I know the type of you

"There's nothing that hurts the haters more than to see you smiling so why don't you turn that little frown upside down and SMILE"


Amal's POV

"I can see that you are wearing the rag on your head". Anaya says making me roll my eyes at her, isn't she so nice?

"It looks like that tiny brain of yours might have dissolved along with the existence of dinosaurs on earth" I say with a bored look on my face as I watched ad her eyes widen at my comeback, just because I never said anything, doesn't mean that i'm weak. I just needed support now that that I got it, I get to slay them with pleasure.

"What did you just say?, you freaking terrorist oh look here everyone the member of ISIS is actually talking back!" She states making me roll my eyes, she can't fool me i heard the surprise in her voice...oh did she expect me to stay low forever? wow...oppression never works forever, if it did, then no country would have been independent today.

"Grow up and leave, do you even know what the word terrorist means if not boom? "Zachary says mockingly making her eyes widen same with mine was he using her words against her...Ha niceeeee.

"Obviously if she knew that little brain of hers would still be in existence" I say with a smirk making Zach choke on air not expecting my comeback.

"Ooooo" Zach and i cheered for each other before bursting into laughter, she sent us a glare looking hopeless like she didn't know what to do, i mean we just made fun of her too now I understand the joy they gain from making fun of me too.

"Weirdos" Anaya finally says before walking away from them with her puppies right behind her while myself and Zach just shrugged her comment off...because we know that it's okay to be different and everyone should know that too.

"Normal is boring anyway" Zach mutters with grin making me laugh and nod it is true.

"I can't believe she made me to say those rude things to her during Ramadan" I say with a groan making Zach raise a brow

"What's Ramadan again?" he asks as I slam my locker door shut, we started to walk down the hallway.

"Fasting period it is among the five pillars of Islam" I say making him frown in confusion, I can't blame him the guy is not into religion at all.

"How many pillars does Islam have?" he asks curiously

"5 namely Shahada which means Faith,Salah which means Prayer,Zakāt means Charity,sawn means Fasting and Hajj means a holy trip or pilgrimage to Mecca" I say knowing that I had just confused him with saying sawn instead of Ramadan

"Wow then what is Ramadan elaborate please?" he asks still obviously still confused

"Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar a time of spiritual reflection, improvement and increased devotion and worship. Muslims are expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam. The fast (sawm) begins at dawn and ends at sunset it also the time to feed your soul not your body as you abstain from all bad things or sins and do good" I rant happily, I just really like Ramadan it gives me joy.

"I have never seen anyone happy that they are not eating" Zach says making both of us laugh

"I still eat like in the evening I will be breaking my fast" I say he nod

"I guess there's no shawarma today" he says with a pout making me laugh

"Actually I tried to make to you one" I say with a smile making his smile widen

"Then why aren't you giving it to me?" he asks happily

"Here" i say handing him a bag

"I think I have developed an addiction for this" he says making me laugh

"I can relate, it is just so delicious" i say dreamily

"Eh mam, aren't you fasting?" he says with a smug smirk

"I was only talking about the food, not about actually eating it"i say with an eye roll

"Yeah I would really appreciate if you stopped talking about my food" he jokes

"Lol I had a lot of that during sahoor" I say waving him off

"Do I have to ask?" he says making me smile and shake my head in a no motion

"Sahoor is The food we eat early in the morning before the morning prayer"

" ohhh how plenty?" he asks mockingly

"Half a shawarma and that's your fault you have made me used to sharing it with someone now I can't finish one" I say with an eye roll

"Be glad now you are not going to add weight" he says making me laugh

"Are you trying to poke at my self esteem?" I asked with a raised brow

"of course not, I prefer to poke at normal girls" he says making me send him a glare

"Then go and meet Anaya" I say with an eye roll

"She's to fake" he says with a grunt making me raise a brow

"What do you mean?" I ask curiously

"it's obvious that she is only bullying you in other to make people like her by showing them the fake side of her" Zach says as usual his poetic words are actually making sense

"wow were you once a poet?" i ask

"What?" he asks obviously confused

"Poet?" i repeat

"No" he says finally putting the words together

"How are your words always so poetic?" I ask he just shrugs before looking towards the front of the class

"It's actually 9:40 seems like the teacher is not coming today"he says making me raise a brow

"Hm yeah I guess" I say looking towards the front of the class to see no one i never noticed that the class was noisy.

