Chapter Three

The Van had stopped in front of the hotel where we booked. It's a grand hotel, usually stayed by rich and prominent people with a high security level. Much safer for me than the other hotels we have checked in the web.

Barack, who was sitting next to me, pulled the door sideway causing the door to crack open. There was a man who was wearing a red upper suit mixed with black on the shoulder and a woman in a red coat, above knee length skirt and a cute attendant hat who welcomed us with their smiles.

"Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines, Mr. And Mrs. Santiolle!" the woman cheered.

"Wow! This is amazing, Mom!" Ethan exclaimed at my back, peeking outside the tinted window. I turned my head to look at him who was now trying to squeeze himself on Elaine for him to get out.

"Ethan, let me remind you to please stay close with us and behave. Okay?" I told him. He immediately nodded and sat up straight beside Elaine. I smiled at him.

I am still quite worried of what may happen for the next few days staying in here. I don't know how to reach out with my parents and my friends. They might have forgotten and disowned me for hiding a long years from them. But, a thought came across in my mind that most of the time shattering my heart. Did they even think of finding me? Or at least worried about me and exerted at least an effort to look for me? And if they do, why did they let me live on my own? They might have been very mad and disappointed at me, really.

Barack, who was now standing outside the vehicle, distubed my thoughts by clearing his throat. He offered a hand to me which I accepted right away. I smiled at him and carefully stepped my foot outside by his assistance. Elaine and Ethan then followed.

"This way to your room, Ma'am, Sir." The attendant extended an arm to guide us to our room. I looked back again to check my son and asked Elaine to keep close to him while the male attendant was dragging our luggages.

"I see a lot of beautiful ladies in here." I shot Barack a sharp stare when he mumbled on my side. It was still dawn but there are a lot of people crossing on the lobby already. Some of them were girls wearing sexy shorts and outfits while taking a photo on the big Christmas tree and the beautiful Christmas decors alongside.

The next few two weeks came Christmas already but we are planning to spend our Christmas eve on our house in Italy as well as our New year's eve. We will do our usual party at home with Ethan and Elaine. Though, it's not as jolly as the Christmas eve here, we are still enjoying and happy with it.

"Barack, may I remind you that I am here? Your fiancee is here," I replied with a roll eyes. He chuckled on my side, placed his arm around my shoulders and drew me closer to him.

"Of course, Mi Amore. You're still the prettiest," he whispered.

I flashed a smile then wrapped my arm at his back. "Good to hear that. Don't you dare leave me Mr. Barack Santiolle," I replied.

He gave me a short smack on my forehead and said, "Yes, future Mrs. Santiolle."

His assurance makes me feel glad and at ease. I don't want to be left again. I can't stand up alone once I fall. It's hard, so difficult to start all over again.

A few minutes later, we arrived at our grand Hotel room. It was wide just as what we have ordered and the environment was welcoming and accommodating. I immediately went straight to our room and throw myself on the bed with my arms spread on its size.

"What a comfort," I mumbled to myself with my closed eyes. The area was calm, silent and fresh making me yawn but was startled when I felt the bed waving up and down.

I opened an eye and sighted my son jumping on my side. He kneeled beside me and pouted his lips. "Mom, can I stroll around?" he asked. I reached for him and caged him by my arms.

"No, Sweatie. Have a rest first and later, when you wake up, we can stroll around," I replied.

He responded to me with a groan so I gave him a warning tone. "Ethan, listen to your mom." He sigh and pulled my hands away from him.

"Alright, then. Promise me that I can go around with you or Ate Elaine later." I smiled at him and nodded. "Yes, captain," I mumbled before I shut my eyes close.

My consciousness brought back when I felt someone gently caressing my hair. I groaned and pulled the comforter up to cover me. My eyes were tired and sleepy, I still couldn't open it as of this moment.

"Yzabelle, the sky is warm and everything is bright here now. Wake up and eat your meal," Barack whispered on my side.

"I'm still sleepy, Barack. Please give me this day to rest," I replied with a moan.

"Alright then, I have a meeting to attend today and I can't look after our son swimming on the pool." I was alerted by his words. My son can't go there alone or with Elaine at least.

I pulled the duvet down and immediately sat upright. My heart was pounding so fast for unknown reason that I thought of being overthinker again. I groaned and leaned my head on the headrest when I felt everything was spinning and my head was cracking.

"You alright?" Barack worriedly inquired. I motioned my hands on my temples and massaged it gently.

"Yeah." I sighed and slowly opened my eyes.

The handsome Barack with Dark Hazel eyes, thick eyebrows, pointed nose and pink thin lips welcomed my morning. He moved closer to me and gave a quick peck on my cheeks.

"Good morning," he greeted, then I greeted him back.

"Where's Ethan?" I asked, stepping my foot on the cold tiled floor.

"In the pool with Elaine," he responded.

I nodded at him and went straight to the walk in closet to change my clothes. Since my son was already there, better yet join him on his swim. I picked a pink two piece bikini paired with below knee floral swimming cover up and an eyeglasses which I hung on my buttoned cover up before I turned around myself in front of the mirror and left the area.

"Gonna go swimming with my son, want to go with us?" I asked Barack who was sitting on the couch while reading a magazine. I stepped my foot on the table near him to get my phone and took a view at him.

He shifted his glance from the magazine he was reading to me and showed a big smile. His eyes travelled from my head to my toe and looked away with his red face. "You're blushing," I chortled with a teasing smile and tone.

He snorted before taking back his stare. "You're so gorgeous, Mi Amore," he commented and continued, "I will follow you later on." I nodded my head in understanding and turned my back at him.

I just realised and appreciated just now that the place was indeed secured and luxurious. A lot of aged people strolling around and base on their stands, most of them were business tycoons and renowned people. Along my walk, I noticed some famous paintings on the wall such as Spolarium, Starry Night, Mona Liza and The Death of Cleopatra but most of the paintings here are from the Filipino artists. I raised my view above and saw the fascinating chandeliers hung on the ceiling. There was a Candle light, modern pendant, firefly and a Philippine crystal chandeliers around. And on the other sight of the walls and halls were christmas decors.

I was already in the lobby, scanning the area with great admiration when someone bumped into me, making me groan. I took a sight on her and my eyes suddenly widened to the first thing I saw. A woman with a swollen abdomen merely having a five to six months old baby inside. She was wearing a floral fitted dress that gave shape to her abdomen then ran her fingers on her bump.

"I'm sorry," we said in unison. The familiar tone rang into my ears which brings shivers down to my system. My hands were starting to get cold and tremble while watching the unfamiliar figure but familiar voice in front of me.

When I lifted a view, a chubby yet beautiful woman with her black curly hair and usual sassy look surprised me. Her eyes widened in shock, confused and amusement, mirroring my actual expression. She scanned me up and down same as what I did. She gained her weight and changed a lot!

"A-Amber?" she finally said in stutter, still unsure. My heart was pounding, squeezing and at the same time screaming in mixed emotions.

I cleared a throat to relax my senses and prevented my tears to fall down. "Hey, Celestine?!" I replied in hoarse voice.

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