Chapter Thirteen

"So what are you doing here?" My eyebrows scrunch in confusion when Celestine croaked out.

"Uh— because… It's still my house and my room?" I replied. Thunder on her side chuckled while she rolled her eyes for the nth time.

"Whatever. I am starting to think and feel that you want to sort things out with Blake."

"Wait, what?!" I screeched.

"Isn't it?" she asked with a playful grin.

"Hell, no!" I immediately replied, defensively.

She fixed her seat then crossed her arms over her swollen abdomen. "Oh, so why are you here?" she repeated the question once again.

I groaned in irritation. "Because it's my house!" I said before I shot them a cold stare and continued with exasperation. "Wait, do you want me to leave now? Did I disturb the both of you here in MY room?"

I was about to stand when Thunder pulled himself up and raised his hand in the air. "Oh, it's not what she meant, Amber. Chill."

With great annoyance, I sighed deeply to at least relax my senses. "Then what? If it was not what it meant, then what?" I asked.

"Blake would surely be here any time today," Celestine deadpanned.

I raised a brow at her. "Why?"

"Because it's your house," Thunder joined the conversation.

My irritation raised up to its highest level when they answered me dumbly. "Can you both talk to me clearly? I am seriously being serious here!"

Celestine sighed. "Look, where do you think people would go if they are finding someone? In their house, right? And first people to know a family whereabouts? Also in the fa—" she explained further for me to understand but I cut her off.

"Shooks!" I exclaimed and made a facepalm before I quickly ran on the doorway.

"Hey! Where are you going?!" Celestine shouted.

"Going home!" I shouted back making my voice echo around the halls. "Ethan! Son, where are you?! Elaine? Ethan?" I yelled in panic while running downstairs.

We have to go back to the hotel. Celestine was right. He might be here any time today and it's horrible!

"I'm here! What's wrong?" Elaine immediately asked in worry when I reached the living room, chasing my breath.

"Let's go."

"Is there something wrong, honey?" Mom, holding Ethan munching his cookies, popped up.

I raced my foot in their direction and pulled Ethan up on my arms. "Mom, we have to go. I'm sorry."

"Why?" she asked in confusion.

"Celestine and Thunder will explain later."

I fixed Ethan on my arms, not minding his heavy load. This young man was getting bigger and heavier. I just missed those times when he was still an infant that I could dance all night. "Mom, can I stay here?" Ethan interrupted with a question.

"No, son. We will be back tomorrow or sooner. Whatever. It depends… or grandma and grandpa will visit on the hotel," I said in finality then took a quick peck on mom's cheek. "Bye, mom! Just please tell dad that we're home already." She nodded in understanding in spite of confusion.

Ethan kept on whining and making tantrums as he didn't want to go home yet. I was planning to bring him on a mall or park at least but I was thinking a lot of what if's which ended in a decision of staying our ass at the hotel. Meanwhile, Barack called telling me that Ezekiel was inviting us for a lunch meeting. It was good to meet him after I escaped on our first meeting though but I just can't leave Ethan still crying and whining here. So, I told him to move it to an early dinner instead for me to have enough time to fix myself. Good thing, he agreed with me.

I am now on my way to the restaurant where Barack told me. It was a Filipino restaurant known in the city which caters all the Filipino delicacies, foods and drinks. Most foreign people do not miss going there every time they are on a vacation as it was one of the country's tourist destinations.

On a four-seater table on the corner, I saw the two handsome men with their formal suits. They seemed to be having fun and were comfortable with each other which made me release a secret smile.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," I said as soon as I reached them.

"Glad you came. Stunning as ever," Ezekiel commented as he extended his arm to me which I accepted right away.

I curved my lips upward and shook my head. "You're funny," I replied.

After greeting Ezekiel, I took a quick peck on Barack's cheek. He invited me on the seat next to him while asking, "How was Ethan doing?"

"He was upset earlier but nah, he's fine." He slept early in the afternoon and I let Celestine visit in the hotel to accompany Elaine looking after my son. She said that Thunder would love to go with her but unfortunately, he had an important meeting so I guess he would just follow her later on.

In the middle of our meal, the usual talkative Ezekiel broke the silence. "So, are you planning to go back to Italy sooner? Or stay here for Christmas at least?" he inquired.

I lifted a view at him and shrugged my shoulders. "Definitely going back," I replied.

"Christmas is fun here. Mr. Santiolle must experience it too."

"Yeah, I know. But, we already booked our flight and we planned a lot of things going back in Italy." Half of the fact was, I want to escape and vanish Blake in my life again.

He nodded in understanding. "Oh, I see. Best regards to the both of you," he wished. And a smile plastered on our faces.

"Thank you!" Barack and I said in unison.

"By the way, can I invite someone to join us? I bet you must meet him too. He is my friend, my business partner and an engineer as well that could help you in your building construction if you're planning to extend your business here, soon."

"That would be great!" Barack answered. He was obviously really excited about his business here.

My phone suddenly beeped so I immediately fished it on my pouch. It must be important.

"Is it fine for you also, future Mrs. Santiolle? If you don't mind," Ezekiel asked. "Oh, yes sure," I responded straight.

"Alright, I will drop him a message now. He was just right there, strolling around. Surely finding sexy girls again." He chuckled. Birds with the same feathers flock together.

I take my focus back on my phone and read the message from Celestine.

"Mom and Dad are going here. I just thought to inform you," it says with a smirk emoticon.

"Sure. Just look after my son and please tell our parents to make sure that no one was following them." I typed then pressed the send button.

Just in time, Ezekiel squealed. "Oh, there he is!"

A moment after, I felt Barack on my side standing up, probably greeting him. Then, I returned my phone to its original location to find myself in comfort with them. And when I looked up, I almost faint.

"Hi. I'm Engineer Blake Hernandez. Nice meeting you." He extended an arm to Barack while looking at me with his flashy smile.

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