Chapter Twenty-three

The announcement was like a que of a marathon where Ethan was our finish line. I suppose Blake was heading to the same place I am going to but I wish not. However, he wasn't stupid of not to think and be curious of a lost kiddo with as name as his. I heaved a deep breath and tried to erase the thoughts running on my mind. 

I was one floor away to my son's location with my streaming sweat when I felt like I was about to faint while catching my breath. I got startled when someone spoke on my side. 

"Miss, are you alright?" A woman in mid-forties, on my side, asked. I shifted my view at her and gave a short smile as I didn't notice that I was embarrassingly holding random people. "Yes, sure. I am. Thank you," I replied before I continued running. 

Seriously, I don't know what to do already. I want to stay put and normalize my breathing first but I just can't leave Ethan there waiting for long. For sure, the four of us are heading the same way. I mean, it's good if Celestine or Elaine would see him first but what if not? It's a lot of explaining to do and it sucks for Pete's sake! 

Meanwhile, I was a meter away from his direction. I could already see my little man fidgeting his hands while leaning on the wall and girls complimenting him around. I smiled on the scene and finally got on to him. 

"My goodness, son! Why did you just leave there?!" I exclaimed in worry before I hugged him tightly and scanned his body for injuries.

"Are you alright? No one hurted you when we were not around or attempted to abduct you or —" I hadn't continued my words when he covered my mouth, cutting me off. 

"Mom, you are so paranoid. I guess you must stop watching bad movies that would lead you to that. I am fine… I was just strolling around but hadn't seen the way going back to Ate Elaine," he explained. I nodded at him and replied, "Don't do it again next time okay?

He rolled his eyes and nodded. "Yes, mom.

"Alright, let's go now. We will just finish this discussion later." I fixed his folded collar before holding his tiny cold hand. 

I am the winner. I got the prize… just as I thought… 

When I turned my view, I saw a shining stud that matched his pair of blue eyes, directed at us. My breathing hitched and I was stunned, unable to move for a minute, before my reflexes dictated me to hide Ethan at my back. 

"You lied," he said coldly, scanning us up and down. 

I opened my mouth to utter a word but nothing came out so I chose to close it again. Yes, I admit that I lied but it was for the common good. I'm getting married and we're leaving for days now. I think that makes sense for him not to meet my son as it would just give him heartaches and false hopes. 

"Is he my son?

Tensed, I looked down and tightened my grip to him. 

"We're going now, excuse me," I stuttered. 

When we were about to step our foot, Blake held my arm to stop us. I groaned and pulled his hand off to me. "What the hell, Blake! Can you just leave us alone?!

He smiled bitterly. "I'm not stupid to just leave you with my son," he replied. I smirked at him and shook my head. He was really impossible. 

Before I could speak up, Ethan pulled his hand to me and went right in front of Blake. 

"Hey! Don't you dare talk to my mom—" I was surprised. He was really my little Ethan who was always so concerned. But, what surprised me more was when he looked up, meeting Blake's overwhelmed face, his eyes grew bigger with a toothy grin. "Dude!" he exclaimed. 

My eyebrow scrunched in confusion, I don't know if he was just greeting him because of his terror face and my son was afraid of him or they really knew each other. But, how? 

"Mom, it's dude!" he squealed. 

Alright, this was strange. I think I'm going to faint any time soon as I am confused and can't even process the situation. 

"Hey there, little kiddo!" Blake greeted before carrying his heavy load. 

This. Is. Crazy. 

"Why are you having a teary eyes, dude? Are you crying?

"No, I-I'm just happy.

"I'm happy, too! You know what, the toy you have given is my new favorite! It's so cool!

"Glad that you love it. I'm going to buy you a hundred things like that and we will buy everything that you want.

"Really? Yay! Thanks, dude! You're the best!

I was shifting stares from Blake to Ethan while they were chatting with each other. Now, it's clear to me that the one he mentioned, who gives him the toy; the time he was lost, was actually Blake. How wonderful the world was, really. 

"Oh, they have the same faces," I turned my right to see the full view of Elaine who was watching them surprisingly. Her mouth was slightly opened and her eyes were scanning the both of them, enough to conclude that she can't believe what she just saw. 

Elaine shifted her look at me and asked, still puzzled. "Are they related to —" I didn't let her continue her words as I shot her a meaningful look, making her throw her hand on her mouth, extremely surprised. 

Before this scene turns worse, I withdraw my son immediately to Blake. 

"We're going now," I declared but as expected, he stopped us. 

"Amber, please…" 


"Don't push me to make a move against you because I swear, I will gamble everything for him.

His words threatened me. I know he was hell rich… But if I would let him dictate my move, I believe everything would not going to be easy. I heaved a deep breath before passing Ethan to Elaine who was still in great shock. After securing him, I grabbed Blake a bit distant from them. 

"Now, what's the catch, huh?

I rolled my eyes in irritation and crossed my arms over my chest. "Catch? Simple. Stay away. There's no sense introducing yourself to him because what he knows is Barack is his dad and we are going to change his name!" I shouted in a low voice. 

He smirked and shook his head. "Bullsh!t!" I leaped when he exclaimed. Then, harassly made a facepalm. Seriously, I got terrified but I can't just let my fright win over him. 

Blake then brushed his hair in frustration before holding my shoulders. "Fvck, Amber! I'm alive! We all know that I am his real father and you just introduced that fvcking bastard to my son?! That's fvcking insane!" he paused for a minute as his blue eyes turned blaze. "I'm going to take my place with or without your consent," he declared. 

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