Chapter Nineteen

As fast as the speed of light, I pulled his hands off me and pushed him as hard as I could that he fell on the floor. We were both startled by the sound of the cracking door which caused me in panic. I looked back to peek if Barack was already there, and luckily he was still inside our room, busy on his phone.

I heaved a sigh of relief then I fixed myself, including my hair and my neck which Blake messed up. He was really a monster, nothing has changed. I almost burst out into laughter when I saw him crawling from the ground up to the seat where he originally was sitting but I chose to control it which made me feel my entire face burning.

"That was hurtful!" Blake mouthed with furrow brows while holding and stretching his back.

I looked away then cupped my face, trying to make myself calm. This is really crazy! If he stays here for long, I don't already know what will happen next.

"Sorry for that interruption," Barack said, cleaning his throat. I heaved a deep breath and tried to maintain my composure. He then returned on his seat, searching for something. "Problem?" I asked.

"I haven't noticed little—" My ears rang upon hearing his starting sentence so I immediately cut him off. "They were home," I replied in a low voice.

"I thought they would stay here tonight?"

"Ah, no. Mom asked me to let them stay there," I lied for the nth time this day which he responded with a nod.

Glad that he still believes in me.

"By the way, Mr. Hernandez will go now," I said, making Blake in shock. He creased his forehead and pointed himself in confusion. "Yes, you've told me earlier, right? That you have a meeting with Ezekiel?" I continued.

He must understand that I want him to go now and do not act as if he was very welcome here. But instead of getting my point, he leaned his back and crossed his legs. I shot him a death glare.

"Really? I said that? I can't remember. But if I did, maybe it was just because of the alcohol. I am actually having fun with your company," he replied, reaching his bottle of beer and took a single gulp.

"You said that you will go now, don't you?" I insisted. "Let him stay if want to, Yzabelle. Besides, he was enjoying here with us," Barack butt in.

I rolled my eyes, didn't care to talk back. He was a complete idiot who doesn't understand that he is not welcome here anymore. Inconsiderate. Hard headed and annoying! Before I explode in irritation, I chose to keep silent and browsed my social media account instead.

They were back in their own business again, talking random things. I was just listening to them blabbering and in the middle of my silent scrolling, a text message popped up.

"You want me to leave already?" It says, making my eyebrows arch.

I was typing for an answer when a new message came in.

"Give me a kiss first."

My blood figuratively boiled. I lifted a view at him with a death glare which he just answered by a grin.

"What the hell!" I exclaimed to myself but didn't notice that I had pronounced it aloud. "Why? Is there any problem?" Barack worriedly asked.

I looked at him in shock, shook my head and covered my phone with my hands. "Ah no, it was just a random crazy person asking for ransom." I can't think of an excuse other than that which was inspired by a movie I have watched earlier that made Blake release an exaggerated mocking cough.

"Do you want to report that on the cops?" I smiled at him as an assurance. "No need. I can handle this shit," I replied.

"I think I am just too handsome to be compared to a shit," Blake's new message popped up again.

"Where did you get my number?"

"I have my ways."

While we were chatting, he was also talking with Barack. I don't know how he managed to do that either way.

"Fvck you, Blake!"

"Fvck me? Oh, I would love that!"

With great annoyance and anger, I type an all caps response.


It tooks a minute before he replied.

"Give me the ransom first because I'd rather stay here and see you losing your temper than going home without a souvenir."

"Seriously? In front of my fiance? Are you insane?!"

And that ended our conversation as he kept his phone after reading my message and took his focus on his chat with Barack. I was super annoyed so I told Barack that I will go out to breathe fresh air. I can't contain myself with Blake around anymore because I will surely throw him my pair of sandals if I would lose all my remaining patience to him.

My feet brought me to the end of the hallway where I told Ethan and Elaine to go back home. My mind was travelling and wondering a lot of things while watching the empty silent place. I braced myself as I felt the cold air crawling on my skin.

"What a day, Amber," I mumbled glumly and disappointedly to myself.

I was at peace for a couple of minutes until I felt an arm wrapping me from behind. I was about to scream for help if I didn't recognize his scent and baritone voice.

"Hey, I'm sorry," he cooed. I tried to pull off his hands but I was so weak to take it away from me. "He might see us, stop it." Little did I know that a tear was falling on my cheeks already.

He withdrew himself and faced me worriedly. "Hey, why are you crying?" he inquired while wiping my tears away.

I don't know why I am even crying. I just felt my heart so heavy. "I hate you," I murmured as I swallowed the lump in my throat.

He cupped my face and rubbed his thumb to my cheek. "I'm sorry. Don't cry now, I was just kidding earlier. Don't worry, I will go home now." I stared at him blankly. "Give me my ransom first," as expected, he continued with a short laugh so I struck his arm.

"Just a friendly goodbye kiss so that I could go home safely." I sighed in surrender when he faced his right cheek to me.

Since it was just a friendly kiss, I gave him what he wanted. But when my lips were about to land, he turned his face and our lips pressed each other. My eyes widened in shock while his pair of blue eyes were closed. I was deceived by this man once again. After that, he smiled widely and left me dumbfounded.

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