Chapter Fifteen

I cupped my red face while watching its reflection on the wide mirror. It was so embarrassing to let them see my horrible face as red as a tomato! I immediately fixed it up with my powder then added a little shade on my lipstick.

My curly brown hair was a bit messy so I tied it in a ponytail and pulled it up. But, I switched it back to its original style as it doesn't fit on my three quarter sleeve black V-neck dress which was below knee level.

I heaved a deep breath and practiced a smile when I finished my thing then my phone suddenly rang.


"Mom, Aunt Celestine wants to talk to you!" Ethan's loud voice squealed on the other line.

"Yes, sure. Give the phone to her, baby," I replied.

A smile suddenly made its way to my lips when I heard a short faint-voice on their end.


"She won't agree for sure, honey."

"Aunt, please…"

"Alright, stay still." I secretly giggled before I heard a clearer loud voice. "Hello?" Celestine started.

"Ethan told me that you want to talk to me. Is there any problem?" I acted.

"Uh— not really. Mom and dad didn't go here because they noticed a car following them so I thought of bringing him at home instead," she excused.

"Isn't it too dangerous? I mean, you said that someone's following them and —" she cut me off.

"Oh, come on, Amber. I will bring Elaine with us. Don't worry, he would be safe with us. I promise you that," she assured.

I heaved a sigh of surrender before I replied, "Alright then, just make sure." Then I heard a cheer from my son after that, the call ended. I shook my head in disbelief yet smiling.

Whatever with my family. They are spoiling my son. I heaved a sigh before I reached for the door knob and twisted it open. Maybe Barack was worried about me again if I would take much of my time here. When I finally pulled the door, my eyes widened along with my hitch heartbeat when Blake just popped up.

His flashy smile, fascinating blue eyes and sparkling stud on the right ear welcomed me. "Hey, what's with the reaction? Seems like you've seen a ghost," he chortled.

"H-how long have you been here outside?" I said, stammering.

"Chill, baby. You didn't keep me waiting that long," he replied, reaching for my hand. I immediately dodge it away and stepped my foot in the other direction to escape from temptations.

But, he hastily grabbed my hand and swiftly pinned me on the wall. I can feel his warm breath on my neck which made my heartbeat double. "Blake, stop it, please? You've met my fiancé already, please respect it," I whispered.

He held my chin and raised it up forcing me to meet his gaze. "I am your fiancé, Amber," he insisted.

"No! Stop this immaturity, Blake!" I exclaimed. "There are people watching us already," I continued.

He raised the side of his lips then rested his forehead to mine. "I don't care," he mumbled. "But, I do!" I replied right away.

He heaved a deep breath before pulling me closer to him and caged me tightly on his warmth. "I really missed you, baby." I was rooted on his arms, seizing the comfort he was giving me. His manly scent which used to be my drug filled my nostrils pushing me to sniff him secretly.

"Take your time, I won't mind you sniffing me." He laughed. I immediately pushed him away and shot him a deadly stare. "I didn't… sniff… you…" I denied making him burst out into laughter. This man really didn't change.

"You never changed, baby. Come back with me and you can sniff me forever," he replied. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. "You wish!" I said with a smirk.

He crazily grinned at me before his soft warm lips landed on my forehead. "I really wish," he told me with a bitter laugh. "Go back to Mr. Santiolle now. He might have been worriedly waiting for you." I was shocked by the sudden change of air. Just earlier he wanted me to come back but now, he's giving me back to Barack. What a monster.

"Don't feel bad, baby," he continued, I frowned at him. "I am not giving up. I am not giving you back to him. I am just letting him borrow you for a while because sooner, I will claim you back from him. Mark my words," he assured with a smile.

"Let's see if you could," I challenged him. A week and a few days from now, we're going back to Italy and you can't do anything about that any more.

A meaningful smile plastered on his face. "Of course, I could," he said then swiftly caged me tightly on his arms once again. "I missed you already." He laughed before I withdrew himself to him. What a childish man!

With trembling legs, cold hands and abnormal heart beat, I walked back to where Barack and Ezekiel was located. It was really good watching them being so comfortable with each other.

"Hey, gentlemen. You seemed so comfortable with each other, huh?" I disturbed them before I sat comfortably on my seat.

Barack placed his arm around my shoulders and nodded in agreement. "Ezekiel is really an interesting funny man, same with Blake," he commented. I gulped while listening to him. I don't want him to befriend and close with Blake, it's horrible.

"Oh, speaking of Blake, have you seen him around, Yzabelle?" I raised a brow in confusion, acting clueless.

"I mean, I just thought—" I cut him off.

"No, I haven't seen him around. Maybe he was strolling somewhere?" I lied.

"Or maybe hunting ladies," Ezekiel joined the conversation with a laugh.

Blake really hasn't changed, he's a playboy, immature and womaniser! He was the complete opposite of Barack. Though, Blake wasn't actually like that when we were together. He was a real man but now he's a complete jerk.

I instantly jolted when something tickled on my ear. "Shooks!" I exclaimed, covering it by my hand. I shifted a look and there I saw Blake's flashy smile again.

"Flower?" he asked. I raised a brow at him.

Barack and Ezekiel looked at him, also confused. Blake then cleared a throat. "Just a flower of appreciation. There was a group of people giving red roses on the people passing by and I was one of those. So, I thought of giving it to the beautiful Miss Ferrer as an appreciation because, you know, what would I do on this flower though?" he explained with a short laugh.

He handed it to me yet I am thinking twice of accepting such. He might be misleading it and thought that I am accepting nor giving him chances and false hopes. His fascinating blue eyes were absorbing my soul again as his orbs were locked to mine until Barack broke the scene.

"Accept it, Mi Amore. I'm glad that these gentlemen headed up to you so much," he said.

I gave him a short smile before I accepted the single red rose with big fresh petals Blake was offering. "Thank you," I mouthed before I smelled the flower.

A memory suddenly flashed in my mind as soon as the scent travelled in my nostrils. It was the time when I watched his game during the school's basketball tournament. They were awarded as champions that time and him as the Most Valuable Player. After that game, he picked a red rose from the garden located outside the basketball court and gave it to me. "Thank you for the support, baby. Flowers for you, freshly picked from the garden. You are highly appreciated, my queen and just wanted you to know that you are the real trophy to me."

That was his words, as far as I could clearly remember it. And it was cringe!

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