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"Reality is not just sweet and colorful it can be dark And painful"

Third person's POV

Being Muslim in her society didn't have any perks but then again it had it's downfall, Amal was never one to go outside much because of many reasons unknown but then again she had to go on with life which also includes school.

Amal could remember the day her mother handed her a headscarf, her first head scarf!, She had asked for it, she begged for it, it was "worldwide hijab day" so she also wanted to wear it too. She remembers looking at it like It was worth a million bucks, She absolutely loved it and it has poker dots it was adorable.

Her mother sat her down and told her about the importance and the beauty of it, she was amazed and the next day she was wearing it with pride strolling down the hallway, she expected praises and jealous gazes, she expected peoples curiosity and people wanting to hear about it and it's importance but that wasn't what she got instead all she got was weird looks,She saw people looking at her talking. She smiled to herself before opening her locker she watched as her friends walked up to her like they usually do.

"Oh hey Gee's" She says with a big smile

"uh hi... Amal" Ayana says not paying attention to her as she was searching for her notebook inside her locker which was one locker away from Amal's.

"Notice anything different?" Amal ask excitedly, she could hear her friends murmuring and laughing making her frown.

"What?" Kendall asks with a frown she couldn't see anything new

"Maybe it's the rag on her head?" Kylie points making Ayana to laugh and it hurts a lot.

"I beg your pardon?" Amal asks making the girls flinch in guilt as they noticed that she heard them.

"Uhhh The thing on your head, that's new" Ayana states trying to change the topic

"It's my first hijab, i'm going to be wearing it now and forever and mom gave it to me and I absolutely love it." Amal says with a big smile expecting excited gasps and congratulations but her friends Were laughing laughing at her and it hurts 100 times more.

"well heejabb? makes you... how do I put this?, it even has poker dots on it!"Kendall started to say the irritation in her voice couldn't be missed but Amal cut her off.

"I would never take it off because you want me to, Kendall you don't see me interfering with what your wearing today that shows your goods you call a dress because friends, don't judge one another" Amal says expecting Ayana to back her up like always but what happened was entirely different.

"Calm down Amal!, what she's trying to say is that if you take it off you will look more beautiful" Ayana says in a soft tone making Amal flinch at the words that hurts that her best friend hated her hijab that she was judging her the pain, it freaking burns.

"I won't and I can't because I'm doing this because I want to" Amal states making her friends blink they sent each other a look before a cough is heard making Amal turn around look at them questions in her eyes ears in the air waiting on an apology.

"Uh we are all getting late for first so we are just going to go Bye"Ayana says before walking away making Amal stare at her retreating form with a raised brow before shrugging,she started to make her way towards her favorite class. She tried to ignore the looks everyone was giving her,it felt well she felt uncomfortable,She wasn't one to love attention even the teacher was giving her looks. Does her hijab really look that good? the teacher frowned wondering if she was a new student. Everyone was watching her like a hawk gazing at his prey but little and naive that Amal was because she mistakes it for adoration.

"Amal Adnan"the teacher calls looking around the class

"Present"Amal says enthusiastically the class starts murmuring there were laughs here and there.

"Amal? is that you?"the teacher asks

"Yes sir " she states

"Wow you look very... Uh different" The teacher says a certain edge to his voice but of cause she missed it, the bell was heard and everyone was exiting the class and so was Amal.

She watched as ayana walked past her making her smile, She trailed behind them while she was texting her sister who was in college telling her about her hijab day. Soon she found herself in the cafe, She went towards the lunch line,only to notice that a few seniors were looking at her and laughing. She frowns trying to listen to what everyone was saying.

"Next"the lunch lady says

"Hi can I get-

"What!, there's another one in here?" the lunch lady says out loud while giving Amal a stare down

"I thought there was none?" The other lunch lady says

"There was one about four years ago I think she graduated" the main lunch lady says

"They just never learn their lesson now do they?" the lunch ladies laugh

"They should go back to their freaking countries" another lunch lady states

"She's a Muslim, aren't they the one's who created ISIS?" she hears on of the seniors say making her frown, she has no idea what ISIS is, so she shrugged and she grabbed her food tray and started walking over towards Ayana's table, that was where all the drama went down as soon as she arrived.

She was about to take a seat but some random girls blocked her making her frown but she brushes it off as she made her way towards the other side they were did the same thing wow how nice of them right?

"Um sorry Amal but the table is full" Ayana States sending her friend a smile that was so plastic, it made her flinch.

"What are you saying ? there's a lot of space for more than 4 people" Amal says while placing her tray on the table but she was handed over her tray by one of the girls Amal Stares at them in disbelief.

"I said The table is full but maybe next time" Ayana says making Amal frown but she nodded slowly still trying to process what had just happened before making her way towards the only unoccupied table which was next to the trash bin, taking little bites of her burger sad as she watched Ayana and other people chat with their friends. She was alone she pulled out her phone.

"So how is it going?" her sister texts for the umpteenth time making her grin her sister always knew the right time to drop by and save her from pain and her negative thoughts either physically or via internet or technology any of those but still Amal was happy at the timing now she doesn't have to feel lonely or allow reality sink in.

"Weird, everyone keeps on staring at me and Ayana, she told me the table was full but even a deaf person could see that the table was having enough space for six people and- " Amal flinched as something like hot source entered her eyes she lets out a cry closing her eyes which was burning she griped unto the person who was standing behind her for support but the person hit her hand making her let go she tried to grab unto anything but she couldn't see did anyone come to help no.

"Help me please!" she cries her eyes where burning but all she got was laughter,hell she could hear it everyone was laughing, what is happening?, she felt someone grip her neck and drag her along making her hiss in pain.

"Want help?"a voice asks and she nods eagerly but she got pulled soon she felt it her head was pushed under water, she felt the burning beginning to stop making her let out a sigh of relief after that she tried to pull her head up but instead the hand kept pushing her deeper into water she screams and tries to fight against the grip but the grip,it was too strong she felt her head getting heavy, she was pulled out, she couldn't see anything everything was blurry she watched as the darkness took over her body hit the cold ground all she could hear was...

"We will kill you every single one of you" her eyes fell close

"Oh my God did you actually think I was there on that day and I let you suffer, smh?" Zach asks as realization hit him

"I- you can't blame me I was not I didn't know who to trust" Amal rants but Zach understands he always does

"I know and i'm sorry you had to go through that all alone" Zach apologizes making her eyes to fill with tears as a lump blocked her throat so she just nodded stiffly it still hurts.

"I would give you a hug but I know you would probably deck me" Zach states making Amal laugh

"Aw,You know me so well" Amal replies with a laugh this was all life was all about sharing your pain,laughing your pains away with one another.


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