Chapter Seven

The sun was already shining so bright outside which made my son so excited. He slept very early last night so that he would wake up early also. I am now dressing up my black jeans and white fitted long sleeve shirt which I paired with my gladiator sandals. I nervously smiled in front of the full length mirror then swiftly tied my hair in a messy bun when someone knocked on the door.

I raced my foot on the doorway, twisted the steel knob and pulled the door open. Celestine's new figure with her floral dress welcomed me.

"Good morning, come in." I invited her.

She stepped her foot in while scanning our place. "Where's your fiancé?" she asked as soon as I pushed the door close.

"He was out. Business meeting," I replied while picking up the toys which Ethan scattered on the floor earlier.

"I thought I'm going to meet him now," she mumbled disappointedly as she carefully sat herself on the couch.

Yesterday, we decided that she would visit our place and come with us back at our original home to meet our parents. She also was excited about meeting my fiancé but unfortunately, Barack had an early meeting with his business partner here. I told him to go with us but he insisted not to as he wanted me to spend this day for my family. Maybe some other time, I will introduce him to them.

A loud bang of the door from Ethan's room startled us followed by his loud complaint. "Mom! Ate Elaine is forcing me to wear that blue polo but I don't want it! It's choking me!" he whined.

"Your mom told me to let you wear it," Elaine talked back, chasing him while holding the polo shirt.

"But, Mom!"

"Oh, is that your son already?! He's so big now!" Celestine trailed off while stepping his foot towards our direction. He stopped right at the back of my son then held his shoulder. "Hey there little kiddo! I'm your Aunt, Celestine. Your one and only beautiful Au—" her eyes widened when Ethan looked at her. "Oh hey! You have the same face as your—" I immediately cut her off.

"Shut up, Celestine."

Celestine rolled her eyes at me and assisted my son towards the couch. "What's your name?" she asked as soon as she sat comfortably.

"Bless to your Aunt, Ethan." I ordered then he followed which made Celestine draw a smile.

"Good morning beautiful Aunt Celestine and your baby!" she looked at me, amazed by my son. One side of my lips turned upwards into a slight smirk then she turned her attention back at him. "My name is Blake Ethan Hernandez II (the second) but you can call me Ethan, I am turning six years old!" Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

"You named him—" she stammered.

Before she could finish her words, I answered her, "Yes, and it was a mistake! That's why we're planning to change it after our wedding." Celestine stood up in incredulity, walked to my direction and stiffly held my arm.

"No, that's impossible, Amber. You can't do that without him knowing," she whispered with an opposition in her tone. I heaved a sigh before lifting a view at her.

"Let's talk about that privately later. Can we?" She shook her head and disappointedly rolled her eyes at me. Usual sassy, Celestine.

Because I ended the discussion, she turned her back and went in Ethan's direction on the couch.

"What's your problem, little Blake?" she asked again.

"I'm Ethan," he deadpanned as he didn't want to be called on that name. "Oh, yes. Ethan," she corrected and took the white shirt Ethan was holding. "This shirt is nice, do you want me to help you take this on?"

"Please?" My son replied.

"Of course. Beautiful Aunt Celestine will help you."


I shook my head before I entered on our room to continue fixing myself. "Don't contaminate my son's mind, Celestine," I reminded with a warning tone. She shot me a glare which made me release a loud guffaw.

As the time ticks, my heart slowly loses its beat. I felt so restless as I was thinking a lot of things last night. We are already on our way to our house with Celestine and Ethan while Elaine chose to stay in the hotel. Familiar silent road, tall pine trees, big houses and beautiful landscapes outside the homes. It was so nostalgic that shattered my heart into pieces especially when we arrived at our home's driveway.

My tears suddenly fell when a memory flashed into my mind. It was here, when I pushed Blake away and decided to mary Thunder instead as I was threatened by my parents that they will sue Blake for rape and kidnapping if I won't obey their decision. Everything was very hard for me that time. At a very young age, I learned to sacrifice myself for the sake of someone's good.

"Mom, why are you crying?" A soft voice from my son disturbed my thoughts. I drew him closer to me then wrapped my arms around him, letting my tears flow in mixed emotions.

Perhaps, I've been very bad in my past life that the universe sentenced me to this kind of suffering. I thought going back in here would make me feel better and at ease but I think it was taking on the opposite route. I can hardly breathe in pain and sorrow. It's killing me.

"Mom, what's wrong?" another gentle worried tone from my son that melts my heart. I sniffed, wiped my tears away and showed him a bitter sweet smile. Celestine, on the other side, tapped my shoulder and plastered an encouraging smile on her face. My sister has always been the worst and the best.

"Do you think it's a better idea?" I asked her. She winked at me and held my face.

"I got you, sister!" she exclaimed. "The only thing I got worried about is if they could still recognise you since you've changed a lot," she continued with a chuckle that made me shake my head. Whatever.

When the car finally stopped in the garage, they started to step outside. Ethan was so excited as he was the one who got out first.

'Same old familiar house Amber, huh? Welcome home!' I said at the back of my head. I heaved a sigh and started to step my foot on the ground.

Because I was worried and anxious, I asked Ethan to go with Celestine instead and I went to the other way. Both of them entered in the front door while I headed in the back door so that I could still have the time to think about my explanations and monologue.

The back door was already opened when I reached there so I immediately stepped my foot in. I jolted when I heard a short scream coming from a woman beside me who was holding a trash bag. I lifted a view and to my surprise, it was our old housekeeper, Charie.

"Hey, Charie!" I greeted her gladly then threw her a big hug. She was stunned for a moment until I pulled myself a little distant from her.

"A-Amber?!" she hollered in surprise. I smiled at her and cupped my face. "I'm glad that you still recognised me."

"Y-you've changed a lot!"

I was about to answer her when I heard my squealing son. She was confused about the noise but at the end didn't mind it and shrugged her shoulders instead. I tapped her arm and bid my goodbye then hurriedly went to where the noise came from.

"Grandma! Grandpa!"

"Hi there, Kiddo." It was mom's voice. I took a few steps, enough for me to witness them. Ethan was already sitting on the lap of mom there in the living room.

"As far as I could remember Celestine, you only have one child," Dad commented, scanning her and my son. Celestine giggled and scratched her forehead. Then mom added, "Is it your son from another man?" which made me release a silent laugh. Poor Celestine.

"Oh, no, Mom, Dad," she waved her hand in the air then placed herself across them. "We've been living together for years. How could I keep my pregnancy to you either way?" she continued lazily.

Mom held Ethan's chin and met his blue eyes. "Then who must be this handsome man?" she inquired curiously.

"Ask him," Celestine replied.

Bombarded with doubts and curiosity, she asked. "Are you my grandson? From whom?" Ethan smiled and proudly responded.

"Yes! Aunt Celest told me that you are my grandma and grandpa! I am Blake Ethan Hernandez II, turning six years old! My mother is Amber Louise Yzabelle Ferrer and My Dad is Barack Santiolle! I was born in Italy!"

Their jaws dropped while Celestine released a smirk, watching at them who were in great shock.

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