Chapter Two

"Good morning, Ladies and gentlemen! This is captain speaking, my name is Jack. I would like to welcome you to NAIA International Airport, thank you for choosing to fly with us. I hope you will enjoy your trip…"

My unconscious mind suddenly lit up when I heard the pilot's voice which made my heart race so fast, taking my breath away. I took a few breathing exercises to at least relax myself before deciding to open my eyes and welcome the land where I used to live.

I forcefully opened my eyes when someone's pulling my shirt and took a glance at him who was flashing a sweet smile. "Mom, we're here," Ethan whispered excitedly. I patted his head and gave a short smile.

"Welcome to the Philippines, Son," I replied.

He moved himself a little distant to me and stared at the black vast sky with twinkling little stars over the glass window. We really just arrived in the Philippines where the Christmas season was exceptional and wonderful.

When the plane had a successful take off, passengers excitedly rushed down the plane to meet their loved ones who were waiting for them a few meters away while here I am, chillin' my ass off on the seat. My heart was heavy along with my breathing that I could fathom why. I have a lot of memories, troubles and unsettled business left in here which made my guilt fired up. What if I did not run away? What life am I enjoying or grieving right now? What if I did not leave? I am still feeling the same? I don't know. I really don't know. All I knew was I can't stay in this place for long. I want to see my parents but I don't know how. Surely, they were very mad and disappointed at me together with Celestine and Marcus. How I wish I could turn back time and fix everything that I have messed up before.

I came back to my consciousness when Ethan yelled, "Mom, let's go!" He pulled my hand and forced me to stand.

"Ethan, wait. Let them go first, okay? You don't have to race with them and end up stuck and squeeze in," I answered.

He stomped his foot, starting to whine. "But, Mom!" I heaved a sigh in surrender. I know this young man, so stubborn.

"Alright, go with Elaine and wait for me and Dada Barack outside. Clear?" He showed me a toothy grin before pulling the sleepy Elaine on her seat. I shook my head at the sight of my son. Excited young man, huh.

I just kept my look at them who were racing with the other passengers while Ethan was dragging Elaine's shirt until they zoomed out. I sighed and leaned my head on the headrest. Barack then sat beside me, reaching for my hand, caressing my knuckles.

"You okay?" he asked, worriedly.

I took a glance at him and showed a short smile. "Yeah," I replied with a sigh. Still, unsure of my response. I somehow felt glad of having the fact that I could have the chance to reconcile with my family I left in the past. But, the guilt and fright was eating me. I know Mom and Dad wished for the best but I disappointed them by opposing their plans to me. It was still quite unfair on my part though.

We remained silent for a moment until everyone left the plane and no racing feet could be heard.

"I guess we should go now. I want to rest already," I broke the silence. He nodded, fixed himself then lent a hand to me. I smiled as I accepted his soft big hand.

Every step that I have taken was a pure horror to me. My heart was pounding so fast making my feet tremble and feel weak. It was like I was walking on a long narrow tunnel and the dead end was a cliff and I am nowhere to escape. A trap where I have to deal with a lot of villains in order for me to keep alive and a bait to break my own heart. I am now unsure if going with him here was a good idea. I just wished it was.

The moment we stepped out of the plane, fresh Christmas air and colorful Christmas lights giving colors around welcomed me. I looked at my son who was blabbering incessantly with such things he just saw here. I wonder what reaction he would have if he would see outside this port.

"Mom! I've met a few people here earlier and they kept on calling me "gwapong bata." What does it mean?" Ethan asked, rushing on my side.

I looked down to meet his beautiful sparkling blue eyes, patted his head then held his chin. "It's a compliment, Son. Gwapong bata means handsome boy," I replied with a smile which made him nod in understanding.

"Can we go now? I want to see what's outside of this place," he asked, excitedly. I shrugged as an answer then he raced his feet back at Elaine who he dragged again.

"Ethan was obviously excited on this trip," Barack commented the obvious while watching them walking a little distant from us.

I took a glance at the smiling man beside me before I intertwined our fingers. "Thank you," I uttered. I couldn't thank him more for supporting us and loving my son as if it was his. He was the understanding man that I always admired. He then tightened the grip of my hand and showed a sweet smile before we started to step our foot on the tiled floor.

'Welcome home, Amber Louise Yzabelle Ferrer,' I said at the back of my head. Welcome to the land where you left a lot of memories.

The scenario when I left this country on the same airport suddenly flashed to my mind. It was still fresh as if it just happened yesterday. I left the place with a six-week old innocent baby inside me. I was afraid at that time, so cowardly and weak. I broke my sim cards, deactivated my accounts and hid all of my cards especially my credit and debit cards for them not to locate me. I remembered that I was sitting on a cold steel bench while trembling and crying, almost fainting as I felt so helpless. My mind was chaotic and dry as I can't think of what to do rather than to escape, to run away, and hide because I was afraid that what Celestine had said might come true. That my parents might decide to miscarriage the baby and continue everything as planned— marrying the person I don't love. It was the hardest yet the only best thing I knew that time. After that, I did not know what happened to my family and I strive hard for me and my son at that very young age. Fortunately, with the help of my friends in Italy and Greece, I finished my schooling in business course and applied as Barack's secretary who is now my fiancé.

My heart was heavy upon reminiscing the past. It was squeezing me inside, preventing me from breathing smoothly. I did not know what happened afterwards, my mind was nowhere to be found. The next thing I just knew was we were already inside the van and my son was watching the colourful lights outside. I motioned my hands to my face and noticed my wet cheeks. I immediately wiped it with my fingers and heaved a heavy deep breath.

Am I really ready to face my past and remember the forgotten?

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