Chapter Twelve

After escaping on that bloody bar, I immediately head straight to our hotel room and hastily locked the door. Elaine was confused about my look and moves especially when she noticed that Barack was not with me going back there. I explained everything to her which made her gawk. I am starting to get paranoid again.

A few minutes after, I remembered that I have left Barack there without telling him that I am home already so I called him and made an excuse that my head ached and I didn't have the time to disturb him with Ezekiel. Good thing, he understands told me to have a rest instead. On that same night, I slept on Ethan's bed to accompany him. I was afraid of the thought that maybe one day when I wake up, he was not already on my side, nowhere to be seen.

An unfamiliar dark room welcomed me as soon as I opened my eyes. Cold air crawled upon my skin so I pulled the duvet up to cover my body. The place was actually cool and comfortable though lights were turned off and the only shade that illuminates the wide room was the bedside lampshade and the moonlight passing from the balcony.

I shut my eyes to continue my sleep until I realised that the place was really foreign making me think of how I got here. I scanned my memory but no information flashed or at least gave a hint to my question. Suddenly, confusion, fright and worry was slowly building inside me. I heaved a sigh to tug some courage before flipping my comforter and swiftly hopped from the bed.

I jolted when I stepped on the cold tiled floor which created a sound that echoed around the corners of the room. When I lifted my sight, the first thing that caught my attention was a silhouette of a man, standing on the balcony. I cleared a throat to alarm him.

"Excuse me," I started. He did not took a single glance at me rather puffed his cigarette.

"Who are you?" And… Why am I here?" I asked again firmly with confusion.

As far as I could remember, I hadn't been in this place yet, not until now. He released the smoke from his mouth and smashed the cigarette on the ashtray. I stepped back in terror when he diverted his gaze to me with his blank serious face.

"Who are you?" I asked once again with a fear traced on my voice. He raised one corner of his lips, releasing a meaningful smirk. What a demon.

I was about to confront him again when I heard a scream from my son which left me rooted on my stand.

"Mom! Help!" My eyes widened along with my pounding chest. It took me a little while to find where the voice was coming from.

"Get the boy out and do what has been told," the man in the balcony said authoritatively.

I immediately ran on the doorway to reach for my son. The other man wearing an all black shirt and jeans carried my son forcefully on his shoulder. My anger grew while witnessing how he treated my son brutally. He was carrying it like a sack of rice! Damn it!

"Wait, hey! Where are you bringing my son!" I yelled but he was fast and swiftly closed the door while my son was fidgeting on his shoulder.

"Mom, help! I don't want here!" My eyes were welling upon hearing him screaming for help. I forcefully twisted the cold steel door knob and kicked it when I could not crack it open.

"Son!" I shouted. "Open this door, damn it!" I continued with anger while trying my best to open the locked door. I don't even know how they locked this damn door!

"Stop it, you're just hurting yourself," a cold tone of voice croaked out.

I was about to open my mouth to answer him when I heard my son screaming for help again followed by a loud cry.


I was brought back to my consciousness when someone tapped my arm. Fast pounding chest. Heavy breathing. Tears streamed down on my face. Heavy heart. "Mom, what's wrong? You kept on calling my name," Ethan on my side worriedly asked.

I scanned the area and heaved a deep sigh of relief when I realised that it was just a dream, a bad dream. I immediately drew him closer to me and wrapped him on my arms tightly while I'm still trying to normalise my breathing. We are actually heading to my parents' house to visit them and fulfill my promise to Ethan. Little did I know, I slept in the middle of our trip.

"Mom, are you alright?" He lifted a view at me. I nodded and held his shoulders firmly. "Listen up, Ethan. Don't go with someone else other than me, Elaine, your Dada Barack, Aunt and grandparents. Okay? Is that clear?"

"Yeah," he replied, unsure.

"And don't talk to strangers."

"Yes, mom." I smiled at him and kissed him on the forehead. I can't afford to lose this young man on my side.

"Are you alright, Yzabelle?" Elaine, who was seating on the passenger seat, asked. I nodded at her.

After a few minutes, we arrived at Ferrer's residence where Ethan was once again the center of attraction. Mom was dragging him in the kitchen while dad was tugging him on the gaming room to introduce him a play and some toys. Alright, that was quite unfair on my part because I lacked their attention when I was a kid and here they are pouring everything to my son.

I went upstairs and left Ethan with my parents. Celestine, on the other hand, was out in the living room so I guess she was still on her bed. A nostalgic feeling passed me when I reached the doorstep of my old room, Celestine and mine's room to be axact. I smiled bitterly while reminiscing about the past. My room, pillows and blanket witnessed all my pain and embarrassment. Just then I realised that I haven't seen Marcus, my beloved supportive cousin, yet since I arrived here. I smirked, letting my confusion of Marcus' whereabouts flew away before I reached the knob, twisting it open.

My eyes widened in surprise when Celestine with Thunder both lying on the bed, laughing, welcomed me.

"Oh." The only word that came out to my mouth. They looked at me both confused and surprised. "Should I go out first? I don't mean to ruin your moment," I told them honestly.

I was about to step my foot back when Celestine, pulling herself up difficulty, whimpered. "Don't be silly, Amber. Have a seat and be welcome to your, oh! Our room," she chortled, emphasizing the word 'our'. Then later on rolled her eyes when she finally leaned her head on the headrest. What a great personality split!

"I know that traces of eyebrows and the exact look of your face. Come on, spill it," she deadpanned. I arched one brow at her which she instantly responded with a mirror on my look. She focused her eyes to me, revealing her message through stares. I sighed in surrender.

"We met last night," I started.

She smirked and raised her eyebrow up to heaven. "Are you insane?" I scrunch my forehead. "We didn't meet last night. I was staying my ass here for the whole day," she explained, pushing me to make a facepalm.

"Shooks! What I mean is, I saw him!" I screeched out of frustrations.

"Who him?" Thunder butted in.

I buried my fingers to my head before I cupped my face. "B-Blake," I stammered.

"Okay…" Celestine replied while reaching her phone on the vanity table. Alright, that was honestly an irritating response!

I was about to create a complaint and start an argument when she suddenly exclaimed, "Wait, what?" with her round big eyes, finally decoded my message. I don't know but when I was pregnant, I didn't usually have mood swings and I'm not that naive.

"I saw him last night. I saw Blake!" They were both in shock.

"He saw you?" Celestine inquired. I quickly shook my head as a response.

Thunder made a crazy grin while running his fingers on Celestine's baby bump. "Seems like the universe is already making a way, Amber," he commented, looking at me with a chuckle. He diverted his gaze back to the bump and said, "Right, baby?" seems like talking to the fetus inside his fiancée's abdomen.

"Hell, no! It's not! No way!" I exclaimed defensively.

Silence covered the room for a while as the couple stared at each other. That was seriously defensive but I am standing my point that it wasn't about the universe and all!

"You're happy to see him. Don't you?" She broke the silence with a surprising question.

I heaved a sigh, avoided their eyes and replied, "At some point." Yeah, I was glad that he was alive and that's it, no other than that. I was happy that I could be free from guilt that I was holding for so long because I thought he died because of me.

"Let me meet your fiancé for me to know where should my vote goes to. I don't want to be biased since I know Blake already, you know," Celestine replied with a chuckle. I snorted and rolled my eyes at her.

"Whatever, Celestine. Whatever." I am certain that they would love Barack the way Ethan and I love him because he was a well-grown, handsome successful man.

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