So stay with me till the End

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Third persons POV

Amal rolled on her bed but then she felt a body holding her tighter making her frown, are they trying to squeeze the soul out of her?

"Stay with me!" he mutters sleepily

"Zach,I need to go and pee" she whines making the boy to smile, wait is he actually pretending to be asleep so she won't leave his bed?, men this days!interesting!

"Stay" he says again making her to roll her eyes

"Okay" she mutters giving up knowing her husband he would just keep on insisting until she gives up but then she feels him leaning down his face was against her neck making her heartbeat speed up.

"Mommy!,mommy!,mommy!" a tiny voice yells before the door slams open making Zach let out a sigh as he finally let's go of his wife who sends him a smug smile because finally his possessive self had to just let her go this always happens.

"yes sweetheart" Amal asks sweetly while she sends her husband a smirk

"Deen took my action figure and my doll!" Dunya cries

"No, I didn't!" Deen says defensively

"Yes, you did!" Dunya states

"No I-

"Deen give your sister back her doll and what have I said about lying?" Amal says scoldingly her son making him pout.

"Fine here it is, I'm sorry mommy but she likes it to much that's not good she is supposed to play with her brother and not Barbie and spiderman" Deen days sadly making Amal want to say aww because her son is just the cutest while her daughter well...she was simply not like Zach which means, she was just like her mom and that's a bad thing not that Amal would ever say that to Zach.

"Deen,how about this?, you can stay here with us while Dunya can go and play with her dolls" Amal days ignoring the miserable groan that comes from her husband she watched as her son nod while her daughter looks torn on going to play with her dolls or action figures instead of actually spending time with her family, so okay, so she was jealous that her brother gets to spend time with her parents while she plays with a dumb action figure.

"Okay" Deen says with a smile which makes his sister to glare at him

"Can I stay too?" Dunya

says making Deen roll his eyes while her parents sent each other amused looks at their daughter's behavior, heck the twins are always amusing to their parents.

"No, go away" Deen says rudely making his sister to look up at him with her big blue sad eyes, well she had two coloured eyes one was brown and one was blue, she's a special kid.

"Deen don't be mean to your sister, yes you can stay too Dunya" Zach says with a smile making his daughter grin before she climbs unto the bed and settles next to her brother and they start to argue again about the kid Amal and Zach loves more out of the twins making Amal to frown why would they even bring this up.

"They love me more!"

"Actually we don't have a favourite" Amal finally speaks up not liking their argument or them arguing in general

"Yes, we do" Zach says making his wife's mouth to fall open in disbelief who says that to their own kids?

" Zac-

"What?, we all have a favourite once in life" Zach mutters making his wife mouth fall open

"Zackariah, you can't say that to them! " Amal states sending her husband a glare

"Oh who is your favorite?" Dunya asks curiously

"Your mom" Zach says making Amal's cheeks to flush

"She is mine too" Dunya says

"me too" Deen says

"Phew,What's that smell?" Amal asks making her husband raise a brow, he has seen her do this for Years and he can't believe that it actually still works.

"It's Dunya" Deen says with a smirk making his sister let out a surprised gasp

"Deen it's all of you, C'mon kids let's get you cleaned up or else you would scare away everyone you love" Amal says with a big scary voice making her kids to scream, the two jumped off from the bed and started to run towards the door and then out of the room making Amal laugh.

"I still can't believe that tricks still works" Zach says with a grin

"But it well it doesn't work on you" Amal says jokingly as her husband hugs her from behind and leans his head against her shoulder

"That's because you don't scare me" Zach says with a grin making his wife smirk

"Oh really?" she asks with a raise brow

"Yeah, really! " Zach states but stares at his wife with a smirk on his lips but then what made his frown was the next sentence that came out of her mouth, heck it almost caused him a freaking heart Attack.

"Okay then,just know that when everyone comes over during eid or Ramadan, I am going to tell them about how much of a bad husband and father you have been!" Amal starts to say but Zach cut her off by lifting her off from the ground making her let out a surprised squeal.

