he loved so much and she learned that the hard way.

"Well first off all Zach, I would advice you to stay away from her if she is hurting you this Much but the other side of me is saying you should keep on trying because maybe she needs that one friend to fix her, maybe she needs someone apart from her family members to care about her, maybe just maybe. so the choice is your hands now which part of me do you want to keep?" his grandma states making her son's brow to furrow

"Can I keep all of you though?, I can't live with half of you" Zach

States making his grandma send him a look that said "are you serious?" making him to burst into laughter

"Naughty boy!,you know what I mean" She say pinching his checks

"Not the cheeks"he complains like a kid

"Want to play me all this modern songs while I try to knit like the grandma's do" His grandma asks while Zach sends her a look of disbelief, his grandma is absolutely bad at knitting.

"Most Grandmas are actually good at it" Zach states with a teasing smirk ...

"well i'm not like other grandmas" His grandma states making the both of them to laugh

"And that is why I love you grandma" Zach laughs

"And I love you grandson" she says both of them laugh, Zach settled into the chair waiting for his grandma to return as he strolled through his music gallery for a song before smirking when his hand found it he clicked play

"Well this one sounds new who sang it?" his grandma asks curiously

"Nicki minaj" Zach says with a smirk knowing that his grandma would blow up any minute from now

"Urgh really if she says anything rated R, I'm going to seize your phone because God knows what you people do with that thing" his grandma rants making him laugh

"Grandma, do you just want to use my phone to play modern songs the next time you drive or do you really want to seize it?" Zach asks with a grin, his grandma just waves him off without replying she doesn't feel the need to...confess.

"Shush now, play the song" she says waving of his comment

"It is titled "right through me" it is actually a old one but still younger than you" Zach teases her making her fake an offended look

"Zachary perez...i love this song" His grandma yells making him laugh she laughs along to but really Zachary found the song quite relatable how he does know why, but he does know that his emotions are just calling for that song right now so he bops his head along to the slow song.


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