Chapter Sixteen

Holding a cup of hot coffee, I tiptoed the couch where Barack was sitting, reading a magazine. I placed the cup on the coffee table before I sat beside him.

"Here's your coffee, Mi Amor." I yawned while uttering the sentence.

He looked at me with his shaking head as he traced my swollen eyes. "You didn't sleep well," he commented. I sighed as a response then rested my head on his shoulder.

I was actually having a hard time sleeping last night without Ethan's presence on my side or at least in my sight before I slept. Celestine called last night telling me that my son will stay there for his safety, I did not agree at first but Celestine's explanations convinced me. I wasn't at ease for the whole night thinking about my son who was sleeping away from me.

"I miss my son," I whispered. He tucked the escape strands of my hair to my ear and looked at me in disbelief. "Come on, Yzabelle. Ethan is a big man now, you must not worry. And I am sure that he was taken good care of by your family," he replied.

"I know, but…" he cut me off. "Fix yourself now. We will visit Ethan there." My brow raised in confusion. It was still five in the morning and I am sure that those people were still lying on their beds.

"Are you serious? Now? This time? This moment?" I inquired in confirmation.

"Yeah," he answered short.

I chuckled at him. "You don't know the people here, really. At this time, they were surely still snoring on their beds. Maybe we can go there in a few hours," I replied. He nodded in agreement before he planted a kiss on my forehead. "As you wish, Mi Amore."

My heart leaped and my breathing doubled, strangely not because of the man on my side. But, because I remembered the scenario yesterday with Blake.

"Hey, are you alright?" Barack worriedly asked. I lifted a view at him with a forced smile. "Ah— y-yes. I am. Don't worry, it was just a weird thought passed by," I told him and he nodded in understanding.

Hours later like what had been planned, we travelled to Ferrer's residence as early as past six o'clock. Mom and dad were already awake so I introduced Barack to my parents then left them for a while to look for my son.

The first room that I have checked was the master's bedroom but surprisingly, Ethan wasn't there. So, I went to the guest room yet the sleeping Elaine was the only one I could see. Then, I headed straight to my old room. I cautiously opened the closed door then a smile suddenly made its way to my lips when I saw my innocent son sleeping beside his aunt.

I silently tiptoed their location and sat beside the small space next to Ethan. I ran my fingers to his hair before I took a quick kiss on his forehead.

"How lovely you are my darling," I whispered then he suddenly groaned and rubbed his eyes.

He slowly opened his pair of beautiful orbs and squinted it back when he couldn't clearly see me. "Mom?" he asked in a horse tone.

"Yes, baby. Good morning!"

"Good morning," he greeted back then pulled himself upwards. "How was your stay here?" I inquired.

"I was having fun playing with grandpa and Uncle Thunder last night then Mom and Aunt Celestine cooked a delicious dinner," he tells the story. He stopped for a while and squinted his eyes. "Why are your eyes swollen, mom? And I can almost see a black color around," he continued, touching it in curiosity.

I patted his head with a chuckle. "I haven't slept too much thinking about you here."

"That's being paranoid, Amber," Celestine butt in with a groan. She brushed her eyes as she yawned, still feeling sleepy.

"Good morning, Aunt!" Ethan greeted.

"Good morning handsome young man and to your paranoid mom," Celestine greeted back. I rolled my eyes at her as an exchange.

"You will soon understand me once you give birth to your child." People, especially young ones never knew how it feels like a mother. We are always worried and paranoid about our child because we want them safe and healthy. A little trouble and pain was a double to us.

I brought my child for nine months in my womb. I gave birth to him with difficulty like I thought I was about to die. I suffered morning sickness and everything. We already built that connection from the start that's why I am always worried and loving him.

"Whatever with your mom, Ethan," Celestine spoke.

I rolled my eyes for the nth time before I shifted my gaze back to my son. "Are you done praying?" I inquired. He shook his head and turned his back at me to make a sign of the cross.

Since then, Ethan was God-fearing and loving. He always prays before he sleeps and after he opens his eyes in the morning. That was one thing that I have taught to him that we are practicing in the Philippines.

"Dear Lord, good morning! Thank you for giving us another day to live. Thank you for my foods, my toys, my clothes, my shelter and my family. I am sorry if I was naughty yesterday and broke one glass. I hope You and grandma could forgive me. Also, please heal my mom's eyebags. Her eyes were swollen and dark and she looked so tired. And guide us always, especially the baby inside Aunt Celestine's tummy. Amen!"

My heart melted while watching him. "That was a sweet prayer, son," I commented. He crawled in our direction and planted soft warm kisses on Celestine and mine's forehead. "I love you!" he squealed before he raced his foot outside the room.

"Ethan be careful!" I shouted but he didn't respond. This young man is really hyperactive.

"Your son was a mirror of Blake." My eyebrows scrunched on Celestine's sudden comment. She lifted one side of her lips upward, releasing a smirk. "You know already what I mean. The face, the attitude, the likes, whatever. For just a few days of meeting him, I noticed that already. I actually didn't see anything that Ethan inherited from you," she continued with a laugh.

That was a bit of insult, really.

"You're frowning. It's not good to stare at me like that, my baby might copy your frowning face," she said before I could open up my mouth. I rolled my eyes at her and started to place my foot on the ground. "Hey, where are you going?" I fixed my clothes then waved my hand in the air. This woman was just pissing me off for sure.

"Going back down," I deadpanned. She burst out into laughter like a witch in victory so I looked back at her with a cross arms. "I was just kidding," she chortled.

"Whatever," I shook my head. "Barack was with me going here. I just thought you wanted to meet him," I continued. Her eyes widened in surprise.

"Really? Alright, give me a minute. Let him wait until I finish fixing myself," she answered while flipping the comforter on her body. I turned my back when she successfully stood up on the tiled floor. "We will wait for you downstairs."

"Yeah…. He must not disappoint me and impress himself or else…" I immediately stepped outside the room and shut the door close before she could finish her words. I know that already, today's Barack's assessment would make Celestine decide who to support.

Seriously, is it a game?

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