"Nooo please don't!" he says so seriously making her laugh

"Why?" she asks mockingly

"Because they would take you away" He says seriously making her laugh harder because she has no idea why he was so scared of upsetting her family when all of them loved him like even if she did tell them all of those lies, they wouldn't believe her because everyone knows how Zach is trying his best and honestly his best is more than enough.

"Oh I better go" Amal says seriously making her husband eyes to widen

"What?" he asks in panic

"The kids? I got to go and run them a bath" Amal says with a raised brow

"Can't we just stay in bed all day, Trust me I will entertain you" Zach says making his wife's eyes to widen

"Zach!" She says accusingly making him frown

"God no, i mean not if you don't want to, i was actually talking about marvel movies on my laptop" Zach says sounding confused making his wife to laugh at his clueless act it was simply too cute.

"Zach even though i love when we can marvel and chill but i can't because soon they would be here and also because, you have to take a shower too" Amal states before playfully pushing towards the bathroom

"Let's save wat-

"Complete saying that and you would have one of my sneakers stuck in the middle of your throat" Amal states making her husband to burst into laughter as he enters into the bathroom making Amal roll her eyes, she couldn't stop the smile that was on her face from appearing one thing didn't change about Zach after all this years and that was his cheekiness.

Amal makes her way out of her room and down the hallway in search for her kids only to find them in the bathroom fighting over who enters and takes bath first.

"Here is a deal how about since She is a girl,she goes in first while you get to be called a gentleman so you go in next?" Amal suggest to her son who nods, this is why she likes him, he is so unproblematic but she likes her troublesome daughter too, how can anyone pick a favourite kid?, when you have two precious little kids that are all yours.

Zach pull starts to pull on his shirt when the sound of the doorbell goes off making his eyes widen he hurriedly pulled on his shirt, while his room door slammed open and his wife rushed in looking confused and worried.

"They are here" Zach simply says

" I know!, I haven't even taken my bath yet!,why are they this early?" Amal whines making her husband send her a amused look

"Calm down,love calm down go and take your bath and let me be your superman, I will open the door for them" Zach says calmly

"Thank you"Amal says leaning to kiss his cheek before rushing into the bathroom and even after all this Years Zach till affected by his wife's kisses, he is simply flustered and he thanks God for his not so white skin because one thing he knows is that his cheeks would have been pink, he shakes his head at that thought before rushing out of the room and down the stair case when the bell rang again.

"I'm coming!" he yells before opening the door

"How many minutes Does it take to open the door?" Sam says making Zach roll his eyes

"Sam" he says with a smile the two do a bro hug...

"Still don't understand that hug like if you want to hug?,then hug!, not like that" Jamie states before walking in with her son Kaylan right behind her. Zach and Sam just shrugged

"Won't my sister give me a hug?" Zach asks with laugh

"of course not the bro hug" Jamie says making her brother laugh as they hugged while the boy his behind his mothers leg

"And how are you little man?" Zach asks the shy boy who nods and goes back to hiding behind his mom

"Still a shy little bugger I see" Zach says with a laugh making Jamie and Sam laugh

"Please sit down Amal would be right here"

"And I'm here" Amal says appearing out of no where making almost everyone jump in fright, they all turned back to see Amal standing by the door way with a smile, she had on her headscarf and as usual in her sweatpants and sweat shirt.

"Nice kicks" Jamie says making her best friend grin

"Thank you,i would say the Same but you have on heals" Amal says making Sam laugh but then he received a glare from his girlfriend in return making him frown.

"Normally I would say ouch but not when i can say Zach you just married A guy, i mean which girl doesn't like heals" Jamie says and to others it would have been painful but not Amal, everyone knew that she was joking. Amal and Jamie always banter like this but deep down they were practically sisters and the fact that Amal is married to Zach is only a bonus.

