Chapter Four

Celestine, my half sister who was with me during the day when I recovered my memory. The same day when we got ambushed and Blake was shot and later on declared dead in the hospital. The same moment when we found out that I was pregnant. She was also the one who firstly thought of the miscarriage thing, however, helped me to keep my pregnancy as a secret from everyone as what I have asked her to.

With tears welling in her eyes, she wrapped her arms around me so tight that I could hardly breathe. Her shoulders were moving up and down along with her silent sobs making my heart scream in mixed emotions. My hands were cold and shaking when I finally got the courage of holding her and caressed her back with comforting circles. Everything might have not been so easy for her after I left.

"W-why did you hide for long? Why didn't you contact me? What happened to you for the past years?" she shot me question by question between her cry.

I pulled her a little distant to me and wiped her tears away by my hands. The tears that I was holding back earlier suddenly streamed down to my face while watching her crying in front of me. There's a lump in my throat that I could hardly swallow, preventing me from uttering a word. I want to tell her everything but I can't release a word from my mouth. Just the tears told her all. I hugged her again and let my emotion out until I felt better.

"Hey," she said in a crack voice when we finally calmed down. I awkwardly smiled at her and dried off my tears. "Hey?!" I greeted back then we both laughed.

She ran her fingers on her baby bump and rubbed it in circles. "How old?" I asked, referring to the baby inside her. She giggled and answered, "Five months and two weeks. First baby." My eyes widened in surprise.

"We really need a lot of catching up to do, Amber," she hissed with rolling eyes. I chuckled at her and nodded. "Yes, lovely sister," I replied.

We both laughed in the middle of the wide space then suddenly a thought came across in my mind. I raised a brow at her and crossed my arms over my chest. "Hmm… So, Miss Celestine Ferrer, who must be the lucky guy, huh?" I inquired in curiosity. A bright smile flashed to her face then looked away in blush.

I was startled when I heard a familiar voice on our side. "Hey, honey. Sorry to keep you waiting." The man wearing a formal suit with his shiny black hair popped up and gave Celestine a quick smack on her cheek. He wrapped his arm around her back and smiled sweetly at her.

My heart beat doubled and my pulse rate was in riot. My knees were trembling and my tears were welling while watching them. I don't know what exactly I am feeling right now. My guilt was eating me along with a great humiliation. I can't stare at him any longer. I feel so embarrassed at him.

"You've met a frie—" he suddenly stopped when our eyes met. He scanned me from head to toe with a parted lips and widened eyes in surprise. "Amber?!" he exclaimed.

I looked down and made a face palm.

"Hey, it's you. Amber!" he called once again, and the next thing I knew, I was caged by his warm embrace. We remained in that position for a while until Celestine cleared a throat.

"Oh, sorry, Honey. I was just amazed and happy seeing your sister, my ex-fiancée," he said with a chuckle making me feel more embarrassed.

Thunder was a very good man. He understands my situation when our parents decided and forced us to get married at our young age. We were engaged and a few weeks before our wedding, I ran away with my baby. I was already impregnated by Blake, his best friend, who was also my boyfriend, when our parents arranged our marriage but all of us have no idea about the forming life inside me.

"Y-you we're." I hadn't continued my words when Thunder cut me off.

"Oh, if you're thinking that we were arranged and let them marry her instead of you, you are wrong," he said then intertwined his fingers into Celestine's. "I courted her for how many years. She was heartless. You're sister was heartless," he laughed while watching her whole lovingly. "I chased her while she kept holding back her feelings to me so I impregnated her." Celestine spanked her arms with a laugh while here I am rooted in my stand, still processing the situation.

"Oh my goodness! You aren't married yet?!" I exclaimed when I finally grasped everything. They looked at me confusedly. "Oh, sorry I was just surprised," I chortled.

Thunder heaved a sigh. "I asked her to but she said that she wants you to be there on her wedding day," he said, smirking. "I was actually a bit worried that we might not get married because we heard nothing from you for long," he continued while scratching the side of his eyes then looked away in red face. How lucky Celestine was to be with this handsome loving man. They really both deserve each other.

We were covered by silence for a while until Thunder broke it again. "You're getting prettier, Amber. That explains why Blake was flashing a big smile and a good mood earlier when we met," he said with a shaking head.

I creased my forehead in confusion. "Hmm… Blake?" I asked to clarify if I heard the name right.

"Yes, Blake," he emphasised the word. "Uh… I thought you are going to meet here," he paused. "Wait, are you having amnesia again?" he continued, making me more puzzled.

I shifted my gaze at Celestine who was biting her fingernails in anxiety. "I'm sorry," she mumbled.

"Oh, wait… Am I missing something here? I mean, I know I missed a lot of things but is there something I should know about?" I snapped.

She lifted a view with her dry eyes. "Blake is alive. I contacted you a lot of times but I couldn't reach you," Celestine confessed.

"How come? That's impossible. We both heard what the nurse said. We both are there in the emergency room. We were there, Celestine. I am puzzled. How come?" I inquired then the tears suddenly fell down on my cheeks.

That was really impossible. The nurse said that he was dead upon arrival. How come? I am totally confused! Celestine reached for my hand and pressed it lightly.

"That was a mistaken identity. The patient was not Blake," she cooed. I was like splashed by extremely cold water when she averted her eyes to me in sorrow. "It just happened that they both are wearing the same color of shirts and the nurse that we asked was the one assigned to the person who was dead on arrival."

My heart sank but at the same time screaming in gladness that he was alive. However, there's a part of me that hates him. He doesn't even wasted a time looking for me or at least contacted me and made his way to locate me. It was unfair. I grieved for him for a long time but he was just here enjoying his life with a lot of women, for sure. I took a deep breath and wiped my tears away. Just a second, my phone beeped. I pressed the power button and a message from Barack popped up.

'You are so beautiful, Mi Amore. I love you, future Mrs. Santiolle. I will follow you there later on. Don't look for other guys, just a quick reminder.' It reads with a heart and wink emoticons. Guilt was eating me again.

I looked at Celestine and dragged her a bit distant from Thunder. "Hey, did they know about my pregnancy?" I worriedly asked. He shook her head as a response making me release a sigh of relief.

"One big favor, Celestine. Don't tell anyone including Blake that I am here if he was truly alive, please," I continued and she shot me a confused look. "But, why?" she talked back.

"Just don't. Please, don't. And still don't tell anybody about my pregnancy. I'm begging you, Celestine. Let me fix this on my own. I will catch up with you again, soon because I need to go," I gasped.

Though puzzled she nodded at me and handed me a calling card. "Just call me any time, okay?" I nodded and gave her a quick short hug before rushing my foot to nowhere. I don't even know why I am running away… again.

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