"I write poetry" I say out of the blue making his brows furrow he looks at me with surprise in his blue eyes

"Really?" he asks

"Yeah" I muttered

"I would love to read them" he says with a grin making my cheeks flush

"It's online I started writing since I took your advice to not hold pain inside my heart, it's on this website called wattpad where you are free to write anything,like absolutely anything, poems and even stories,you should definitely open an account too so we can like both be there"i rant happily

"Thanks but no thanks I won't write about my pain because I would probably type out my whole life story online if I do that" Zach states with a laugh it was bitter it made me frown.

"Yeah it's a stupid idea anyway" I say dragging my phone away

"Not stupid, I'll still read yours but maybe writing isn't my thing, so the bell just went off, we better get going what do you have now?" he asks

"Science?" I reply

"What a Nerd?, I have drama" he says raising his brows up and down making me roll my eyes at his dorkiness.

"Theater nerd-dork" I say back to him making him laugh

"Is that even a word?" he asks

"Whatever see you in lunch"

"Actually I was thinking if we should meet at the garden because you aren't eating, why go and seat where everyone is eating?" he says making me smile he was so considerate but I wasn't going to tell him that.

"If we do go to this garden aren't you going to eat?" I ask

"of course" He states making me shake my head at my very "thoughtful friend"

"That doesn't make anything better for me but I guess that is considerate" I say making him grin he understood my compliment that was in a disguise he gets me too much I swear.

" buh- bye" he says I just smile and wave at him before blocking my ears with my earphones choosing to play my spoken poetry playlist I have created, I have always hated poems but somehow along the way I found comfort in it to the extent that I download them and listen to them too while I was walking Suddenly out of no where i found my self laying face flat on the floor, I tried to stand up but I got pushed down again by something like a foot digging into my spinal cord making me let out a groan in pain.

"Would you look at that?" a unfamiliar voice says making me frown in confusion

"When she isn't with that Perez kid she is so quiet" the voice says smugly making me roll my eyes as i struggle to stand up but this time I got a kick to my stomach making me fall but then my arms got pulled backwards making me stand up in pain as they held up not giving me space to run. They held me back as a hand gripped my jaw making me glare at the guy who had blond hair who immediately sent me a punch towards my stomach making me let out a cry, I wanted nothing hold my stomach which was now hurting.

"Didn't you say you something about being dumb and boom to my cousin?, why are you so quiet now?" he asks staring at me while I lowered my gaze trying to catch my breath and well technically I didn't say that all of it but Zach did say half of it and we only said she should learn more about about the word terrorism before using it to label anyone but hey i'm the girl with the headscarf, the hijabi so I get to be blamed for every misfortune..YAY.

"Do you think hitting a girl will make you a man, I'm afraid you just got more Girlier little boy" I start to say but I got cut off another punch before my face got shoved against the locker making me groan in pain.

"Uh billy,I think she has had enough" a guy says putting a hand on his shoulder but this billy shrugged his hand off.

"No, she got quite a mouth on her, I will teach her a lesson" he says his body leaning closer to mine making my eyes to widen unable to hide my fear.

"Oh would you look at that she is scared, I thought you are fearless, hand me the stainless marker j"he teased I dropped my gaze the boy named j shakily handed it to him I know the type of this guy, he needs to get away from me, can't he see that I'm fasting?, like brother at least have some respect.

"I know the type of you, you want people to be scared of you when you are nothing but a coward yourself to afraid to face to face with happiness" I say and then it started to come on me like rain the punches and the kicks, why couldn't i just keep my big mouth shut for once?

"Billy that is enough man she is not moving" I hear j yell in panic as my vision begins to fade but billy of course, goes on and hits me harder until i was laying face flat on the cold ground with my vision fading in and fading out, as the pain was just everywhere, i opened my mouth to scream but got cut off by a very familiar voice making all of us to look up and God!,I haven't been any more happy to see one of your miracles that are alive.

"Let go of her" The person nearly growls


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