"Me apparently and I'm not ashamed of it" Amal says with a smug smile

"Of course you aren't, especially when your husband is always telling you how perfect you are" Jamie says mockingly making Amal's face to flush

"And also only my opinions should matter to her the most because I'm married to her and not you, and if she wants to wear kicks then she can wear it, if she wants to look like drake then I don't mind" Zach says with a grin making Amal's cheek to turn different shades of red.

"Okay okay,calm down romeo!, stop teaming up with Juliet on your poor sister?"Jamie says dramatically making everyone laugh

"So who is coming again?" Jamie asks

"if you know Amal she only invited us" Sam says making Amal laugh she nods

"I can't have the house flooding with cousins,nieces, uncles,Aunt's and other relatives just because we want to have a get together!" Amal rants making her husband nod but then there was a sound of something breaking making everyone to look up at the stairs.

"Did you leave them upstairs by themselves?" Amal says sending her husband and accusing look

"What?, I couldn't help it, you told me to answer the door" he says making her groan

"Let's hope, it's not one of the vases" Amal says worriedly

"Which one?" Jamie asks curiously

"The meaningless ones Zach got when he went on one of his business trips" Amal says making Zach roll his eyes ever since he got those vases she hasn't allowed him to rest, like shouldn't he be getting hugs and kisses why complaints?, Amal is just different and he wouldn't change her for anything in the world.

"It was just so shiny, I had to bring then home besides it was from Syria" He says making her shake her head

"Just because it is from my home town, doesn't mean that I would like them" Amal says while rushing up the stairs but deep inside she appreciated it that her husband knew how much she must have missed her life back there so he got her a piece of her old life,with vases.

"That's actually sweet of you brother" Jamie says making her brother smirk

"Yeah I know" he says smugly

"so what's up?" Jamie asks

"Nothing much,so when is the wedding?" Zach asks with a grin making his sister laugh

"Zach, I told you that I'm not ready yet" Jamie says making her brother roll his eyes

"How can you not be? Kaylan is already 4 which means that you guys have been together for the past 4 years, isn't that enough time to get ready and get married?" Zach rants making his sister to roll her eyes

"Stop trying to control my life" Jamie yells at her brother

"I'm not, I'm just worried that what you people have might not last" Zach says without thinking

"And who are you to decide on that?" Jamie asks as daring her brother to say something bad

"Your brother and his best friend, if you don't get married soon then he would leave you,I know him" Zach states because Sam his best friend.

"I hate you" Jamie yells getting up from the couch and storming out of the door while Sam looked like he wanted to say something but then he knew better because he shut his mouth and grabs Kaylan's hand before running after his wife, Zach let's out a sigh as soon as he heard the door getting slammed shut

"What happened?,where are they?" Amal asks as she doesn't see the three sifted on the couch

"They left" he States making Amal raise a brow

"What, why?" Amal asks worriedly

"Because I asked them when they were going to get married" Zach says making his wife let out a sigh, he has been asking them this question for Years and how Zach and Sam still get along is a wonder.

"hm and what else?" Amal asks softly

"Nothing" Zach says making his wife send him a look

"I know you Zach, what else did you say?" Amal says making Zach let out a sigh

"That he would eventually leave her if they don't get married soon" Zach says and she can hear the worry and pain in her husbands voice he was just trying to look out for his baby sister

"Subhanalah! Zach, you should never say that to anyone,how do you expect her not to leave?" Amal rants making her husband let out a sigh

"I know but I'm just worried about them, they have been dating for 5 years" Zach says making Amal smile her husband is the sweetest and he just cares yet he always gets misjudged by everyone everyone except for her.

"Oh Don't be, Jamie is a smart girl so she knows what she is doing!" Amal says with too much enthusiasm that makes Zach want to tell her that enthusiasm isn't everything but as soon as he opened his mouth to argue but his wife shushes him like he was a kid making him send her an amused look.

"I know,I know but right now the kids and I are about to have a cuddle session even after the kids broke one of my favourite vases so do you wanna join us?" Amal asks with a grin knowing that her husband can never say no,he just nods and trials behind her his smile appearing again and that's the smile that Amal fell in love with at the end of the day.


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