Chapter Eighteen

Since Barack's meeting didn't end early, we decided to drop by on a mall for a while and do shopping with Elaine and Ethan. He called earlier that he would wait for us in the hotel instead which I agreed with.

Ethan was having fun bonding with us as he enjoyed the Christmas displays seen everywhere and played basketball in the arcade. The sun was slowly eaten by the darkness already when we decided to go back to the hotel. Cold Christmas breeze was crawling on my skin the moment I stepped my foot outside the car offered by my parents.

"Yzabelle, are you alright?" I brought back in consciousness when Elaine spoke on my side. We are now on our way to our room yet I was thinking and feeling very odd.

"Uh… Yes, I'm fine. It was just… the environment was so cold," I replied. She shrugged her shoulders before reaching for the shopping bags.

"I will hold these bags, just accompany my son," she looked at me questioningly. "Are you sure? I can hold this while watching over Ethan though," she replied.

I smiled before I withdrew the bags from her hand. "Yeah, chase my naughty running son now," I ordered which she immediately followed.

Both of them were running in the hallway as Elaine tried to catch him. My lips suddenly curved upwards as I thought of Ethan making the hall as a wide playground. However, the more I stepped my foot closer to our room, the more I felt strange. There's something inside me that I couldn't explain, it's like I'm having a mild fever.

I was already on the doorstep of our room while Elaine and Ethan, who was tying his shoelace, left a few meters away from me when I reached the doorknob, twisted and pushed it open. My nervous system instantly shut down when I lifted a view and met the persons sitting on the sofa. The bags I was holding fell on the floor. My eyes widened along with my hitched heart beat and mouth slightly opened. I was rooted in my stand of a while, still unable to move and clueless of what to do.

"Hey!" I immediately closed the door when Barack called me. That word gladly activated my reflexes to run in my son's direction who had just finished fixing his shoelace.

I dragged him nervously to somewhere a bit distant to our room and kneeled on his front when I found a safer place. My heartbeat was still doubled as I met his pair of worried blue eyes. "Mom, what's wrong?" he asked.

Elaine held my shoulder worriedly at the same time confused. "Is there a problem?" I looked at her and nodded. "Please bring my son back home. You stay there until I say so," I replied. Her forehead creased more so I stood up and stared at her sternly. "Please go back there. Make it fast, hide him. Blake is here, please Elaine, hurry up," I ordered her in a whisper. She was surprised but chose to nod in understanding before I focused my attention back to my son.

"Ethan, stay at your grandparents' house tonight, okay? You want that? Ask Uncle Thunder to play with you or grandpa to teach you a play and let grandma cook for your favorite food again. Okay? You like it?"

"Yes!" he cheered, making me release a sigh of relief.

"Good boy, go now. I will follow you later or tomorrow, alright?" He nodded at me as a response then I planted a kiss on his forehead. "But, can we get inside our room first? I will just drink some water, I am already thirsty, mom."

Elaine held his hand then carried him by her arms. "Let's buy your drinks outside, Ethan. Your Dada Barack has a visitor, we might disturb them," she said to my son who didn't insist on his will. Then, they bid their goodbyes before we parted our ways.

Thankfully, I was the one who entered the room, because if not, I would surely faint and doom. I composed myself, fixed my hair and practiced a smile before I opened the door once again. The gentlemen were both shooting me a confused look as I picked the bag on the floor like nothing just happened.

"What's the problem with you earlier, Mi Amore?" I shook my head with a smile before I sat beside him and took a quick peck on his cheek. "Ah, nothing. I just forgot something in the lobby so I went back there," I lied then shifted my sight to Blake who was sitting across us. "It's a surprise to meet you here Mr. Hernandez, what brought you here?" I inquired.

He made a short fake laugh. "If only I didn't know you, I would take that as an insult," he started, causing me to raise a brow. "Oh well, Barack invited me here. We thought you don't mind," he continued.

I rolled my eyes. "Wow, really? Yes, I won't mind. I don't mind, really. Find your comfort here in our room, Mr. Hernandez, I won't mind," I replied in a very sarcastic tone which he only exchanged with a grin. What a jerk!

They were talking about some business and related stuff with a beer on the center table for the whole time. While here I am, silently praying that he would go home early so that I will feel at ease, at least.

"Yeah, I was planning to extend a bus—" Barack hadn't continued his words when a call interrupted him. He reached his phone on the table then excused himself for a while which irked me so much.

I tried to avoid Blake's gazes as far as I could and made myself busy on my phone, instead. But, Barack entered our room leaving us all alone here. I was about to stand and follow him so that I could escape with Blake when he suddenly transferred on my side. It was a surprise, I didn't see that coming. Instead of escaping, I tend to move myself a little distant to him. This was really an awkward curseful situation!

"I missed you," he cooed then swiftly grabbed my waist, positioning me on his lap. My heartbeat doubled in panic and worry that Barack might see us.

I forcefully tried to pull his hands off me but he was too strong as he tightened his grip on me. "Stop it, Blake. Barack is here! Can't you respect that? Aren't you worried, at least, that he might see us?" I huffed in a low voice.

He didn't respond, instead, he buried his head on my shoulder. I could feel his warm heavy breaths on my skin later on exchanged by soft warm kisses. "I really missed you, that's why I'm here. Please come back to me now, you're making me jealous again, baby," he whispered which caused me to feel a very strange feeling that I haven't felt for long.

Blake was my first love but first doesn't always mean the last. He might be my prologue but maybe not my epilogue. I am getting married to someone who was accepted by my family already and it was obviously not him. I let out a soft moan in pleasure when he continued his thing on my neck.

"I can't stay an hour while watching the both of you together. It's killing me. It should be me, Amber. It should be me, who you are clinging with," he mumbled that stunned me and brought my sanity back.

I dodge myself when he tried to claim my neck once again. "Stop it, Blake." His fascinating blue eyes met me. "Why?" he asked. I looked away. "You always leave small noticeable hickeys on my neck when you do that," I replied.

He made a silent giggle before he tightened his grip to me and buried his face back to my shoulder. After a while, we heard a crack of the opening door. I just thought we were doomed.

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